WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: MLW Radio on Daniel Bryan possibly wrestling again, Enzo Amore’s heat, the start of John Cena vs. Roman Reigns, the end of Baron Corbin’s push?

MLW Radio (flagship) # 293

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Recap By: Desman


Top Stories:

  • Eli Drake new GFW Champion
  • SummerSlam marathon
  • Johnny Mundo/Morrison/Nitro to GFW
  • Brie Bella says that Daniel Bryan will wrestle again
  • Ronda Rousey in training for wrestling
  • John Cena vs. Roman Reigns coming soon to Raw


Rich Bocchini’s broadcast partner for MLW One Shot will be Tony Schiavone. The voice of WCW will return to the broadcast booth for the first time in 16 years. Rich is very excited, as Tony was the first voice that he associated with wrestling. MSL thinks it’s an interesting pairing with Rich’s WWE background and Tony’s WCW past. The card is shaping up as well, with Ricochet vs. Shane Strickland and Sami Callahan vs. MVP. Jeff Cobb has also been added to the card with an opponent to be named. Tickets are still available for the show, which will be October 5th at Gilt Night Club. The show will also be available to watch streaming via MLW.tv.

6:00 – Global Force Wrestling has been taping a lot of shows in advance, and with Albert El Patron vacating the title Eli Drake is the new GFW Champion. For whatever reason, Rich says, he didn’t fit in NXT with his character, which was an early version of The Miz’s character. MSL mentions that Drake also appeared on The Rock’s reality TV show The Hero and when he showed up on the independent scene he hadn’t seen any of Drake’s stuff in NXT. M thought is poise and body were great and wondered at the time why he got released.

18:15 – SummerSlam was over 6 hours long with a 2 hour pre-show and a 4 hour plus pay-per-view. MLW got a shout out from Peter Rosenberg during the pre-show, which MSL appreciated. Baron Corbin’s push may be over based on current rumors, which Rich thinks might have something to do with merchandise that he released that was interpreted as racist by some. MSL thought it was odd that John Cena was taking selfies with comedians that were ringside with no acknowledgement from the announcers as to who the guys were.

M and Rich talked last week about how the shark cage made no sense unless Enzo was able to escape, which he did to interfere in the match, however he was immediately dropped with a big boot by Big Cass. Rich thought it was a pretty clever way to escape the cage and thought it fit Enzo’s “greasy” character.

Similar to Corbin, there are also reports of Enzo getting heat backstage, and M wonders if they can possibly bury him any more than they already have. JBL has made public comments that he doesn’t think Enzo is going to make it even though he thinks he’s talented. Rich asks where else would he go and thinks he should try to stay put.

Orton beat Rusev in six seconds after being attacked before the bell. MSL asks Rich what he thought about it, as he wasn’t opposed to a short match during the really long show, but Rich says you’re obviously not thrilled with that if you’re Orton or Rusev. He still doesn’t understand what they’re doing with Rusev and why they have neutered him. Both guys agree that Rusev and Lana should have been kept together, as she is a star.

The Demon Finn Balor defeated Bray Wyatt in an unspectacular match, but fans still don’t understand what’s different about The Demon other than the face paint if he’s not going to wrestle his matches any differently. Rich thinks that there should be one or two moves that you would only see if he’s The Demon.

Looks to be that WWE is setting up for a Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens match based on what transpired during the U.S. Title Match. Rich thinks that Kevin Owens should be in a more meaningful match than battling Shane.

Jinder Mahal is still the WWE Champion and Brock retained the Universal Championship, with the match up with Braun Strowman easily being the most popular attraction in WWE right now. The one-on-one match is booked for No Mercy, which leads MSL to believe that they won’t be doing that match at WrestleMania 34. The guys both feel that this is a big money match that shouldn’t be wasted on a September pay-per-view.

38:00 – John Morrisson/Johnny Nitro/John Hennigan will be a regular on Global Force Wrestling as Johnny Impact. MSL doesn’t agree with the name change but both guys agree that he’s a super talented guy and could help carry the company.

39:45 – John Cena is being considered as the lead role in a Knight Rider reboot with Kevin Hart as the voice of Kit. MSL never watched Knight Rider as it was before his time, but Rich thinks John Cena as David Hasselhoff tells you all you need to know!

42:00 – Nikki Bella is going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Big mainstream opportunity for Nikki, as per MSL, but he also believes that the show goes head-to-head with Raw, so he’s not sure how WWE will handle promoting it.

43:20 – WWE announced the signing of Lio Rush, who recently no-sold a powerbomb off a ladder at an indy show, and is a very talented guy.

43:50 – Season 2 of GLOW has been ordered by Netflix and Rich is excited about it, as he enjoyed the first season of the ladies wrestling show.

44:40 – Brie Bella made recent comments that Daniel Bryan will wrestle again, which will obviously have to happen outside of WWE. If he does get released by WWE you could make the case that he’s going to be just as big a star as any WWE full-timer. M asks Rich if this would affect WWE’s decision making at all with respect to clearing him to wrestle again. Rich acknowledges that he’s been trying to get back in the ring for a while now and has really missed wrestling. When he came back from injury the first time and was wrestling the same style it was very uncomfortable. Rich thinks if he’s going to come back he has to be 100% certain that he’s good to go, especially with a child.

47:45 – Ronda Rousey is training for wrestling with Brian Kendrick. Rich thinks that WWE has to go with a Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen angle. MSL doesn’t know how serious Rousey is about a wrestling career, but it presents some exciting possibilities.

50:30 – Not much newsworthy stuff on Raw. John Cena appeared back on Raw for the first time in a while and appears to be building towards a match with Roman Reigns. Rich says that in the old days you would give the people what they want, and that it’s pretty clear that the crowd doesn’t want Cena vs. Reigns. Everybody would love it they could hit the reset button. Cena is still a huge star and will continue to be a huge star and perhaps the Brooklyn crowd hurt the angle.

Rating – 7 out of 10. It’s taking some getting used to that this show is permanently MSL and Bocchini. At least this week they spent most of the show reviewing the events from WWE’s weekend in Brooklyn. The show is still missing something and doesn’t have the same cache it had with Court, but this one was alright.


6:00 – Eli Drake wins the GFW Championship
18:15 – SummerSlam thoughts
38:00 – Johnny Impact joins Global Force
39:45 – John Cena in Knight Rider?
42:00 – Nikki Bella on Dancing with the Stars
43:20 – Lio Rush signs with WWE
43:50 – GLOW renewed for a second season
44:40 – Brie Bella on Bryan’s future
47:45 – Ronda Rousey training with Kendrick
50:30 – Raw thoughts, Roman vs. Cena

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