QUICK QUOTES: Jesse Neal talks being trained by the Dudleys, the wrestler who caused him to not feel half his face for four days

Jesse Neal was interviewed on the Jordan Garber NOW podcast and looked back at his time in TNA. Here are the highlights they sent along: On training with the Dudleys: “I was very lucky to choose that school and get that kind of training. Obviously, that’s why I got signed so fast too. There spots and training and stuff like […]

Cheap Heat - Grantland Sports

Cheap Heat from Grantland Sports (Sept. 22, 2015)

CHEAP HEAT FROM GRANTLAND SPORTS HOSTS: DAVID SHOEMAKER & PETER ROSENBERG RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 LINK TO STREAM OR DOWNLOAD SHOW By Corey Freedman, PWPodcasts.com reporter TOP NOTEWORTHY ITEMS – The hosts felt that WWE could have spent more time promoting the Undertaker vs. Lesnar match at HIAC. Given that the match is the last in the feud between […]