QUICK QUOTES: David McLane of WOW on if they’ll land on Netflix, the upcoming GLOW TV show, a special guest at their next show

David McLane stopped by Wrestledelphia to discuss WOW’s season 5 kickoff this Thursday, Jackie Stallone’s return and the GLOW series coming to Netflix. Here are the highlights they sent along:

With Mark Burnett at the helm of MGM, are you looking to follow his model for Lucha Underground and get WOW programming on Netflix?

McLane: “The table is wide open. For digital broadcast, we’re looking for opportunities in that. We’re also going to obviously expand our digital footprint. If that is with third parties and also our own network through our WOWE.com platform, that will be included also.”

Let’s talk about this GLOW show on Netflix. Have you been involved with this at all?

McLane: “No, I have not but I’m so excited for it. Jenji Kohan, the producer of Orange Is the New Black, I suspect she was a fan of GLOW in the early days and then saw the movie that was made by two college kids from Texas. She decided to do a remake of the 80s’ phenomenon GLOW, and I’m so happy for her to do it. There are GLOW girls that still participate in fan clubs. Matilda the Hun, Hollywood and Americana will all be at the WOW show Thursday night.

Also of note is that Jaqueline Stallone, Sylvester’s mom, is scheduled to be in attendance at the WOW show to make it a mini-GLOW reunion.

For the full interview, check out Wrestledelphia.

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