RECAP AND REVIEW: Prime Time with Sean Mooney with JBL on the contributing factors to the WWF’s turnaround during the Monday Night Wars, how the APA was created, Eddie Guerrero’s in-ring psychology, how much longer he wishes he could have wrestled

January 19, 2019

Prime Time With Sean Mooney – John “Bradshaw” Layfield Release Date: 01/09/18 Running time: 1:29 Recap by: Joe Aguinaldo DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Sean welcomes JBL to the podcast. Sean and JBL first met at Wrestlemania 30 weekend at a Something to Wrestle live show. Lately JBL has been a financial contributor and host on Fox. When JBL tried out […]

Bruce Prichard Something to Wrestle With

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard: The Rock 97/98 – Polynesian attire and bad haircuts, Die Rocky Die, from People’s Champ to Corporate Champ (Ep. 71)

November 4, 2017

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard-Episode 71 Recap by: Denny Walker Crum Air Date: 10/27/17 DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Newsworthy Items: -Rock and Mark Henry were trained at the same time, Vince thought Henry was going to be the bigger star -Rock’s daughter has expressed interest in wrestling -Rock didn’t initially want to turn heel and join the Nation -Jim […]


WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: X-Pac 1, 2, 360 w/ Steve Austin on his supermarket brawl with Booker T, why he didn’t think a feud with Dr. Death would have been good, his phone call with the Ultimate Warrior (Ep. 52)

August 31, 2017

X-Pac, 1,2,360 – Episode 51 Release Date: August 31, 2017 Recap By: Chris Gaspare DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top Newsworthy Items – X-Pac celebrates the one year anniversary of X-Pac 1-2-360 – Austin hopes Reigns uses this past week’s promo as a learning experience – Austin said he talked to Ric Flair on the phone and he’s in good spirits […]

Bruce Prichard Something to Wrestle With

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Something to Wrestle With on SummerSlam 1996: Inside scoop on the IC title tourney in Rio de Janeiro, HBK-Vader, Vince hates Westminster, Farooq gets a day job, Brock mistakes Bruce for who? (Ep. 59)

August 15, 2017

Something to Wrestle With – Episode 58 Release Date: August 4, 2017 Recap By: Jeff Rush, Specialist Release Date: 08/11/17 DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top 10 impressions 10. Cornette goes off on Shawn Michaels 9. Vince introduces Shawn Michaels 8. Vince is excited about the idea of Marlena and Sable hooking up 7. Johnny Ace reacts to finding Herb […]