About Us

PWPodcasts is a part of the PWTorch family of websites focused on coverage of the pro wrestling industry. It’s mission is to provide a historical documentation of the burgeoning pro wrestling podcast world and provide breaking news and insights from podcasts, along with analysis of the content and a guide to help readers determine which podcasts are of most interest to them to seek out and listen to.

Editors of the site are Wade Keller and Andrew Soucek.


Popular podcasts that currently receive weekly recaps:

The Ross Report – Coverage by Jimmy Haggz

The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed! – Coverage by James Ferrell

Talk Is Jericho – Coverage by Armando Ureña

The Art of Wrestling – Coverage by Rock Manor

Bischoff On Wrestling – Coverage by Craig Elbe

Something To Wrestle With – Coverage by Jeff Rush

Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness – Coverage by Jeff Indelicato

PWTorch Livecast – Interview Thursday – Coverage by Brad Mumphrey

What Happened When? – Coverage by Dominic DeAngelo

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast – Coverage by Rock Manor

X-Pac 1,2,360 – Coverage by Christopher Gaspare

MLW Radio with Court Bauer and MSL – Coverage by @Desman6

Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling – Coverage by Charlie Eccles

We Watch Wrestling – Coverage by Pat Radice

Making Their Way To The Ring With Lillian Garcia – Coverage by Brad Mumphrey


Right now, we’re still looking for contributors to cover some big podcasts. If you think you’d be interested, please email us at

We’re looking for coverage for the following shows:

-Vince Russo’s The Brand

-Conversation with the Big Guy

-The Raven Effect

-The Taz Show

-Jerry Lawler’s Dinner With The King

And many others! Please check with us if there’s a particular podcast you’re interested in covering that’s not yet listed.