The Steve Austin Show – guest Ryan Satin (Jan. 19, 2016)

The Steve Austin Show
Guest: Ryan Satin
Release Date: January 19, 2016


Recap by Corey Freedman

Top Newsworthy Items

– Austin’s guest today is Ryan Satin of
– Satin talks about James Storm’s time with WWE and his re-signing with TNA
– Austin and Satin talk about how to use the incoming NJPW talent
– The two break down Netflix’s documentary “Making a Murderer” and offer their opinions on the case

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor Ads
2:30 – Introduction
11:25 – Sponsor Ad
12:50 – Interview beings with Ryan Satin
36:58 – James Storm/TNA
40:20 – WWE and outside talent
49:07 – Sponsor Ads
50:25 – Making a Murderer
1:30:13 – End of interview/sponsor ads
1:30:40 – Conclusion
1:34:20 – Podcast end

Show Highlights

Introduction: Austin starts the show by talking about his dogs and thanking listeners for sending thoughts about them. Next he recaps CMT’s Broken Skull Challenge. Austin talks about bringing in the best competition he can find for the show and he is proud of that fact. He also praises the female competitors he has this season. Austin then talks about the NFL Playoffs. He is looking forward to Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning possibly for the last time. He also praised both the Panthers and Cardinals ahead of their matchup this weekend. He is a big fan of Cam Newton. Austin also talks a bit about Broken Skull IPA and the El Segundo Brewing Company.

Intro with Ryan Satin: Steve introduces Ryan who used to work for TMZ and now reports on pro wrestling. Ryan talks about getting into TMZ at the beginning of his career. Ryan started watching wrestling after the Undertaker/Mankind Hell in A Cell match. Ryan talks about being backstage for a WWF event and meeting Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna. He talks about being a fan of wrestling news sites, but it was hard for him to be able to pay for all of them and he didn’t like that element of them. He mentions specifically being a fan of the PWTorch. He talks a lot about not liking that some people pay for old news and stuff that is on his site for free. Ryan is proud that his site doesn’t have stories that make people question whether they are true or not. He talks about building a lot of connections through networking, and he still uses connections that he made from working at TMZ. He talks about calling Macho Man’s brother and finding out through him that the Macho Man had passed away. He also talks about how he found out TNA was going to be cancelled on Spike TV. Ryan and Austin talk about the Ultimate Warrior. Austin praises Warrior’s promo work to advance his character. Satin talks about meeting Warrior for an interview and getting yelled at because Warrior wasn’t thrilled with the way the media had portrayed him prior to the meeting.

James Storm: Ryan brings up breaking the story about James Storm leaving WWE last week. He says that he was offered less than 100k a year to be in NXT, and TNA was knocking on his door during that process and offering 2.5 times more money. He says Triple H told Storm he couldn’t guarantee he would make the main roster because that is Vince McMahon’s show. Austin asks what the deal with TNA is overall. Satin talks about Pop TV and where that channel came from. He says Dave Lagana and Rob Conway are heading the creative process and Billy Corgan is also involved. The two talk about guys being brought into NXT not necessarily getting paid that much money.

WWE and outside talent: This was an offshoot of the James Storm topic. Austin wonders why the WWE wouldn’t have paid James Storm a good amount of money. Satin responds that guys brought into NXT, especially old veterans, don’t necessarily get paid a lot of money. Austin brings up the potential NJPW hires. Satin says the deals haven’t been officially completed yet. Austin asks what Ryan thinks about the potential for the NJPW guys and how they should be introduced. Satin says that A.J. Styles doesn’t need the Bullet Club and should just be left alone on the main roster. He thinks Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson should be in the Balor Club with Finn Balor. They talk about Finn feeling a little restrained and that maybe he can open up more with some friends around him. Austin believes A.J. could use a little mic work.

Making a Murderer: Austin brings up the Netflix documentary that focuses on Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. Austin highly recommends the program. They talk about whether or not Avery was framed for the original crime he was sent to prison for. Austin seems to be of the belief that Avery was definitely framed. The two talk about how non-police officers were the ones that found the car and those people were working with the police prior to searching for the car (suggesting that the police gave the search party information on where to find the car). Satin says that it certainly feels like Avery was framed, but he has a hard time believing it was police officers that framed him. He goes on to say that it did, however, seem like all of the police were lying when they were on the stand, and they were certainly acting in an odd manner. Satin brings up an interview with a juror from the trial where they explain that they were pressured by the police to convict Avery. Austin talks about the police not finding anything over the course of eight days, but they came back another time and suddenly found several pieces of key evidence. He also talks about the car key being found without any of Theresa’s DNA. The two don’t have very nice things to say about Len Kachinsky, Dassey’s former attorney. They talk about the obvious abuse of Dassey, who clearly did not have the IQ to comprehend the situation he was in. Austin says the bottom line is that you are entitled to a fair trial in this country and Avery and Dassey certainly did not receive that. Austin suggests that Bobby and Scott (Brendan’s brother and step-father) committed the crimes as they went “hunting” right around when Theresa is reported to have gone missing. They talk about the curious case of the DNA evidence involved in the case. Austin talks about how sad it was to watch Avery’s parents go through all of this for so many years. He also talks about Theresa’s family understandably wanting someone to pay for the crimes against her, but you can’t just pin it on anyone to get a conviction. They also talk about some potential options for Avery/Dassey going forward. Both don’t believe that Avery is the best person on earth, but they simply don’t believe he got a fair trial or was actually proven guilty of any crimes.

Conclusion: Austin again recommends watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. Austin talks more about the Broken Skull Challenge. He also thanks his sponsors.

Score and Review

Score (7.5): Overall this was a good episode, but not a drop everything and listen type of show. The structure and pace of this episode was great. The two moved through topics in a clear order and seemed to have an idea of where they wanted this episode to go. The reason this episode is scored lower is because they spend a long time talking about a Netflix documentary. Now, I have seen Making a Murderer so that entire conversation was interesting and relevant to me. However, if you have no seen Making a Murder (or have and don’t care to hear people talk about it) a lot of this podcast is not going to appeal to you. As always, check the timestamps if you want to stick to a wrestling only show.

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