WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: We Watch Wrestling #198 on the favorite wrestlers of drive-thru employees, Matt’s second favorite WWE memory, the life lessons that wrestling has taught them

We Watch Wrestling

Issue 198

Release Date: June 14, 2017


Top Stories:

  1. Answering fan questions
  2. Who is the favorite wrestler of random fast food workers
  3. The guys reveal how and when they met.
  4. The hosts

Subjects Covered (Timestamps):

0:00 – Hey…Do you watch wrestling?!
12:50 – Who are the favorite wrestlers of drive thru workers?!
21:25 – Listener questions
40:13 – More drive thru questions.
47:45 – Questions
67:21 – Drive-thrus
75:00 – One last question
81:50 – Who is your favorite wrestler?

Show Highlights:

Who are the favorite wrestlers of drive thru-workers?!

This is when Matt went to different fast food chain drive-thrus and asks the people working there who their favorite wrestler is. Vince and Tom have to guess their answers.

First up is Starbucks in Valley Village. Two young ladies, one is white and one is Latino. Up first is Tom. He says both of them say The Rock. Vince predicts the white girl says The Rock and the Latino girl would say Stone Cold. The answer IS the white girl says Cena and the Latino girl says The Rock.

The next stop is McDonalds. Matt asks a Mexican man in his 20s and then two Mexican women, Vince says Edge and Tom says Randy Orton for the first guy. The answer IS John Cena and the reason is that the guy really likes the John Cena memes. For the women, Tom says Randy Orton and the Rock. Vince says both are non answers. The first girl says “I don’t know” and the other says The Rock.

Listener questions

The first question from Mr. Pickles asking who is Vince’s wife’s favorite wrestler. He says the Miz.

Matt is asked what is his favorite memory from working at WWE. Unfortunately he can not tell his favorite story but says his other favorite memory was at Wrestlemania 28 being ringside before the show and talking to Vince McMahon one-on-one. Matt loved watching Vince help and rewrite the script Matt wrote for a Mick Foley and Santino skit on the show. One of the guys from the TV show Deadliest Catch was in it and Vince improved the script on the spot and it was perfect.

Tom is asked how wrestling has affected his life in a positive way. Tom says that it has opened him up to new people and he loves hearing how the podcast affects other people. He thinks that it is awesome and it has brought Vince into his life.

All of them are asked what their favorite issue of the show is. Vince does not know. Matt says his favorite is the one where they found out the Ultimate Warrior passed away while they were recording the podcast. Tom says that he misses his brother Rob who is the producer and used to do the show with them before he moved to New Jersey.

All of them are asked what would be their entrance music and finishing move if they were wrestlers. Vince says the slingshot suplex and the song “Supernaut” by Black Sabbath or “Night of the Living Dead” by the Misfits. Matt would use the bulldog and the song would be “Cadance to Arms” by the Dropkick Murphys. Tom would use “Choke” by the band Vision of Disorder and his finisher would be the RKO.

What is the promotion the hosts would like to watch more of? All of the hosts say Progress in the UK. Matt says that he has a hard time keeping up with WWE and NJPW.

More drive-thrus

Another McDonalds and this time it’s an African American man in his 20s. Tom says Stone Cold and Vince says Batista. The gentleman says, “Jeff Hardy before he retired.” Hahahaha! Vince brings up how this is the example of no one knowing anything about TNA. Next at McDonalds was a Mexican guy. Vince says Rey Mysterio and Tom says Randy Orton. The man says he does not know because he is working two jobs.

Next Matt asks a homeless male who is 70-years old.-Vince says John Tolos and Tom says Buddy Rogers. The man says he likes MMA better and hates anything phony. Eventually, he says Gorgeous George.


What is your favorite Pay-Per-View that you watched in person?

Vince says WWE Invasion. He went with his dad and really liked it in person. Tom said Summerslam 2014 with Cena vs Lesnar.

What cool or life lasting answer has wrestling taught you?

Matt says it taught him to be yourself and be honest about what you love. Tom said that it taught him that the more that you are yourself and showing yourself to others the more people like you. He learned to be himself without worrying.

What is the earliest memories of wrestling?

Tom had a Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy and a WWF water bottle when he was a kid. Vince remembered forming a tag team on the playground and wrestling his brother. Matt remembers a TV being in a bedroom and the opening of Championship Wrestling between 1984-1985. Vince remembers wrestlers cutting local promos for Wrestlemania 3, which he went to. Matt then remembers watching Tuesday Night Titans and his brother laminating the front page of the newspaper the day after Wrestlemania 1.


Jack in the Box male 30 years old. Tom says Hulk Hogan and Vince says Stone Cold. The answer is Batista.

Carl’s Jr., late 20s male. Vince says Prince Puma and Tom says Randy Orton. The answer IS that he has not watched wrestling in a while but mentions his favorites were Batista, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Undertaker.

Burger King male in his 30s. Tom says Undertaker and Vince says Eddie Guerrero. The man says The Rock.

Early 20s girl that works at McDonalds. Tom says The Rock and Vince says John Cena. The girl says no one at first and then Matt asks about Cena and The Rock. The girl then says she likes Randy Orton.

Since that was the last one Tom won the contest 2-1 in guessing the correct favorite wrestlers.

One Last Question

Where did you guys meet?

They all met while living and working as comedians in New York, Matt and Vince kind of knew each other but everyone knew they both liked wrestling. That’s what brought them together. This segment did not have anything about wrestling but is still a fun listen.

Who is your favorite wrestler?

Tom – Trevor Lee

Vince – Junk Yard Dog

Matt – Pete Dunne

Score/Overall- 9/10

A totally different type of show then they usually do and a great change of pace. The drive-thrus were pretty funny and Vince and Tom competing was a nice touch. They choose very good questions as well. I recommend this show to anyone who wants to know more about Matt, Vince and Matt as people and not just hosts of a podcast.

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Pat is a full-time nontraditional college student and a part-time guy who gives out samples at supermarkets. He is a lifelong wrestling fan and a Pro Wrestling Torch subscriber since 1996. He currently lives in Lake Ariel, PA near Scranton, PA with his wife Deanna and their dog Roxie and cat Snickers.

For more, check out issue #197 of We Watch Wrestling

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