PWTorch Livecast Friday with Bruce Mitchell & Travis Bryant (Sept. 18, 2015)

AIRED LIVE: SEPT. 18, 2015


Report by Mark Golden, Podcast reviewer

SUMMARY (w/Time Stamps)

0:00 – 6:00:  Bruce talked about being Jim Ross’ guest on The Ross Report this week. Bruce introduced Travis, and almost immediately asked him his thoughts on The Authority dancing with the New Day, and whether or not HHH was uncomfortable in that segment. Travis said HHH just probably wanted his “Stand Back” moment. He said no one in the ring for that segment can dance and they all look goofy anyway, as New Day’s whole thing is being “silly dorks” and said maybe Kofi could dance if he really tried. Travis is here to say the segment was “Black Approved”

6:01:  Bruce talked about Nikki’s charity work vs her heel work, as well as how they handled the Charlotte match and Diva’s title situation on Raw. The hosts said that because of Nikki becoming the longest reigning Diva’s champion, the NXT women failed in their efforts of a “revolution” Travis pointed out that the record for the “butterfly belt” is so petty, as it’s a direct shot at AJ Lee, more than anything else, and because of Nikki’s relationship with John Cena, as well. Bruce added that they’ve already blown the “diva’s revolution” deal. 

10:50:  Bruce asked if there’s more or less of a snowball’s chance in hell of Sting winning the World title over Seth at NOC. They both agreed that it won’t and furthermore shouldn’t. However, because of poll results, which where that no one believes he will, WWE might just have Sting go over after all. They speculated whose match would close NOC, and the potential results of both. 

21:15:  First caller asked about TNA, and Mike Johnson of PW Insider, said a well known former employee of TNA will be back. He asked who they thought it was, and why. Travis said maybe Russo, while Bruce said they’ll probably go with someone else, although neither know for sure. Johnny Fairplay texted Bruce saying it will be he, Johnny Fairplay himself.

26:10:  Next caller asked if Owens wins the IC title, could it be beneficial. Bruce said a lot of it depends on the outcome of the match itself, which will determine the subsequent direction of things. Travis said the match will likely be decent, thanks primarily to Owens. The caller asked if Cena will get the World title again. The hosts say it will happen again, but not in the coming months. Perhaps WM or shortly thereafter. The callers second question involved the Freebirds, and whether they were the influence on the Rock n Wrestling Connection. Bruce said that Cyndi Lauper’s boyfriend was a huge fan of the Freebirds. The Birds had a meeting with McMahon, shortly after they got to WWF, in which at least one of them were passing out during it. This led to them leaving almost as soon as they got there.

38:39:  Next caller talked about the World title match, and what they think will happen on Sunday. The hosts said the only good outcome will be a clean sweep by Seth. 

40:35:  E-mail question wondering if Daniel Bryan will be the mystery partner of Dean and Roman. Travis said he thinks it might be The Rock, as it would make sense in the long run, and it would be interesting if The Rock costs them the match inadvertently, leading to a Rock vs Roman match at WM. 

46:44:  Next caller asked if WWE would ever do a brand split and draft again. Travis said they might, once Smackdown is on USA Network. Bruce followed up by saying WWE doesn’t have the roster depth to accommodate something like that today. Travis segued into the fact that he doesn’t see another wrestling boom. He talked about John Cena and how he was never supposed to be a big star. It just happened because he caught on. 

54:34:  Next caller defended Sting being Mr. Starrcade, based on his number of matches/main events. Bruce said that title goes to Ric Flair, hands down. 

57:00:  Next caller talked about Col. DeBeers and Jimmy Snuka, and made a reference to the PWPodcasts “rating system” The hosts joked about last week’s show being described as “passable” with a 3 out of 5 stars, right here on They never addressed the original comment/question about Snuka and DeBeers being one of wrestling’s last “blood feuds” 

1:00:38:  Next caller talked about wanting to see Samoa Joe as Dean and Roman’s partner at NOC. The caller said that with all the talk of Roman turning heel, he speculated on the idea of Dean being the one to turn heel. Travis talked about heel tactics, and those things should be and are used to differentiate heels from faces.


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