NEWS: Former WWE creative team member reveals the origin story of the Sister Abigail character

On a recent episode of the PWTorch Livecast, former WWE creative team member Kevin Eck was asked if we’ll ever see the mysterious Sister Abigail on TV. He then revealed the origins of the character, which makes a future appearance unlikely: “From what I know about how Bray Wyatt envisioned that character, I don’t think that character is ever going to […]

MLW Flagship

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: MLW Radio #282 w/ Tony Schiavone on running into Ted Turner after WCW folded, being produced on commentary, McMahon wanting him to lose his accent

MLW Radio (flagship) # 282: Tony Schiavone Top Stories: Highlights from Extreme Rules and Raw Tony Schiavone’s chat with Ted Turner after the end of WCW How What Happened When came about Tony being produced on commentary in WCW and the WWF TIMESTAMPS 14:30 – Tony Schiavone 20:20 – Meeting wrestlers 25:10 – The art of commentating 27:50 – Being produced […]


QUICK QUOTES: A.J. Styles on originally wearing a mask in his wrestling debut, the “terrible name” he wanted to use, hating the “Styles” name

A.J. Styles was recently interviewed by Bailey and Southside. He revealed his desire to wear a mask while breaking into the business and the initial name he wanted to use (transcription via Uproxx): “I wanted to wear a mask! I loved those [masked wrestler] guys. I’m so glad that didn’t happen … You can’t breathe in masks. I don’t know […]


QUICK QUOTES: Seth Rollins on what his perfect theme song would be, what theme he would take from a current roster member

Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by bandwagon.asia to talk about wrestling theme songs. Here are the highlights: His thoughts on The Shield theme: “Well that song definitely has a special place in my heart, obviously. It’s my first entrance theme on the WWE main roster. We also got to record the beginning to that, the “Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta […]

MVP interview

QUICK QUOTES: Randy Orton’s uncle Barry O talks “dive” controversy, the star he was nervous working with

Barry O, the uncle of Randy Orton, and “Cowboy” Bob Orton’s brother, was recently interviewed by the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. He talked about the recent “dive” debate, Randy’s role in WWE, and more. Here are the highlights they sent us: Does he agree with Randy’s “dive” comments: “Yeah and the problem is these f**king baby faces […]


QUICK QUOTES: Jerry Lawler says WWE nearly had a copyright infringement issue over Great Balls of Fire

On the latest episode of Dinner With The King, Jerry Lawler revealed that WWE nearly found themselves in some copyright infringement troubles with their upcoming Raw pay-per-view. He reveals how they avoided the situation and worked out a deal with Jerry Lee Lewis, who owns the usage of Great Balls of Fire (18:45 mark of show): “My personal attorney here […]


QUICK QUOTES: Raven on his regret of leaving WCW, favorite angle, why he didn’t like the Johnny Polo character

Raven was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated and talked about his regret of leaving WCW, playing the Johnny Polo character, and more. Here are some of the highlights: Why he disliked playing the Johnny Polo character: “WWE made me Johnny Polo, which I never wanted to be. I never felt like I fit the character just because the way my […]

Bischoff on Wrestling

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Bischoff on Wrestling – his experience on Table for 3, how he would have booked his WWE debut, why did the WCW/NBC deal fall apart? (Ep. 45)

Bischoff on Wrestling, Episode 45 Hosted by: Eric Bischoff, produced and co-hosted by Nick Hausman Duration: 56 minutes, 31 seconds Review by: Craig Elbe, @Craig Elbe DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top Stories, all stemming from the Table for 3 show with Eric, Jim Cornette, and Michael Hayes on the WWE Network. -Was Hayes sober and a good moderator? -Eric’s heat with […]


QUICK QUOTES: Jason Jordan on nearly getting signed by MLB, playing a possible dentist gimmick, who paired him and Chad Gable together?

Jason Jordan was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald and talked about breaking into the business, his mentors, gimmick ideas, and more. Here are some of the highlights: If he had any thought of turning his dentistry degree into a gimmick: “The thought actually crossed my mind, when I was in FCW [WWE’s developmental]. We threw out a lot of […]

Daniel Bryan interview

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness w/ Natalya on her favorite opponents, one of her biggest regrets, John Morrison talks new film (Ep. 11)

Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap Episode 11 with Natalya and a chat with John Morrison  Release Date: June 2, 2017 By: Jeff Indelicato DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD “For The Benefit of Those with No Time” (Top Stories) John Morrison’s new film, Boone: The Bounty Hunter is now available on Home Entertainment Platforms, which he funded himself Natalya is […]


QUICK QUOTES: Taz reveals he once turned down a match with Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden

While Taz was working as a commentator on SmackDown, Vince McMahon apparently approached him with the idea of taking on Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden. This news was revealed on The Taz Show (transcription via WrestleZone): “I’m over there doing the commentary for the WWE at the SmackDown table several years ago. And Brock was just cooking up before, and basically, they […]


WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: We Watch Wrestling w/ Matt McCarthy #196 on Titus O’Neil’s big win, why some WWE skits end up so terrible, Tom attempts Bray Wyatt’s spider walk again

We Watch Wrestling Issue 196 Release Date: May 31, 2017 Recap by: Pat Radice DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top Stories: -Extreme Rules preview –Table for 3 with Jim Cornette, Michael Hayes, and Eric Bischoff -Thoughts on the “This is Your Life” segment from Raw. Subjects Covered(Timestamps): 0:00 – Hey….do you watch wrestling?! 01:24 – Titus O’Neal won a match? 11:50 […]


WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: What Happened When w/ Tony Schiavone on WCW Mayhem, Russo and Ferrara taking over, the Cruiserweight that Tony never liked, a creepy fan who harassed his family (Ep. 18)

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN MONDAY WITH TONY SCHIAVONE & CONRAD THOMPSON Episode 17: WCW Mayhem 1999 Release Date: May 29th, 2017 Recap by: Dominic DeAngelo DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top Newsworthy Items: -The beginning of the end for WCW -Russo & Ferrara’s (surprisingly) positive influence on the company -“Nothing Happening” Evan Karagias -Tony’s untold story Subjects covered (with timestamps) (9:10) The […]

MVP interview

QUICK QUOTES: Jack Swagger on Jinder Mahal’s title win, Randy Orton’s “dive” debate, the Real Americans breaking up

Jack Swagger was recently interviewed by The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and talked about Jinder Mahal, Randy Orton’s “dive” comments, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along: On Jinder Mahal’s WWE World Tittle Victory: “Jinder is an amazing performer. He is a very tall guy, great look and he is a business person. So I […]

Cheap Heat - Grantland Sports

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Cheap Heat on Nakamura’s entrance, what Baron Corbin is missing, Stat Guy Greg claims Seth Rollins’ career will blow Shawn Michaels’ career “out of the water”

Show Name: Cheap Heat Episode Title:  Seth vs. Shawn! Release Date: 6/1/2017 Recap by: Jason Young DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Newsworthy Items: SGG references a GQ article featuring Jinder Mahal’s diet and how he eats six to seven meals per day and he tries to eat every two hours so that his body releases the fat. Rosenberg reveals that he […]


QUICK QUOTES: Rey Mysterio on almost working in Impact Wrestling, the legends who gave him a standing ovation in his WCW tryout

Rey Mysterio Jr. was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated. He talked about nearly joining Impact, early WCW memories, and more. Here are the highlights: Almost working with Impact: “I was actually in conversations a while back with Impact about doing some shows. To be honest with you, it’s not that I don’t want to go work for them, it’s just […]


QUICK QUOTES: Bruce Prichard on drug use in the ’80s, the brutal travel schedule, were there any clean wrestlers?

From Something To Wrestle With… Bruce Prichard: Hulk Hogan 1988 (Ep. 49) Air date: 6/2/17 This week’s episode of Something To Wrestle With is centered on Hulk Hogan’s WWF career throughout the calendar year of 1988. There are lots of fascinating side stories along the way that are not directly linked to Hulk Hogan. Among them is a segment where […]