QUICK QUOTES: Cody Rhodes on if he ever saw JBL bully someone, working with Joey Ryan

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Cody Rhodes was recently a guest on the Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo show to promote an APW show at the Cow Palace in May. They also talked about him working with Joey Ryan and JBL. Here are the highlights they sent along.

On working with Joey Ryan and his place in wrestling:

“I didn’t want to wrestle Joey Ryan…then I did a 180 on the whole thing. When Joey Ryan comes out people have strong reactions to him. They really love him, they really hate him, but that’s a gift, and that’s something you want in pro wrestling…I definitely see him as an asset to the industry. I think there is going to be a lot of copy cats.” 

On the Indy wrestling scene, and crediting the Young Bucks for their role in the rise of it:

“They created a world where guys didn’t need WWE, or to be part of WWE…the venues might be smaller, but the crowds are full. The energy is the same level if not higher…the level of talent is at an absolute high. 

On the plans WWE had for him with the brand split:  

“At one point the plan was for me to be Stardust on one brand, and Cody Rhodes on another brand. I thought that was a really great idea. Absolutely wanted to do it! Everybody wanted to do it except for one person who will remain nameless, but that one person has the main vote.”

On if he ever saw JBL do any bullying: 

“I’ve known JBL since I first got there ya know in 2007…I never encountered that with John at all. Wrestling isn’t for everybody though. It’s not bullying sometimes when it’s just playful ribbing… I never personally saw any bullying the entire time, and I was there for 11 years, and in every locker room.”

Check out the full interview here.

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