RECAP AND REVIEW: E&C Pod of Awesomeness with Beth Phoenix on the finish of Becky Lynch vs. Asuka, who she’d want to feud with if she came back, who will be running the women’s division in five years, which entrance theme song she would steal for her own

Daniel Bryan interview

E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness

Adam and Beth Twitter Q&A

Release Date: February 1, 2019. (1:13:08)

Recap by: Samantha L. Sayre


Christian is not there this recording, so Beth Phoenix is filling in for Q&A. Beth says she came in to throw a load of laundry in and got headsets thrown on instead. Christian had to go to Canada for a funeral. Beth says she doesn’t know how to steer this ship, but there’s been a lot of bird cruelty going on. As a phoenix, she is stopping that. E&C is becoming all inclusive now with her.

Beth just got back from Phoenix doing Royal Rumble commentary. Edge stayed home to play dad and got steamrolled by the girls.

NXT Takeover: Phoenix

-Beth was flying, so she missed some of it. Edge is going to fill her in. Started out like Edge predicted with the Undisputed Era and War Raiders and thinks they stole the show. Edge is taking credit for the War Raiders’ Viking entrance and slamming their shields. He feels some of the things they did were so cool and very creative. All the guys’ strengths were highlighted. They set the tone for the whole show.

-Beth says she loves Matt Riddle for his charisma. Edge says it is natural. Riddle is compared to RVD, but with a MMA background.

-Ricochet vs. Garrango can’t even be explained, Edge says. Beth tells him not to even try. It is like a magical unicorn in her mind. Edge doesn’t understand how Ricochet does what he does. It perplexes him.

-According to Beth, Belair is a beast and a freak. She picks up things quickly and is super young. Beth loves her confidence with her promos. It was a good creative match. Bazler will be moving up and onto bigger things soon. Edge days both will. This talent is just waiting to break down the doors.

-Edge feels Black vs. Ciampa took a huge risk working the leg. It requires good selling on the other’s part. Edge says it is tough to pull off and they did. Black sacrifice his offense and looking cool just to sell the leg. It was gritty. Beth said it is very challenging, but people get invested in the storytelling. Edge felt it was a really really good show.

Royal Rumble 2019

Edge says we can’t cover it all in detail because of the Q&A. Beth says we can try. She was there.

-Edge says the first thing that jumped out at him was Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar because it was so well done. Brock sells so well and Edge compares him to Arn Anderson. Beth feels Brock running into the table connected with the audience. David vs. Goliath says Edge. Finn played his part perfectly. Edge believes this match did more in 15 minutes for Finn’s career than anything else in his run. Edge loved that Brock acted like a big spoiled baby because he got hurt. Beth said Brock showed his embarrassment, so he had to keep going back.

-Edge enjoyed Becky vs. Asuka, but didn’t get the finish whatsoever. Beth said interesting choice. Edge said not that Asuka going over, but the tapping out. They laid the groundwork that Becky can be tapped out and Ronda is a tapout master. Beth said there was a bigger picture and bigger choice to look at with the Rumble.

-Beth had a giddy moment after the show thinking about how around fifty women performed when ten years ago they were lucky to get two women to perform. Edge said “if that sometimes”. She felt there was equality.

-Beth really enjoyed Sasha vs. Ronda. Sasha is a ring general and a leader in women wrestling. Crowd was hating on Ronda. She watched it closely. Edge said Sasha was directing traffic since Ronda has only been doing this ten months. Sasha knows her stuff. It was good she got a great reaction.

Women’s Rumble

-Beth called the Rumble and Edge asks how hard is it to call a Rumble. Beth says very hard because the surprises were real to her too. She didn’t have a list of who was coming out except for what WWE announced on Facebook. Beth said you have to have great knowledge of all of them and their stories. Luckily she knew the NXT talent.

-Reactions to all the women were huge. Edge feels Charlotte vs. Lacey Evans matched up really well. Beth said Lacey got mic time and her springboard move moment.

-Edge asked what about Becky? Beth says it was a cool story with Lana’s injury and Becky taking her spot. Plus she hurt her knee. Edge said Becky and Charlotte together was great because the year they had together.

-Edge asks do the women main event WrestleMania this year? Beth says absolutely 100% yes. She doesn’t know how else you do it with the freight train of momentum behind the women.

Men’s Rumble

-Edge starts laughing and says Nia Jax comes in and starts throwing men around before taking Rey’s 619 and Orton’s RKO. Then she gets thrown out. Beth says pretty much. Edge said she joined the women in the Men’s Rumble match club of Chyna, Kharma, Nia Jax and Beth Phoenix. But there’s only two that have been in both women’s and men’s. Nia Jax and Beth Phoenix. Beth reminds him that Nia did it in the same night.

Hemp Title Belt

-Edge loves it. Beth says her friend from WildCat Belts made it. Edge says it is a piece of art that should be hung on their wall. Beth says “no”, then later after Edge kept going she said “we’ll put it in the suggestion box.” Edge loves that Daniel Bryan is telling truths to the audience. He feels this is what makes a great heel. Beth says villainy at its finest.


-Beth, who would you want to be your feud if you came back and who would you want as a tag team partner?

Beth would like to face Nia Jax because it is just such an organic thing. She would want Nattie as her tag partner.

-Beth, if the women’s division gets two mid-card belts like the Intercontinental and US belts then what should they be called?

That’s hard because Beth doesn’t feel like there shouldn’t be two more titles yet. Not enough depth of roster yet to have a lot of belts.

-Beth, which was more nerve wracking being in a Rumble or calling a Rumble?

Commentary because if she messes in the Rumble wrestling then it is on her, but in commentary you are telling someone’s story and getting the action correct as fourteen people talk in your ear. Commentary is new for her, also.

-If you could steal another wrestler’s entrance or music then who would it be?

Beth says Rated R’s RKO Mashed Up was pretty awesome. Or she says Rey’s with his pop-up thing he does. Edge says currently Aleister Black’s entrance and music. Or in the past then Stone Cold’s music with the glass breaking.

-Beth, between 1-27 how happy are you that everything is getting demolished?

190 million. We are all excited about it. Not just the women, but the men are behind them being featured.

-Who do you see running the women’s division in five years?

Edge says Bianca Belair. Beth agrees that she is going to be a player along with Candice LeRae and Lacey Evans. Edge says Toni Storm and The Rock’s daughter, Simone. Beth says they really haven’t been publicizing it a lot and have been bringing her up slowly. It is the correct move on their part.

-What would be the best wrestling stable of The Muppets?

Edge says the flyer, Gonzo, the talker, Miss Piggy, the hoss which Edge can’t remember his name and the pretty boy, Beaker. Beth says the pretty boy has to be Kermit.

-Tell us about the first time you realized that Jay was a d**k.

Edge says pretty much the first time I met him.

Rating: 8.5/10

Beth Phoenix definitely gave a different flavor to the podcast. Edge was a lot more behaved and serious. He gave a lot of great answers and great analysis. Beth, of course, gave great analysis and brought a lot of memories that we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. She needs her own show, especially with the women’s division taking off.

About Samantha: 

Samantha is a long time wrestling fan from WV. She quit watching during college and the first part of her career, but now is back full force. One of her goals is to be a host on one of PWTorch’s WWE or All Elite Wrestling post-show podcasts. Check her out on Twitter @Sam4413

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