We Watch Wrestling #126 w/Matt McCarthy – Rapid Fire Topics (Jan. 27, 2016)


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter



“Listeners, believe me, when I put this thing on I could run faster, I could jump higher. My kicks, and I kick a lot, were much stronger.” – Tom, reveling in his track suit

“This might not be the classic A-Team structure.” – Vince, on The Social Outcasts

– Tom: All right, I bet (a) her skin got brushed by a little stubble. Old man stubble, it’s the hardest, most coarse stubble there is.
Matt: That’s interesting.
Tom: I bet it had a vodka-y, Coors Light-y kind of smell to it. And whatever cologne he wears, which I bet it’s a lot of. When he planted that kiss, I bet she heard a lot of, like, nose breathing.


This week, the boys don their brand new NJPW track suits to talk Royal Rumble, Ric Flair, NXT, and a TON more!



*NJPW Track Suits* – 04:10-09:25

*The Royal Rumble* – 09:25-16:40

*WrestleMania Match-up Speculation* – 16:40-24:00

*Becky Vs. Charlotte* – 24:00-28:55

*More Rumble Talk* – 28:55-32:05

*Rapid Fire Topics* – 32:05-1:11:35

*PWG* – 1:11:35-1:16:35

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:16:35-1:24:39


The boys kick off this weeks show in their brand-spankin’-new New Japan track suits, which the members of their We Watch Wrestling Facebook group bought for them via a GoFundMe effort. They share how grateful they are and talk about the upcoming wrestling events to which they plan to wear them.

On to the Royal Rumble. The boys talk Triple H as new champion and discuss Dean Ambrose’s involvement in the finish. Matt posits that Vince McMahon can’t get out of his own way when it comes to booking Roman Reigns and they praise the debut of A.J. Styles.

From there the boys look ahead to who will be matched up at WrestleMania. They share their thoughts on who they want to see face Brock Lesnar, speculate on a possible Money In The Bank match, and revisit R-Truth’s antics in the Rumble.

Next, the boys look back at the Charlotte-Becky Lynch match from the Rumble. They review the build to the match, the match itself, and the infamous Ric Flair kiss. They talk about how much they love what Becky’s been doing and offer some insight on how Charlotte could improve her game.

Back to the Rumble. The boys discuss Sami Zayn’s performance and wonder what’s next for him. They talk about A.J. Styles and question who his first program will be with.

In a big round of rapid fire topics, the boys bounce from Jericho’s “dad bod” to Triple H’s championship greed to WWE’s relationship with Evolve Wrestling. They touch on Braun Stroman’s interesting ring gear, make plans to have some professional photos taken in their track suits, and Matt tells a story about an encounter with another wrestling fan. A quick preview of Lucha Underground Season Two leads to a discussion about battle royals and the No DQ rule, and they compare and contrast The Social Outcasts
with The A-Team. They briefly touch on the Rumble again before looking back at Ric Flair’s promo after the ’92 Rumble, Tom paints a grim picture of what Becky Lynch might’ve experienced when Flair kissed her on Sunday, and the boys take a final look back at how this year’s Rumble was booked and produced.

Transition to PWG. The boys run down the lineup for the upcoming event on Febuary 12th and look ahead to future shows before looking back at a Roderick Strong-Kurt Angle dark match from WWE in the early 2000’s.

Who’s your favorite wrestler?

This week Tom likes A.J. Styles because “He’s f*ckin’ cool” and Tom’s excited to see what he can do. Matt’s favorite is also AJ, and Vince goes with Kevin Owens. Everybody agrees that Owens had a fantastic Rumble and the boys talk A.J. Styles to close the show.


8/10: I have a bit of a complex about using “Rapid Fire Topics” to cover what’s talked about because I don’t want it to come off as me being lazy and not wanting to list everything individually. So when I realized I had almost 40 minutes of this week’s show under that banner, I thought I better go back and make sure that’s accurate. Upon further review, from the 32:05 minute mark to the 1:11:35 mark, I counted 28 different topics. That’s a crazy amount of jumping around, and that’s when the show thrives, in my opinion. I feel like I just got punched in the mouth with a wrestling encyclopedia. Not THE Wrestling Encyclopedia, although I have no doubt Vince can throw soup bones. Fun show. Great show.

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