We Watch Wrestling #128 – Daniel Bryan Week Reflections (Feb. 10, 2016)

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2016


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


“I’m a Palm Sunday guy.” – Vince, with no time for Ash Wednesday.

“He hit me perfectly on the head of my penis.” – Tom, with tales from his childhood

“F—– Sheamus, that f—.” – Tom

“I don’t like you two texting each other without me on the thread. I’ll say that.” – Matt, trying to squash a Vince-Tom alliance before it can start

– Vince: Are you f—– trippin’ out right now? Are you trippin’ dude? I looked over at you, man, and…the lights are on, Sibley ain’t home!
Tom: My head’s going to what I, uh…
Matt: Like to call your bad place?

“Maybe that’s why he’s quitting the business. To beat up burglars full time.” – Tom, on Bryan’s retirement

– Matt: What is black and white and red all over? Knox’s “F— You Justin” t-shirt.

– “I’m gonna miss Daniel Bryan a lot.” – Matt, taking the words out of my mouth


This week, the boys talk Daniel Bryan, Kevin Nash’s latest shoot, NJPW, PWG, and more!



*Daniel Bryan’s Farewell* – 03:20-08:10

*Early Memories of Bryan Danielson* – 08:10-17:15

*Matt & Vince Do The Indies* – 17:15-24:55

*More Daniel Bryan Danielson* – 24:55-35:55

*Brock vs. Dean…& Roman’s There, Too* – 35:55-40:05

*Is Breaking Teeth & Homophobia A.J.’s Style?* – 40:05-43-05

*On-Air Production Meeting* – 43:05-49:45

*Kevin Nash Breaking Kayfabe* – 49:45-58:45

*Knox vs. Justin* – 58:45-1:01:25

*Fantastica Mania 2016* – 1:01:25-1:06:55

*Quick Raw Notes* – 1:06:55-1:10:45

*PWG Bowie* – 1:10:45-1:16:55

*Talking Wrestling With Strangers* – 1:16:55-1:26:00

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?” – 1:26:00-1:31:09


The boys jump right into Daniel Bryan talk to kick off this week’s show. They praise his speech from Raw and compare it to other notable farewells in history.

Vince recalls the first time he saw Danielson wrestle, in 2006, and shares his first impressions of him. Matt reaches further back and talks about the state of NJPW in 2002, when Danielson was there, and the boys reminisce about old New Japan shows they attended.

Matt follows up on why he had to be dragged to an independent wrestling show for the first time while Vince looks fondly back at ROH shows he attended in New York City, including a series of Morishima-Danielson matches.

Tom calls back to Bryan’s emotional speech from Raw and the boys discuss some other wrestlers who had to retire before their time. They try to understand why ROH isn’t striking while the iron is hot by re-issuing old Danielson merch, Tom details the emotion he felt during the speech, and they touch on concussions in wrestling.

Switching gears, the boys disuss the latest from the Lesnar-Ambrose-Reigns feud in which Brock is mauling, Dean is shining, and Roman is occasionally hanging around grinning.

Tom talks about his disappointment with A.J. Styles making homophobic comments in a past promo and wonders if it was just heel work or part of who Styles is. They also recap the multiple incidents of inflicting facial damage that A.J.’s already had early in his WWE run.

Next, the boys talk some in-house business including future podcast guests and where to find archived issues. Vince won’t admit how much he overpaid for his new Nakamura shirt, Matt teases a story about PWG referees, and Vince outs Tom for a recent podcast-related error.

The boys finally watched the latest Kevin Nash Breaking Kayfabe interview and they’re talking about it. They speculate about Nash’s level of sobriety, praise his storytelling ability, and detail highlights of his version of the Christmas Eve altercation with his son. They wonder about Nash’s obsession with “college indies” and his aversion to jury duty.

Through random research, Matt found a California promotion in which 2 PWG referees had a hardcore match. Lots if blood and gimmicks. Matt’s final word on the match is to watch it if you want to, but but his description is maybe more easily stomached than the actual match.

Matt also recently finished watching night one of Fantastica Mania 2016. He describes, in comedic detail, a standoff between Taguchi and Nakamura, and highlights a handful of other wrestlers on the card.

The boys bring it back to Raw for a quick talk about The Dudleyz turning on the Usos and Y2A.J. fighting a common enemy.

After a brief plug for a comedy show featuring Dolph Ziggler that the boys are putting on, they look ahead to this weekend’s PWG shows. They run down the card which opens with Dalton Castle making his PWG debut against Chuck Taylor and closes with Roderick Strong defending the PWG title against Drew Galloway in the main even.

Matt tells another humorous story about a conversation he had with a random wrestling fan at an L.A. mall. They bonded over the current WWE product and their favorite wrestlers. Vince talked wrestling with a postal employee who mispronounced the name of one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time and Matt shares another story about an old co-worker who could never correctly pronounce Chris Benoit’s last name.

Who’s your favorite wrestler?

This week, all three hosts select Daniel Bryan as their favorite wrestler. They reminisce about Bryan’s angle with The Wyatts, his tag run with Kane, and note that VKM had a hand in creating the Yes! movement. Vince relays a story from Bryan’s book to close the show.


9.0: When something major happens in the world of professional wrestling, you want to talk about it with your wrestling friends. If you’re like me, your only wrestling friends are three strangers doing a wrestling podcast so, if you’ll pardon a bit of melodrama, it was cathartic to hear my wrestling friends talk about Daniel Bryan retiring.

But in true WWW fashion, it was a celebration of his career, not a funeral for the loss of it. A lot of Matt’s Nash impression and his exuberant description of the Fantastica Mania shenanigans made for a fun listen in what was certainly a sad week in the wrestling world.

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