PWTorch Livecast Friday – Bruce Mitchell & Travis Bryant (Oct. 9, 2015)

PWTorch Livecast Friday
Hosts: Bruce Mitchell and Travis Bryant
Airdate: Friday, October 9, 2015


Podcast Reviewer: Mark Golden (@RealMarkGolden)


0:00 – 20:52: NXT Takeover Respect, The Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament, Edge on The Flash, Bob Backlund’s new book.

20:52: James Storm in NXT.

25:58: More love for The Dusty Classic. NXT vs Raw.

38:21: Cena vs Taker at WM, Titan Sinking/Titan Shattered, other names speculated for NXT in the future.

48:45: Undertaker’s increased schedule, The Rock returning to WWE next month?

56:12: Asuka’s debut

1:01:40: NXT’s “end game”


0:00 – 20:52: Bruce opens by talking about the week that was in pro wrestling, with a TNA PPV, another boring Raw, and an historic NXT: Takeover. Bruce introduced Travis, and asked him about Edge being The Flash. Travis said Edge did all right, even though he wasn’t given much to work with. Bruce asked Travis at what point Undertaker turned heel. (Battleground.) Bruce questioned Brock’s heelish actions on Raw. Travis didn’t see it that way, and said it’s Taker who is the heel in this program with Brock.

Bruce asked if Travis thinks NXT is under-rated. Travis said it’s rated right where it should be: everyone thinks it’s awesome, because it is. Travis put over the Dusty Classic Tag Team tournament as the best thing in American pro wrestling today. Bruce agreed that the entire thing was well done, and it was handled with professionalism and class, up to and including the trophy ceremony. It was nice that Cody and Dustin Rhodes were as themselves, out of character, further illustrating how serious they took this entire concept, and the RESPECT everyone has for Dusty. Bruce put over Asuks’s debut, and how he feels she will be a star at NXT very soon. He went on to plug Bob Backlund’s new book, and highly suggests it. He plugged the menu of all the great audio for VIP members.

20:53: The first caller commented on James Storm debuting for NXT at their tapings this past week. He also talked about how NXT is the only hour of WWE television that he enjoys and looks forward to. Bruce said it’s been reported that Storm hasn’t signed with WWE yet, and has been offered a substantial deal by TNA. Travis said he’ll be just like Joe and Rhyno at NXT, another great name beefing up their roster.

25:58: The next caller congratulated Bruce on 25 years with the Torch. Bruce mentioned that he started with the Torch at the same time that Chris Jericho debuted in pro wrestling. The caller asked if The Dusty Classic was an homage to the Crockett Cup. Bruce said it was more of an homage to what NXT’s roster meant to Dusty, and what he meant to them. Travis said he thought the Dusty Classic was going to be awful, but he really enjoyed it. They all continued to put over the quality of the tournament, soup to nuts. The caller asked if this will be an annual event, and if tag team wrestling is part of Triple H’s vision. Bruce thinks NXT will do the Dusty Classic again. He said it felt like everyone really wanted to win this tournament. The desire to win, and wins and losses having significance is something that’s lost on Raw.

Travis mentioned how on the WWE 24: NXT Brooklyn documentary, Vince was visible in the back following Finn Balor’s successful Ladder Match title defense, smiling and clapping, obviously loving everything that was going on, so apparently McMahon is around at least for these NXT Takeover Specials. So, strangely enough, why is the atmosphere, intensity, and action not the same on Raw? Bruce said there’s a lot of moving parts to this. He said McMahon looks at Raw differently, having to serve many masters, and appeal to a broader audience. Travis brought up some very strong, valid points here.

38:21: The next caller talked about enjoying NXT Takeover: Respect as well as this week’s Ring of Honor. He tried to slip in a spoiler from the NXT tapings, but Travis didn’t want to know about it. The caller segued into saying that John Cena has to be The Undertaker’s opponent at WrestleMania. Travis agreed that’s the only choice, especially this year, and it could do big business. Bruce agreed, but they have different ideas and theories for the outcome. The caller had some book suggestions, both by “James Dixon: Titan Sinking,” and “Titan Shattered.” The asked if Bobby Roode or Austin Aries following Storm to NXT. Bruce said he thought they would, especially since NXT will be touring globally now, but a lot will known in the coming weeks based on what Storm decides to do. Travis said he’s not a fan of Bobby Roode, but he’d love to see Aries in NXT, and he’d really fit in with their product.

48:45: The next caller talked about Undertaker telling close friends that he feels better than he has in years, and why he saw more action this year, than he has in recent years. Bruce said that’s probably the case. The caller said he read that Vince McMahon is in panic mode and might have plans involving The Rock as a game-changer sooner than later. He asked who they felt WWE would put with Rock, if this is happening. Travis guessed Rock vs. Reigns has to happen. Bruce predicted Rock vs. Brock. Travis talked about how much Brock has changed since his first WWE run, and how it will be a much different match than their first/last encounter in 2002. He also said it might not have the appeal in 2015 that it did in 2002.

56:12: The next caller talked about how he was glad they didn’t diminish the value of the Dusty Tournament by having any heel turns (i.e. Samoa Joe will ultimately turn on Finn Balor, but thankfully, it didn’t happen during the Dusty Classic). The caller asked if it was possible that Asuka was encouraged to turn it down a notch so as not to “outdo” Bayley vs. Sasha Banks. The hosts basically said it was what it should have been, for a debut, and as good as it could have been, considering her opponent.

58:25: The next caller mentioned The Dusek Riot Squad, in reference to unique names in the history of wrestling. Bruce agreed that was another good name. The caller asked, if pushed to the limits of desperation and looking to pop a big number, which would happen first: Hulk Hogan’s mea culpa interview segment (e.g. Miz TV) or a Kurt Angle match. Travis said the Hogan deal would happen first. Bruce said Angle’s match at Bound for Glory was a sad and embarrassing mess on many levels. Travis said another good name was Stanislaus Zbyszko, who was a tough shooter/hooker, and is credited with training Johnny Valentine.

1:01:40: The next caller asked what the “end game” is for NXT. Bruce said it’s a really interesting situation, as it started out as a breeding ground for the next crop of main roster talent, but it has taken on a life of its own. He said it’s something that will be studied and talked about for some time. He said Triple H talked about the idea of NXT getting so big, that it would possibly warrant another training ground. Bruce said he went to an indie show recently, and the action was great and the crowd was hot. He talked about if there was another wealthy promoter today, they could really have something with a pro wrestling based promotion that emphasizes physicality that could definitely compete with WWE, as there is a demand for, and an interest in, wrestling shows that aren’t insulting to the fans’s intelligence.


7.0: Lots of good topics and talk as usual. Good discussion of NXT.

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