WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: We Watch Wrestling w/ Matt McCarthy #191 – Extensive PWG rundown, Kyle O’Reilly falling into Tom’s Chair, old hot dogs

We Watch Wrestling

Issue 191


Recap by: Pat Radice


Top News:

  1. Full Pro Wrestling Guerrilla run down.
  2. Who is their favorite wrestlers this week?

Subjects Covered (Timestamps):

0:00 – Hey, do you watch wrestling?!
02:20 – The hosts read bad reviews before recording the show.
09:10 – The opening segment of WWE Raw.
12:00 – A quick preview of WWE Payback and why Roman Reigns has not been on TV.
13:26 – Vince and Matt want Tom to listen to Roman on Chris Jericho’s Podcast.
19:20 – Negative review of their show.
27:25 – Jeff Hardy’s look reminds Tom of someone he knew.
29:50 – Matt watched Terry Funk vs. Bill Watts and discusses Terry and Dory Funk.
37:53 – PWG rundown!
58:31 – AD
63:13 – Continuing the PWG rundown.
74:55 – AD
78:40 – PWG rundown finale.
88:25 – AD
90:30 – Who is your favorite wrestler?

Show Highlights:

The hosts were reading bad reviews of We Watch Wrestling before the show

They said they would get into it more later in the show. They said the reviews were overwhelmingly positive but a few got under their skin.

The hosts discuss the opening segment of WWE Raw.

Tom likes The Miz because he is a true heel and he looks forward to booing him and watching him get beat up, instead of being a heel he wants to cheer. They discuss how much they liked Dean Ambrose trying to get off the List of Jericho.

A quick preview of WWE Payback and why Roman Reigns has not been on TV.

Vince and Matt explain to Tom why Roman Reigns has not been on TV. They also tell Tom who Roman’s brother was and the characters he played on WWE TV. They also tell Tom that Roman on Chris Jericho’s podcast is a really good listen. They are on the Roman train, but they get off from time-to-time. That is not a really good trait for a top babyface to have.

Negative review of the show.

Negative review of their podcast says that the show has lost its way. The hosts think that means they liked the show better when they were, uh, enabled during the show. The reviewer thinks it has turned into just name dropping PWG and indy wrestling hipsters. Vince would understand if the negative review was because they do not discuss Smackdown, which they only cover briefly, but he does not understand this negative review.

Jeff Hardy’s look reminds Tom of someone he knew.

Tom said that Jeff Hardy reminds him of someone he knew in New Jersey who would give piercing in bathrooms. One day he asked Tom to watch his bag, Tom looked in and saw a gun.

Matt watched Terry Funk vs. Bill Watts and discusses Terry and Dory Funk.

Matt watched Bill Watts wrestle for the first in the “Hidden Gems” section of the WWE Network. It was against Terry Funk and he loved it. He thought it was like a real fight and Bill Watts was a legitimate tough guy. He thinks that Tom would not like it because of how slow it was. This leads into a discussion about Terry and Dory Funk and how different they are. The hosts felt that Terry had much more charisma than Dory.

PWG Rundown!

Tom actually stayed for the whole PWG show this time. He admits a few times he almost left though. Matt kept trying to sell Tom on staying throughout the show. Tom said he checked out during the Michael Elgin vs. Kyle O’Reilly match that happened before the intermission, as he had already seen Matt Riddle and Leo Rush and was happy at that.

Vince told a story about his Uber ride to the event at 1 pm. The driver liked wrestling very casually and Vince did not want to talk during the half-hour ride. The driver was a very casual fan and did not know that Ricochet and Prince Puma were the same person. Vince blew his mind with that information. The driver also was blown away that Vince was getting in line at 2 pm for an 8 pm show. People were already in line when Vince got there and some of them had set up games to play and were hanging out. Tom left his place between 5-5:30 to get there. Vince had two hot dogs waiting for him there.

Matt drove his family home and then went to the event. He arrived there at 6:45 and the line was already getting into the venue. The hosts talk about how the line has been getting in earlier than usual lately. Matt brought iced coffee for the Tom and Vince, but the hour’s old hot dogs for Matt did not really hold up and he had to throw them out. Matt got patted down and his cigarette lighter was confiscated and he was told he could get it at the break. The show opened with Leo Rush vs. Fenix. The hosts said it was fantastic but had some dangerous moves. Leo Rush hit his head and seemed groggy.

Matt bought a Keith Lee shirt for $25. Tom feels that $25 is too much for a shirt. Matt is not sold on War Machine, who took on The Young Bucks. Tom liked their straight edge tattoos and how they looked like barbarians. He felt they need better facepaint because it looked bad. The hosts talked about how it was the comedy match of the night. Tom wanted to see Zack Sabre Jr. get beat up because of the type of heel he is. Tom compared him to a 1980’s high school movie villain. The Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Dick Togo match was Matt’s favorite of the show. The hosts talk about how good the Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb match was. Kyle O’Reilly fell into Tom’s chair because Tom did not fold up his chair and get out of the way. His chair was covered with sweat after that.  

Adam Cole vs. Matt Riddle was said to be awesome but the MMA people, including Josh Barnett, in the front row were no-selling Riddle. The hosts talk about the main event of Chuck Taylor vs. Marty Scurll. Tom thinks Scurll is really good because he got the room into hating him. The hosts say that the match was brutal and that unfortunately, it included shots to the head. The wrestlers used chairs, a ladders, umbrellas, and thumbtacks. The thumbtacks were a gift to Taylor from Trent (his partner in the Best Friends)? Scurll broke both of the referee’s hands and he could not count to three. Taylor got Scurll to submit at the end. Matt tells a story about the guy sitting next to him, he wanted Matt to Google him because he claimed to the be the person who invented POV pornography.

Who is your favorite wrestler?

Tom – Zack Sabre Jr.

Vince – Chuck Taylor

Matt – Keith Lee

Overall/Score – 8/10 – I loved the PWG rundown. It was from every angle imaginable and it is really a must listen. However, the rest of the show dragged for me.

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