WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: PWTorch Interview Thursday with Hurricane Helms on the Hardy situation, which wrestler has the perfect hairline, who the sweatiest people are in wrestling

PWTorch Livecast – Interview Thursday: Pat McNeill with Hurricane Helms Release date: June 15, 2017 Recap by: Jon Ensman DIRECT LINK TO DOWNLOAD Timestamps: 2:04 – Kick off with Pat McNeill introducing the show 3:04 – Hurricane Helms joins the show 4:33 – Impact in Mumbai 8:50 – Potentially wrestling Andrew Everett 12:06 – If Helms could see himself going […]


WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: PWTorch Livecast Interview with former WWE creative team member Matt McCarthy on why Foley/Ambrose angle fell apart, Roman Reigns being manufactured

PWTorch Livecast Interview Thursday with Matt McCarthy Recap by: Brad Mumphrey (@thestrengthfit) Date: April 20, 2017 DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Highlights and Timestamps: -Matt McCarthy was in WWE from November 2011-October 2012. (3:00) -Matt talks what angles he was a part of: Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan/A.J. Lee. (4:00) -Matt touches on Strowman’s push and how he feels about it. […]


WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: PWTorch Livecast Interview w/Justin Roberts on JBL making his “life hell,” the “awkward” call to end The Streak (Apr. 13)

PWTorch Interview Thursday With Wade Keller Guest: Justin Roberts DIRECT LINK Recap by: Brad Mumphrey (@thestrengthfit) Highlights: -Roberts talks about his time dealing with bullying from Triple H, Kevin Dunn, and mainly JBL, and how WWE management knew this was going on. -Roberts said he worked hard getting his book written, and getting it published was also hard because a lot […]

PWTorch Livecast Thursday w/Keller Interview

PWTorch Livecast Interview Thursday: Scott Hall & Justin Credible join Wade Keller (Sept. 10, 2015)

PWTORCH LIVECAST – INTERVIEW THURSDAY HOST: WADE KELLER: GUESTS: SCOTT HALL & JUSTIN CREDIBLE DATE: SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 LINK TO STREAM OR DOWNLOAD EPISODE Report by Mark Golden, podcast reviewer TOP QUOTE  “My message is this: ‘If you need help, and someone offers it to you, accept it.’ ” ~Scott Hall SUMMARY WITH TIME STAMPS 0:00 – 2:00 – Wade […]