36 Things We Learned about Simon Gotch on Why It Ended – How he stood out at his WWE tryout, Aiden English, Enzo Amore, Sin Cara, who told him he should quit

May 24, 2018

Simon Gotch was the guest on this week’s episode of Why It Ended with Robbie E. The following items were revealed over the course of the conversation and appear in chronological order: 1. Simon began watching wrestling around the age of 3. This was in 1985-86. His favorites growing up were the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation. 2. It […]


QUICK QUOTES: Simon Gotch on leaving WWE, if he’d ever consider going back

July 15, 2017

Former WWE wrestler Simon Gotch was recently interviewed by Wrestle: List and talked about his departure from the company and if he’ll ever return. Here are the highlights: His thoughts on leaving WWE: “I was really unhappy. I’d actually been pretty unhappy there for a while. It’s kind of an odd little side story – the previous year, right after […]