We Watch Wrestling – Ep. 110 (Oct. 7, 2015)



Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


– Matt: “Right, porno mags usually have in-depth interviews with Dominic DeNucci and The Hardy Boys.”

– Vince: “Well not it, ’cause I bought the Michael Hayes record so somebody else is gonna hafta buy this one.”

– Tom: “Imagine writing child support payments on a fuckin’ Chyna check.”



*John Cena’s Time Off* – 06:05-10:30

*Wrestlers Drinking & Driving* – 10:30-15:50

*Ryback: Mr. Sensitive/Table For 3* – 15:50-20:20

*What’s On Randy Orton’s iPod?* – 20:20-24:55

*Rapid Fire Topics* – 24:55-31:30

*Some WWE/MSG History* – 31:30-36:45

*Rapid Fire Topics II* – 36:45-48:20

*Flipping Through Some Old Raw Magazines* – 48:20-53:30

*Filth & Smut* – 53:30-1:03:15

*Response to Vince’s Poll* – 1:03:15-1:08:30

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:08:30-1:23:05

*Wrap Up* – 1:23:05-1:28:20


After the usual intro fare, this week’s show started with a brief look back at Brock Lesnar’s current WWE run followed quickly by the news of John Cena’s upcoming time off. Why is he leaving, how long will he be gone and who should fill his spot until his return?

An anecdote about Hulk Hogan taking time off in the old days led to a discussion about how many guys used to drink and drive while going from town to town. Included is a story about Steve Austin drinking a beer while driving on-camera in an old Stone Cold home video release.

Tom then made the segue to the latest Table For 3 episode on WWE Network in which we discover that Ryback drives to shows alone because he can’t handle the ribs that are an ever-present aspect of the road. More “Table For 3” talk, including the Roddy Piper “Dairy Queen” story.

Next, Vince went to the email where a listener wondered if Randy Orton has anything other than his own theme song on his iPod. A quick Orton/C.M. Punk story was told before Matt disclosed what music Vince McMahon listens to. The music-heavy segment closed with the guys speculating about how Vince, Stephanie, and Hunter would behave at an AC/DC concert.

The show continued with the guys hitting briefly on multiple topics including videos of wrestlers breathing, Tom’s mom, Georgette Krieger, and Lesnar-Big Show from the Network MSG special.

Following that, WWE’s Madison Square Garden history was discussed. Memorable shows and moments were highlighted, as well as WWE’s sometimes contentious relationship with the world’s most famous arena.

Back to rapid-fire topics. Vince has been watching Japanese wrestling and Matt is still obsessed with PWG’s Super Dragon. Meanwhile, Tom would still rather watch women fight and the boys peruse old wrestling photos online.

Matt breaks out some old WWE Raw magazines sent in by a listener. Tom ogles some Attitude Era Divas while Matt glosses over a terrible “What to say if your friends make fun of wrestling” article.

The show then turns into We Watch Wrestling: After Dark as the boys delve into the post-Attitude Era “Hot Lesbian Action” phenomenon. Tom talks “non-nude” pornstars from the ’90s and Matt recalls getting duped by an edited porno tape he once purchased. Also, the infamous Katie Vick storyline rears its ugly head.

Last week, Vince polled the listeners (no, Tom, not like that) to find out what exactly people are watching on the WWE Network. The listeners responded and the most popular answers were discussed. The boys then talked about the methods in which content is added to the network and whether those methods are helpful for the viewer.

It’s time, once again, for “Who’s your favorite wrestler.” Tom goes with Shawn Michaels because he had a vision while meditating. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. This prompts Matt to rewind and review the rise and fall and rise of The Heartbreak Kid in the WWE.

Vince’s favorite wrestler is Brian Pillman, who died 18 years ago this week. Matt explains to Tom that Pillman was the innovator behind the worked shoot promo long before C.M. Punk, and Vince relays a great story about how Pillman worked his way out of his WCW contract to go to the WWF.

Matt’s favorite wrestler is Steve Austin because he’s been watching the post-neck-injury angle on Raw from 1998, and he recaps the storyline in detail.

To wrap the show, Vince reminds the boys that Jeff Hardy has a new album out and Matt revisits a network post-PPV press conference from 2014 that saw the seeds of Big E.’s current personality being planted.


9/10: The truth is, if this show was just McCarthy’s Vince McMahon impression for an hour-and-a-half, I’d pretty much pencil in a 7 out of 10 every week. At least. A couple extra points this week because I’m not a Ryback guy and, selfishly, I enjoyed hearing him portrayed as kind of a dink. I’d also never heard that great Pillman story and I’m definitely going to go back to check that out. Fun, informative show.

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