Heated Conversations with Booker T (Sept. 26, 2015)



Review by Kevin Holloran, PWPodcasts.com reporter

TOPICS COVERED (w/Time Stamps)

Show Intro – 1:45

Night of Champions recap/Sting Injury – 6:50

His In-Ring Retirement – 15:00

Deontay Wilder/boxing talk – 21:10

UFC fight night 75 – 23:00

Bobby V interview – 28:15

Closing segment – 49:20


The show opens with some fun back and forth about Batman, from the ’60s and ’70s with Adam West before a quick transition to the debut of Reality of Wrestling on Houston TV.

Brad showed Booker a picture of Finn Balor going into the ceiling at a recent NXT event to which he proclaimed “Oh my god!”

Booker started of talking about the Sting injury at Night of Champions. He told a story of how something similar happened to himself in TNA where he got hit in the back and got a tingling feeling, coincidentally from Sting. They talked about some of the bigger spots from the match between Seth Rollins and Sting.

He goes on to say he is officially retired, until a big WrestleMania match were to happen, i.e. Harlem Heat vs. The Dudleys.

Booker said he first thought of retirement at 30. Now at 50 he’s happy where he is at and his involvement in the business to this day, be it with WWE or Reality of Wrestling.

A neck injury is what caused his actual retirement prompting surgery if he chose to continue. Booker chose to just retire and not have the need for a surgery. He gave the WWE props for allowing him to stay with the company even after his in-ring days were done.

10 they quickly spoke about boxing and how Booker wants to see Deontay Wilder vs. Vladimir Klitschko to unify the Heavyweight titles.

Breakdown of the UFC fight night card from Japan. Booker said he would put his money on Roy Nelson. He says Mousassi he thought would be a champ by now and he doesn’t know if Urijah Hall will ever make it. Went on to say “the rest of of the guys, I don’t know em” and that finished that topic.

Booker asked how it was to be on season 1 of American Idol and to not make it on the show and Bobby gave the credit to him making it to God. Bobby said his success can also be attributed to his upbringing and his role models growing up. 

When asked about his feelings on music today and the use of the “N” word Bobby said as an urban artist you have to do a certain type of music. He blames that on radio, not the artists themselves. He says they need to hold themselves accountable and not just chase a check. Booker agreed with his stance on that issue.

Bobby said working with Ludacris was a blessing that set him up to have the life he always wanted. And he’s still got the drive to maintain that lifestyle.

Bobby was asked about reality TV, like Love & Hip-Hop, and said that’s not for him. Booker said he was offered wife swap but turned it down, saying “I think Ric Flair did it.”

Bobby then said how he is working on one reality show, surrounding his family. The show will be called Farm Life.

Bobby wanted to also clarify that Poon Daddy, not Puff Daddy, introduced him to Ludacris. He reiterated how thankful he was and how he will always be in debt to Ludacris for helping hum get a break. Bobby also spoke about his relationship with Lil Wayne briefly before plugging his social media to close out the interview.

Coming out of the Bobby V interview Booker announced Chris Jericho for next week’s show. And they spoke some on local music in Houston and plugged some of their friends and favorites. One final plug for Reality of Wrestling and his podcast to close the show.


7 out of 10: Didn’t know much about Bobby V going in and now I know a little more. Booker shared a few stories I had never heard before such as his injury in TNA and the reason he retired. Well worth the 52 minute listen for this show. Also, I’m looking forward to Booker and Jericho on next week’s show. On a personal note, he didn’t say any names, but at about the 7 minute mark he said “a critic said we don’t talk enough wrestling, so let’s talk wrestling.” I couldn’t help but wonder, am I that critic?

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