Talk is Jericho – Shelton Benjamin interview (Oct. 28, 2015)

Talk is Jericho #190
Host: Chris Jericho
Guest: Shelton Benjamin
Release Date: October 28, 2015


Recap by Jordan Howes

Subjects Covered with Time Stamps

00:00 – Advertisement/ show introduction/ Advertisement.

02:58 – Introduces Shelton and they discuss the last time he was at WWE and competing in a dark match.

07:17 – Jericho asks “why did you leave WWE?.”

12:36 – How Shelton spent his time before joining NJPW.

14:21 – Working with Ring of Honour and joining NJPW.

18:46 – Advertisements.

21:58 – They discuss their first matches in NJPW at the Tokyo Dome, how Japanese crowds differ and their G1 tournament.

27:35 – The struggles with adjusting to the Japanese culture.

30:22 – Shelton ‘Invader X’ Benjamin and him being a heel.

35:56 – Advertisements.

40:10 – OVW and the class Shelton was involved with.

46:47 – Working with Kurt Angle and others in WWE.

49:33 – Taboo Tuesday and Shelton being chosen to face Jericho.

59:10 – Shelton vs Shawn Michaels on Raw.

1:03:11 – First money in the bank match.

1:05:04 – The Big Show.

1:08:22 – witnessing Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar getting into a fight.

1:10:23 – working the Indies

1:11:54 – Favourite matches

1:14:33 – Wrap up

1:16:03 – Advertisements


– Shelton disclosed how and why he left the WWE. He disclosed what finally made him realise it was time to move on. He explains how he tried to elevate himself within the promotion and even when he reached great heights, he was quickly knock straight back down.

– Having both spend many years between them wrestling in the land of the Rising sun they discuss some of the difficulties they face in adapting to the culture. From language barriers, being a ‘Gaijin,’ difficulties eating Japanese cuisine and getting around.

– While working in OVW, Shelton was joined by John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy, Orton, and Batista. He recalls what it was like starting in the wrestling world with these future stars and his opinions on them at the time. We find out who was the first to get the call up to the main roster (it probably isn’t who you would think).

– Y2J and Benjamin discuss the match they had at Taboo Tuesday. This pay per view was the first in which the WWE universe helped make decisions on matches, and they Chose Benjamin to face Y2J for the Intercontinental Title. They relive the match and how it felt for Benjamin to win his first WWE title.

– Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin is regarded as one of the best matches from Raw. Benjamin remembers the match in question but prefers the match he had on the previous evening, another battle with Y2J.


(8.5): If you are a wrestling fan, and I am going to guess if you are reading this that you are, this is the podcast for you! Benjamin and Jericho thrash out almost every form of wrestling going: WWE, Japanese, college/amateur, Ring of Honor, OVW, and more. Also, if you enjoyed any WWE wrestler between 2003 and 2010 chances are there is a story in here involving them.

The pair speak highly of some of the encounters they have had against each as well as shared encounters with some of the most popular wrestlers in the business. This episode has everyone you could want from two professional wrestlers chatting about their profession. Whether it’s dissecting matches and spots involved with them, hilarious stories about some of the more colourful characters or nostalgia to a time when WWE was at its peak this has it all.

The only reason this podcast does not receive a 9+ rating from me is Jericho not asking if Shelton ever intends to return to the WWE. Conspiracy theorists may believe this is due to circulating rumours of a possibly return and maybe Jericho knows more about this than he cares to devolve. Read into that what you will. This is definitely one of the best ‘wrestling’ podcasts in Jericho’s back catalogue.

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