We Watch Wrestling #124 (Jan. 13, 2016)

RELEASE DATE: January 13, 2016


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


– “There have been times in my life where I loved Jericho. LOVED him. And those days are over.” – Vince

– It was great that he made a MySpace reference, and he even said, ‘Is MySpace still a thing?’ That’s always VERY funny. That joke still has some gas to it.” – Tom, MAYBE utilizing sarcasm

– “This is the simplest way, I think, to discern: look at the social media-does Kevin Nash have an account? If he does not, then you keep it movin’.” – Vince on choosing social media sites

– “No, absolutely. WCW was well known for its long term booking and everything making sense each week and Kevin Nash putting over the new talent, the young talent.” – Matt, MAYBE utilizing sarcasm

– “The Social Outcasts! Give me one, give me all four, and I will massage their feet!” – Matt, as Beef Stroganoff

– “There’s a better chance of Chris Benoit coming through the curtain that night, all right?” – Vince, shooting down Tom’s idea that Punk might show up for the Rumble

– “I wouldn’t even call it strong style. It’s more than that. I would call it ‘King of Beef Slamming,’ because that’s what it feels like.” – Tom, putting his mark on NJPW

– “Getting real hot and sweaty in my room by myself. Feelin’ like a serial killer.” – Tom, hopefully kidding?

– “If I see one more John Cena vs. Randy Orton match, I am gonna BEEF SLAM somebody!” – Matt


This week, the boys talk some WWE, some NWA/WCW, some NJPW, and more!



*WWE Network Stone Cold Podcast w/Ric Flair* – 10:05-16:50

*Jericho’s Latest Return* – 16:50-20:25

*WCW Booking* – 20:25-23:45

*The Royal Rumble* – 23:45-31:30

*Independent Wrestling* – 31:30-38:15

*Rapid-Fire Topics* – 38:15-46:00

*Jim Cornette & Ole Anderson*- 46:00-1:02:50

*The New Japan 4* – 1:02:50-1:05:40

*Announcing And Hyperbole In Wrestling* – 1:05:40-1:12:00

*Botchamania/Vince’s Lady Does A Run-In* – 1:12:00-1:15:10

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:15:10-1:31:06


After the intro, the boys kick off this week’s show reviewing Ric Flair’s appearance on Stone Cold’s podcast. They talk About Flair’s appearance, demeanor, and his response to his son Reid’s name being used in the Charlotte-Paige feud. Matt wonders why WWE insists on putting Flair in Charlotte’s corner, while Vince speculates on the possibility of Becky Lynch adding a manager to her corner.

From there, the boys discuss Chris Jericho’s latest return. Vince is about done with The Ayatollah and Tom critiques his attempts at comedy, including his dad-like references to social media. They go on to discuss various misuses of social media.

Tom brings up Kevin Nash ending Goldberg’s undefeated streak via cattle prod and the boys talk about WCW’s generally poor booking as early as 1998.

Transition to the Royal Rumble. The boys speculate on who will win, what it will mean for the Road to WrestleMania, and how will they possibly fill out the rest of the card. Tom again wonders if C.M. Punk will be a surprise entrant and Matt and Vince try to make him understand how ludicrous that thought is. The segment closes with a couple minutes of “Making A Murderer” discussion.

Next, the boys talk some independent wrestling. Matt notes that Shinsuke Nakamura is done in New Japan at the end of the month and Tom coins a new phrase to describe NJPW’s strong style. They talk Progress Wrestling, ROH, and Wrestle Kingdom 10.

The boys then launch into various topics including who Brendan Dassey’s favorite wrestler is, Stardust’s David Bowie tribute, and John Cena’s shoulder surgery, rehab, and ability to return in a hurry. Tom talks about his own workout regimen and decides that WWE Superstar Paige wouldn’t go for his body type.

Matt’s been watching Wrestling A To Z With Jim Cornette on Highspots.com. He talks about Cornette’s wrestling room and all of the historic memorabilia therein. That feeds to Matt recounting old Ole Anderson stories that are must hear, including his interactions with Vince McMahon and the differences in their philosophies. They talk about the amount of old wrestling tapes that have been lost or destroyed and are gone forever and what that loss of history means for the business.

From there, the boys talk about the impending arrival of the New Japan 4 to WWE. They speculate that it may not be as soon as everyone thinks due to red tape issues and look back at Vince McMahon’s history of buying rising stars from other promotions.

The addition of Mauro Ranallo to the Smackdown announce table spurs a conversation about wrestling play-by-play and the use of hyperbole in wrestling and how much it can help or hurt the product.

While talking about the latest installment of Botchamania, Vince’s gal Georgia walks in and steals the boys’ attention. Her favorite wrestler is Stardust because of his David Bowie tribute and they discuss her favorite Bowie songs.

Who’s your favorite wrestler? This week, Tom likes Sasha Banks because of her Takeover matches with Bayley and because of the behind-the-scenes stuff leading to the Iron Man match on Breaking Ground. Honerary mention to Shibata from NJPW because of his match with Ishii at WK10. More conversation follows, including the finale of Breaking Ground and the prospect of the New Japan guys fitting in to the WWE style.

Vince’s favorite wrestler is current ROH World champion Jay Lethal because he’s anticipating the Lethal-O’Reilly-Cole match-up at the ROH Anniversary show in Las Vegas and because he’s never given Lethal the credit he deserves.

Matt’s favorite wrestler is Shinsuke Nakamura because he’s so cool, so mean, and has a rock star quality.

The show closes with the boys talking about the recent Shane McMahon rumors and Vince McMahon giving his money away on old Raws.


8/10: Really fun show. A fruit salad of topics ranging from old-school territory days to current promotions largely beyond WWE, which is nice sometimes. I really gotta get off my ass and check out some New Japan. I’ve learned that much. As always this show makes me remember why I love wrestling and inspired me to go watch more. So, I’m gonna go do that.

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