RECAP AND REVIEW: Notsam Wrestling Podcast (Ep. 223) Corey Graves on the wrestler who is annoyed by his prayer hands, Renee Young on watching Dean Ambrose win the World Heavyweight Title, Sam discusses the Bianca Belair situation and if he’ll apologize to her

Notsam Podcast Episode 223: Corey Graves, Renee Young, Bianca Belair Controversy, State of Wrestling Release Date: January 31st, 2019 Recap By: James Hayes DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD From New York, Sam welcome you to the show! Sam gets into The Royal Rumble, Dean Ambrose’s exit, and his controversial comments regarding Bianca Belair. Let’s go!!! Sam is excited that Halftime Heat […]


36 Things We Learned about Simon Gotch on Why It Ended – How he stood out at his WWE tryout, Aiden English, Enzo Amore, Sin Cara, who told him he should quit

Simon Gotch was the guest on this week’s episode of Why It Ended with Robbie E. The following items were revealed over the course of the conversation and appear in chronological order: 1. Simon began watching wrestling around the age of 3. This was in 1985-86. His favorites growing up were the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation. 2. It […]


PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast with David Bixenspan on if wrestling journalism exists, the difficulty of getting interviews with WWE talent, State of Wrestling on what’s going on with Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey’s first appearances (Ep. 175)

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast Release Date: March 1, 2018 Guest: David Bixenspan Recap By: Matthew Wilkinson Newsworthy Items Sam still doesn’t believe wrestling journalism is a thing. David thinks WWE needs to provide better access. Sam doesn’t think there are enough real stories to cover.   Sam does not think now is the time to take Johnny Gargano out of […]


PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast with Booker T on the Corey Graves situation, why the NWO almost ruined the business, his infamous match with Buff Bagwell, Sam on the potential of Ronda Rousey in WWE and co-branded pay-per-views (Ep. 173)

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast Release Date: February 15, 2018 Guest: Booker T Recap By: Matthew Wilkinson DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Newsworthy Items Booker T calls out the dirt sheets who ran the Graves story with no proof. Booker claims Kevin Nash invited him to be in the nWo. Booker thinks there is real talent in WWE today.   Sam believes […]

Daniel Bryan interview

PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: E&C Pod of Awesomeness with Corey Graves on who suggested he try commentary, the show he prefers to announce for, Vince McMahon talking into his headset, how do announcers not use the bathroom during a show?

Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap with Guest, Corey Graves Release Date: January 26, 2018 Recap By: Jeff Indelicato DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD “For The Benefit of Those with No Time” (Top Stories) Christian had a good time at Raw 25, and played a little game with Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage. Michael Cole was originally responsible for suggesting […]

Bischoff on Wrestling

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Bischoff on Wrestling – the return of Taboo Tuesday, if Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar is a good idea, why Eric hates the Brand Split! (Ep. 54)

Bischoff on Wrestling with Co-Host Nick Hausman Episode 54: Bischoff on Brock Lesnar/Jon Jones, C.M. Punk, WWE Financials, etc. Release Date: August 4, 2017 Recap by: Ryan Thompson DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top Newsworthy Items: – Eric doesn’t think the McMahons would ever sell WWE – Eric hates the brand split – Eric loves the idea of the reigning Universal […]