WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: We Watch Wrestling w/ Matt McCarthy #190 – Vince McMahon’s love of big wrestlers, House of Horrors fears, Shibata

We Watch Wrestling

Issue 190


Recap by: Pat Radice


Top News Items:

  • Braun Strowman vs. Big Show from WWE Raw.
  • The hosts discuss Vince’s love for big men and his opinion of smaller wrestlers.
  • The hosts are attending the PWG show on Friday.
  • Vince got a WWE survey on what he would like to see in a House of Horrors match.
  • What is a House of Horrors match?

Subjects Covered (Timestamps)

  • 0:00 – Intro – Hey, do you watch wrestling?!
  • 4:04 – Big Show – Braun Strowman and some Raw discussed
  • 10:30 – PWG show lineup plans
  • 12: 09 – Fate of the Furious Talk
  • 13: 48 – Did Jericho cancel his Fozzy tour? Payback talk
  • 16: 35 – Vince got a survey about the House of Horrors match
  • 26: 05 – Tom has a dream about Vince McMahon
  • 28: 26 – The theme of Vince McMahon liking bigger wrestlers
  • 37: 05 – AD
  • 39: 55 – PWG Show Preview
  • 45: 50 – AD
  • 50: 00 – Tom watched The Acolytes vs. Public Enemy from 1999
  • 54: 08 – NJPW Shibata update
  • 55: 45 – Tom watched Jeff Hardy as a jobber under the name Keith Davis
  • 60: 41- AD

Show Highlights:

Big Show/Strowman, Raw Discussion

The hosts, Matt, Vince, and Tom talk about how the Big Show and Braun Strowman angle was confusing. Big Show came out and punched out Curt Hawkins for no reason and left which is a bully move, but when Braun Strowman is pushing people around, including putting Kalisto in the garbage, Big Show does not like it. Vince thought that Show should not have gotten any offense versus Strowman because he isn’t around often and because Strowman is getting such a huge push as an unstoppable giant. The hosts then discuss since Big Show vapes if Braun vapes, Vince does his great Braun impression and says, “I’ll just eat cigarettes!” Matt does a totally different impression of Braun with a high pitch-voice and it’s funny because for some reason it fits perfectly with how he looks! Vince really liked Samoa Joe and Jericho.

PWG Show Line Plans

The hosts get their plans together to be at the PWG show April 21st. Vince is waiting in line hours before the show starts so they get good seats at the event. Matt and Tom will meet him later in the line.

Fate of the Furious Talk

Michael Elgin said it was the greatest movie ever. Tom said that the rumor is that the Rock’s goatee is CGI at the beginning of the movie until it grew in. Vince heard that the Rock and Vin Diesel do not like each other.

Did Jericho cancel his Fozzy tour? And Payback talk

Tom wants to know if Jericho is still going to tour with Fozzy and Matt tells him never listen to rumors because no one is probably sure. Vince said you can still buy tickets to Fozzy shows because he looked up the show in Flint, Michigan. Tom thinks Jericho should stay and ditch Fozzy. Matt brings up the Hardys and Tom is wondering if Matt Hardy will be Broken again. Tom listened to Jeff Hardy on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast and loved Jeff talking about how much Broken Matt Hardy cracked him up.

Vince’s House of Horrors Survey

Vince got an email survey about what he wanted in a House of Horrors match and what he thought of when he heard the name House of Horrors. It was multiple choice and asked for specific ideas of what should be in the match. It even asks if it should be live or pre-recorded. Matt brings up even Randy Orton not knowing what it was when he accepted the match. This leads to a discussion of Haunted House rides the hosts have been too (I loved Tom’s since we are from the same area and he talked about Reaper’s Revenge near Scranton, Pa.). Some of the options WWE put on the survey were, “should there be smoke and mirrors?” and “should there be a trap door?” Matt said it sounds like WWE has no clue what to do. Vince wrote in it that The Boogeyman should be in a room of the house. Matt tells a story of when he worked for WWE that Boogeyman used to leave messages for Ed Koskie while in character. Tom then brings up that a friend of his worked on the road as an acting teacher for the WWE. He said everyone but a person he would not name was very cool to him. Tom asked about Dean Ambrose and the guy said he was very cool.

Tom’s Dream About Vince McMahon

Tom dreamt that he had an idea that Vince McMahon liked and earned his respect. This is why this podcast is fantastic. It is not only about wrestling but the comedy aspect is hilarious.

Vince McMahon Liking Big Wrestlers

Matt does not like that Kalisto was thrown into the trash. Tom thinks this should mean he likes Big Show trying to get revenge for him. Then Matt brings up the theme of the show, which was WWE hitting the viewer over the head with the idea of bigger wrestlers are better. Matt uses the examples of Strowman throwing smaller wrestlers into the garbage, Nia Jax going through all the other female wrestlers although Alexia Bliss won, the Enzo match and Booker T talking about the strategy of getting the smaller wrestler in the ring and beating him up. Matt questions how WWE will get Finn Balor over since he is a smaller wrestler. Vince talks says wrestling promoting should be that even though the wrestler is smaller than the other, they still kick ass. Matt brings up the Royal Rumble Chris Benoit won. He eliminated Big Show by out-wrestling him. Matt talks about how UFC has destroyed the idea of bigger fighters always beating smaller fighters. Vince talks about his Uber driver talking wrestling with him and not believing smaller wrestlers beating bigger wrestlers. He believes it is because of Vince McMahon always promoting bigger wrestlers to destroy smaller wrestlers. Matt quotes Jim Cornette in Beyond the Mat saying, “You’re telling them the story, they are not telling you the story” in regards to telling the audience how to think. The hosts talk about Wrestlemania 31, and how the crowd wanted Damien Mizdow to win but Big Show won because Vince McMahon only sees size.

PWG Show Preview

Vince is on Togo watch.

Dick Togo vs. Zach Sabre Jr. in a non-title match.

Fenix vs. Leo Rush.

Jeff Cobb vs. Keith Lee.

Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole. The hosts wonder since it’s one day after 4/20 if Riddle will know where he is.

Michael Elgin vs. Kyle O’Reilly.

Young Bucks vs /War Machine. Vince and Matt are not sold on War Machine.

Main Event: “The Villian” Marty Scrull vs. Chuck Taylor.

The hosts talk about how hot it will be and if Tom will make it through the whole show.

Tom Watches The Acolytes Vs. Public Enemy From 1999.

Tom watched the match between APA and Public Enemy from Sunday Night Heat (March 7, 1999) and thought his internet glitched out but the WWE edited out JBL hitting Rocco Rock with a chair full strength in the head. Matt and Vince explain to Tom the backstory of the match. Public Enemy had heat in the locker room because they might not have wanted to do the finish as was presented to them. So the APA beat them up with chairs, tables and the ringside steps.

NJPW Shibata Update

Shibata from New Japan Pro Wrestling could be done for his career after the headbutt he took at NJPW Genesis. The hosts talk about how unfortunate it is and how other wrestlers perform and take headbutts and this does not happen.

Tom watched Jeff Hardy as a jobber under the name Keith Davis

Jeff Hardy, as Keith Davis, faced Razor Ramon, The 1-2-3 Kid, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Tom noted how he did not any offense against Razor, a little against Kid and a surprising amount against Hunter.

Who is your favorite wrestler?

Tom – Jeff Hardy. He listened to podcasts with him and his jobber matches.

Vince – Jeff Hardy. Vince liked his backstage interview and match with Cesaro on Raw and that he is back in the WWE.

Matt – Kenny Omega. Matt saw his match in Ireland for the OTT promotion and he thinks he is great on the microphone commentating on his matches while in the ring.

Score and review – 10/10

A great episode. They touched on so many different promotions and the news of the week in really funny ways and made fantastic points on Vince McMahon’s thinking on wrestling. It’s always great to hear them talk about PWG. It is a promotion with a lot of hype and they go to every show, so they are very informed on it and fair in their assessments of the matches in the past.

About Pat

Pat is a full-time nontraditional college student and a part-time guy who gives out samples at supermarkets. He is a lifelong wrestling fan and a Pro Wrestling Torch subscriber since 1996. He currently lives in Lake Ariel, PA near Scranton, PA with his wife Deanna and their dog Roxie and cat Snickers.  

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