QUICK QUOTES: X-Pac talks why he didn’t want to be bailed out of jail, what it’s like meeting terminally ill children as their last wish

X-Pac was recently on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and talked more about his recent arrest, as well as being able to meet with terminally ill children as their last wish. Here are the highlights they sent along:

Why he didn’t want to be bailed out: 

Keven: “We saw each other from a distance. And he [X-Pac] had this look of excitement…When we sat together he said, ‘I didn’t think you would come because I thought you would have believed what was out there about me, and I understand you wouldn’t want that near Maria [Menounos].’ And that’s why he was so, it seemed like you were so surprised to see me.”

Sean: “I almost, part of me almost didn’t want you to be there Kev. I hate to sound like that.”

Keven: “Why?”

Sean: “Because of exactly what you already said.”

When Keven mentioned Sean realizing he hadn’t given up on him:

“I didn’t just assume you were Kev. I just thought that you might have had to…I just thought that maybe you had to do it…I don’t want to do that to her [Maria Menounos].”

Being able to meet with terminally ill children as their last wish:

“When a child that’s dying, their last wish is to meet you, and then you go meet them, and they’re like, so f**king happy…Their doctors said don’t bring him because he might not make it, and they’re like f**k that, this is last wish, you know? And I’ve never met one person that didn’t f**king breakdown, ever…It’s really tough, you know?…They’re just so happy, you know?…And you don’t want to remind them they’re sick…It’s the happiest f**king thing, and it’s the biggest honor you can ever f**king have.”

For the full interview, check out The Tomorrow Show.

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