The Steve Austin Show – Enzo & Big Cass Interview (Apr. 12, 2016)

The Steve Austin Show
Guests: Enzo Amore & Big Cass
Release Date: April 12, 2016


Recap by Corey Freedman

Top Newsworthy Items

– Enzo was one of the guys in a mask during Triple H’s entrance at WM32.

– Enzo and Cass talk about driving down the road with Kevin Owens, who they describe as the king of social media.

– Austin’s favorite match from WM32 was the Women’s Championship triple threat.

– Enzo and Cass describe how emotional it was to watch Jason Jordan & Chad Gable win the NXT Tag Titles because Jordan had been there almost as long as Cass.

– Enzo tells some stories from his time in a wheelchair.

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor Ads
2:20 – Introduction
7:20 – Sponsor Ad
9:15 – Interview with Enzo and Cass
24:10 – Sponsor Ad
25:20 – Interview resumes
28:40 – Clothes
31:20 – Tag Team wrestling
36:30 – Airports/Arenas
42:00 – Sponsor Ad
44:25 – Interview resumes
57:30 – Cass sings part of “My girl.”
58:30 – Wrestlemania weekend
1:09:50 – Cass sings “Sherry baby”
1:12:08 – Interview ends/Sponsor ads
1:13:20 – Conclusion
1:17:12 – Show ends

Show Highlights

Introduction: Austin was going to review WM32, but decided to interview Enzo and Cass because they were in town for Monday Night Raw. Austin jokes about hitting Rusev hard on his first punch during their segment at WM32. Austin talks about the Broken Skull Challenge that airs on CMT.

Enzo and Cass: Austin is interviewing the duo from the Staples Center before Monday Night Raw. Enzo talks about enjoying the L.A. life while he has been out here. Cass says that he likes to relax the day before live TV, unlike Enzo who likes to go out and enjoy the different cities they are in. Enzo talks about recently starting to drink Merlot. He talks about not restricting himself because of his diet or routine. He jokes that if he sees a good pizza, he’s going to eat the pizza. Cass says he enjoys whiskey and a Bud Light when he goes out.

Austin asks about traveling with Kevin Owens. Cass says Owens is “the man.” He says they all like to talk wrestling on the road. Enzo jokes that Cass is the best booker in the business. Enzo says the Owens usually drives and he is always in the back. Austin jokes that Mick Foley and DDP were some of the worst drivers when they used to travel together. He jokes that DDP would get them lost if he tried to give directions. Enzo talks about his work as a DJ. He talks about his entire family being DJs. He says his Dad still DJs weddings even in his 50s. Enzo says that DJ’ing was harder than being a wrestler because he wasn’t able to be himself (he had to put on an act to please the customers).

Interview resumes: Cass says he prefers to listen to Classic Rock, while Enzo prefers Hip Hop. Austin asks what Kevin Owens likes to listen to, and the two respond that he doesn’t like music. They say he loves to chat about wrestling. Cass says that “nothing gets past” Owens on Twitter or Instagram. Enzo calls it “unbelievable” how on top of social media Kevin Owens is.

Clothes: Austin jokes about wearing the same clothes in the airport as he wore in the ring, except for the Austin t-shirt. Cass talks about liking suits because he feels he looks pretty good. He says he especially dresses up for live events and TV tapings. Enzo talks about preferring to wear Tapout clothes as opposed to suits. He says they wore suits for years at NXT so he has been waiting for the day he was allowed to wear something like Tapout clothes.

Tag Team wrestling: Austin praises Enzo and Cass as a team, as well as Dash and Dawson. Austin asks who their favorite teams were. Cass brings up the New Age Outlaws, and says that they get compared to them fairly often. Enzo says he loved the Road Dogg growing up, so it’s awesome that they get to work with him in the WWE now. Enzo describes them as “character heels.” Enzo says he describes himself that way because he approaches the world as “always trying to get away with as much as possible.” Cass enjoys the dynamic they have where Cass comes to Enzo’s aide if anyone tries to mess with him.

Airports/Arenas: Cass says he hasn’t yet formed an opinion of L.A. at a city, but he hates LAX. This leads to a discussion of various airports/travel. Austin and Enzo joke about drinking at airport bars at all hours of the day. Austin asks about their favorite buildings to work in. Enzo and Cass haven’t worked the Allstate Arena. Enzo talks about wanting to work Madison Square Garden, and how they watched Sami Zayn and Neville there. Enzo says that NXT was producing some incredible wrestling, for small crowds, when Zayn and Neville were on top of the card.

Interview resumes: Enzo tells a story of breaking his leg. This also leads to the reveal that Braun Strowman’s nickname is “Big Country.” Strowman had to carry Enzo to a car to get Enzo to the clinic because Enzo refused to get on the stretcher and into the ambulance. The clinic wouldn’t perform surgery or give Enzo a cast and wanted him to drive three more miles to the hospital. He told them to pop it back in place there because he wasn’t going to a hospital. Cass had to carry Enzo up to their apartment afterward. Cass had to negotiate a deal for a wheelchair for Cass. Enzo talks about putting leopard print all over the wheelchair. When Enzo was hurt, he says he watched film all day every day. Enzo has a book that he wrote, over 1,000 pages long, of promo material that he put together while he was hurt. He praises Cass’s work while he was hurt because that kept the team’s steam going. Cass looked at Enzo being hurt as an opportunity to prove that he could succeed without Enzo. Cass talks about singing in the NXT promo class during his feud with Aiden English. Enzo sings a bit of “My girl.”

WrestleMania Weekend: Austin says Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura “put on a clinic” at NXT: Takeover. He also praises the Bayley-Asuka match. Enzo mentions The Revival-American Alpha match as something people should direct their attention to. They talk about Jordan having been in NXT as long as Cass, so it was emotional to see them win the titles for the first time. Enzo talks about how unique Jordan/Gable are because of their wrestling backgrounds.

Austin says the Women’s Championship match at WM32 was his favorite moment of the weekend. Enzo was one of the guys in the mask during Hunter’s entrance, so his highlight was walking down the ramp behind Hunter and Stephanie. Cass says his favorite moment was the segment with Austin/Michaels/Foley. Cass says Rusev was asked how he knew to take the Stunner so well and he responded that he had been practicing that his whole life. Austin talks about hitting Rusev in the mouth with his first punch. Austin says he tore something in his shoulder during those punches, but he had to finish the segment. Austin jokes about JBL referring to the beer as “Steveweiser” instead of Broken Skull IPAs. They even had the WM32 logo on them.

Conclusion: Austin thanks Enzo and Cass and talks about Cass’s singing voice. He mentions Broken Skull IPA, Broken Skull Challenge, and some of his other ventures. He also thanks his sponsors.

Score and Review

Score (10): This was a phenomenal episode of the SAS. Enzo and Cass have some entertaining, insightful, and hilarious stories to tell. We also get to hear Cass’s singing voice, which all wrestling fans should hear. This show touched on a truly wide range of topics, and the whole interview was a great listen. If you have the time, I would recommend listening to this entire episode.

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