WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: We Watch Wrestling w/ Matt McCarthy #192 – an appreciation of House of Horrors, Jeff Hardy’s lost tooth, who brought the “Too Sweet” hand signal to wrestling?

We Watch Wrestling

Issue 192

Recap by: Pat Radice

Release date: May 3, 2017


Top News:

  1. Reaction to the House of Horrors match.
  2. Payback reviewed
  3. Who is your favorite wrestler?

Subjects Covered (Timestamps):

0:00 – Hey, do you watch wrestling?
7:00 – The hosts did not go to Johnny Mundo’s movie opening.
14:00 – House of Horrors talk.
22:30 – Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns talk.
27:00 – Jeff Hardy lost a tooth.
31:00 – Vince and Matt are going to a NXT house show.
38:30 – The hosts love Alexa Bliss.
45:45 – AD
50:00 – Tom wanted to talk more about Payback.
58:40 – Dean Ambrose talk as an interviewer.
63:00 – AD
66:13 – Who is Vince McMahon going to look to with ratings down?
67:50 – New  on the WWE Network
79:00 – Who is your favorite wrestler?

Show Highlights:

The hosts did not go to Johnny Mundo’s movie opening

Tom was ready to go but Matt had to work and Vince watched the trailer and thought it did not look very good. They talk about all the wrestling stars that were there and discuss the Sean Waltman arrest. Waltman admitted that he had weed, and that was the only thing he did wrong. 

House of Horrors talk

The hosts did not understand why Randy Orton was shirtless with pants in a limo going to the House of Horrors. Tom called the house a retiree house because it was not scary at all. They wanted to see a WWE Network Exclusive of Bray setting everything up in the house. Overall, all of the hosts liked the match and thought it was fun and different. Vince brought up that it had to be inspired by the Apocalypto by the Hardys in Impact Wrestling. Tom thought it was funny that the appliances were kinda nice when they were in a house full of horrors. They were disappointed that Randy Orton was not the driver of the limo back to the arena. They did a series of Wyatt impressions, which ended up revolving around Minnie Driver, and joked that the limo driver should have been Hornswoggle. Matt thought Dave Meltzer was humorless for complaining about the match being in the dark while it was light out in San Jose. 

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns talk

The hosts talk about how much better Strowman (who they called “Beef Stroganoff”) has been in the ring lately. Matt did not see the Payback after show where Braun kept attacking Roman. A few Stroman impressions then busted out. They talked about how all the boxes being stacked up gave away that Braun was going to throw Roman into them. Tom is starting to like Roman because he wants him to beat Braun.

Jeff Hardy lost a tooth.

The hosts assume that Dr. Issac Yankem was the dentist that did Jeff’s dental work. They then discussed if the Hardys had a real tooth that was knocked out or if it was fake since they didn’t see any actual blood. They all put over the whitness of both brother’s teeth. (On a side note, my wife is a dental hygienist and she said Jeff’s teeth look real because the gum line isn’t perfect but Matt’s might be fake because of how uninformed and perfect his mouth looks. Back to the show!). Matt told a story of a wrestler who bit into a sandwich when he was working in WWE, and a tooth came out. 

Vince and Matt are going to a NXT house show

The hosts run down who will be there. Matt hopes that the crowd does not chant “10” all show when he learns that Tye Dillinger is on the show. Tom asks why did Kassius Ohno come back to NXT.  It is explained to him that when he was in it the first time NXT was strictly a  developmental territory and now it is a place for good, polished workers.

The hosts love Alexa Bliss

Tom thinks she is the best talker in WWE (Whoa). Vince and Matt think she is perfect as a heel and her character is great. They also loved the Bliss vs. Bayley match at Payback and how she wrestled. It really was true to her character. They were also impressed with her segment at the beginning of Raw but cringed when she fell off the platform and landed on the microphone. They were happy that the women were given the opportunity to open up the show. The hosts were very disappointed in the Raw rating being the lowest in 20 years because of how good they felt it was. They think that could reflect poorly on Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and The Miz for their main event match. A Vince McMahon impression busted out saying that they need to bring Jinder Mahal back to Raw to help with the ratings. 

Tom wanted to talk more about Payback

Vince and Matt loved the Neville vs. Austin Aries match. They are happy that Aries is getting a chance to shine in the WWE. Tom really likes how Sheamus and Cesaro are heels now. He feels they are real tough guys and fit better as heels. Vince then said he really liked the Cruiserweight match on Raw. Tom does not like the Cruiserweights because they do not have enough character development.

Dean Ambrose as an interviewer

Matt and Tom loved Dean interviewing The Miz on Raw. Tom also liked Dean stories on Talk is Jericho with Roman Reigns. Tom liked how Dean kept to himself and traded vodka with Chris Jericho on a WWE bus. Tom thinks that Roman thinks that WWE broke up the Shield too early.

Who is Vince McMahon going to look to with ratings down?

The hosts liked Raw and are worried Vince McMahon will go back to older wrestlers rather than continue to push the younger current wrestlers.

New Table for 3 on the WWE Network

Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and A.J. Styles told stories while eating. They revealed that Shawn Waltman brought the “Too Sweet” hand signal into the business. Michaels said that this was the first year that Vince McMahon personally called him to wrestle again at Wrestlemania. Michaels said that he could do great things with A.J. but he does not want to come back. The hosts really liked the episode.

Who is your favorite wrestler?

Tom – Alexa Bliss

Vince – The Miz

Matt – Alexa Bliss

Overall/Score  – 7/10. Lots of rambling on this episode. Usually, We Watch Wrestling makes it work but I think they really focused on Payback too much and didn’t find it that entertaining or funny.

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