We Watch Wrestling #125 w/Matt McCarthy (Jan. 20, 2016)

RELEASE DATE: January 20, 2016


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


*I can’t quote the entire Brock Lesnar bit because there’s so much goodness but it starts at seven minutes in. Listen.”

“I’m starting to think wrestling may be bad for you, physically.” – Tom

“God, if it’s The Leftovers I hope I’m f—– Justin Theroux, that guy’s so cool.” – Tom

“What was that about? What was that segment?” – Matt, speaking for all of us on the Vince/Stephanie Rumble Lottery segment from Raw.

“Big Show does Edward 40 Hands with 2 liters of Coke Zero.” – Vince

“What’s the longest that ZZ’s gone without eating chicken fingers in his adult life?” – Vince

– Tom: He (Road Dogg) reminds me of, like, a divorced dad that’s got a very sparse apartment that falls asleep in front of the TV like, every night.

Matt: And he dresses like an old lady so he can see his kids?

“Yeah it was weird because you had Ricky Gervais out there and then they start arguing over who’s the biggest asshole which, it’s like, ‘Hmm guys, maybe it’s US for watching this s—!’ – Matt, talking Golden Globes

“Well, they do Retro Raw every week now with, like, why are we still seeing the g–damned Dudleyz?” – Tom

“You wanna know what Vince (McMahon) would say? ‘Who the f— is Jushin Thunder Liger?'” – Matt

“Hey, man! You can’t be walking around with your cock out and think that YouTube isn’t gonna be upset!” – Matt, on Joey Ryan


– This week, the boys talk this week’s Raw, the Royal Rumble, Kliq stories, and more!



*This Week’s Raw* – 05:15-10:55

*Tough Enough Winner’s “Social Jobbers” Tweet* – 10:55-16:15

*Rapid Fire Topics* – 16:15-31:45

*PWG* – 31:45-34:55

*Booking* – 34:55-41:00

*Rapid Fire Topics II* – 41:00-47:30

*Legends With JBL* – 47:30-56:00

*Royal Rumble Talk* – 56:00-1:00:30

*Sandwiches And Exercise* – 1:00:30-1:04:25

*Kliq Stories* – 1:04:25-1:11:10

*Rapid Fire Topics: The Finale* – 1:11:10-1:16:00

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:16:00-1:25:47


The boys kick off this week’s show talking WWE Raw. They look back at Wade Barrett’s amused performance and Vince sends the show into bit mode with speculation on why Brock Lesnar seemed distracted in the final segment.

Transition to Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl’s heat-seeking tweets about The Social Outcasts. They run down the list of reaction Tweets from Superstars like Kevin Owens, Stardust, and The Social Outcasts themselves while riffing on William Regal’s love of lizards. They also touch on The Outcasts being destroyed by The Big Show, the inspiration for the tweet.

From there the boys jump around to various topics including a rare online forum post from Super Dragon, a recent live comedy show the boys recently put on that many fans of the podcast showed up for, and Good Ol’ JR signing with AXS to call New Japan. Tom also added how much he enjoyed Chris Jericho’s performance on Raw this week and the boys speculate on possible surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble. That feeds to the prominence of shoulder injuries in the WWE and speculation on why it’s happening.

The rapid fire segment closes with talk of former WWE Diva Sunny’s racially-charged exploits on Twitter and a review of the list of issues the embattled former wrestler has faced.

Up next, the boys talk upcoming PWG shows. Matt and Vince are attending the Bowie event in February, but the March shows fall on the weekend of Vince’s wedding. They discuss possible changes to the venue’s policies regarding the entrance line and close the segment with a brief peak into Tom’s personal life.

The boys then talk booking, noting that Vince’s way isn’t necessarily the wrong way. They discuss the strategy of having one big star on Raw and Smackdown respectively, and Tom wonders why there’s such a difference between the successful NXT model and the main roster. Matt runs down a list of NXT stars that have gone on to make an impact on the main roster and that feeds to a discussion of the Wyatts destroying Brock and standing tall to end this weeks Raw.

Another round of rapid fire as the boys sort through whatever happened to Summer Rae, where can you get Poe’s jacket from Star Wars, more on their recent comedy show, and a fantastic Robbie Brookside-Johnny Saint match that Matt recently watched. Tom claims he’s bored by “technical” wrestling but Matt thinks he’s mistaken.

The WWE Network’s “Legends with JBL” is the next topic. The Road Dogg Jesse James was the latest guest. The boys discuss James’s struggles with drugs and alcohol, things he and Billy Gunn said about WWE when they were estranged, and Matt’s theory that Vince loves it when former employees trash his company. They go on to list some of the WWE trash-talkers that have been welcomed back by Vince.

Back to more Royal Rumble speculation. Tom wonders if Roman Reigns is a sure thing to win and Matt and Vince lay out scenarios in which he may not.

Brock Lesnar’s Jimmy Johns sponsorship sends the boys off into a food detour and that quickly turns into a discussion about exercise programs.

A Beyond The Mat stream of consciousness leads the boys to Jim Cornette. The boys praise his work in OVW and recount the story of why he was fired from that position. Matt’s been watching a shoot video of wrestlers talking about the Kliq and notes that Cornette appeared several times. He goes on to relay stories about the Kliq as told by wrestlers such as Brian Adams, Shane Douglas, and Bam Bam Bigelow.

Matt endorses the return of The Joey And Candice Show on YouTube and recounts their latest episode from Japan. Vince says he just missed running into Joey at a local bar which prompts Tom to relay his story of seeing Rob Van Dam at a bar.

Who’s your favorite wrestler?

This week, Tom likes C.M. Punk because Tom loves C.M. Punk and he just watched some Punk Straight Edge Society stuff.

Both Vince and Matt agree on the recently deceased “Iron” Mike Sharpe as their favorite because of the way he worked and the way he was always talking in the ring. They relay some Sharpe stories and memories to close the show.


9/10: One of my favorite issues in recent memory. Some highlights include the Brock Lesnar bit at the start of the show, which was fantastic and must hear, the Kliq stories, and Tom just being Tom all over the place, including his RVD story. I feel like everybody was firing on all cylinders on this one. A good representation of what this show is at its best.

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