We Watch Wrestling #117 w/Matt McCarthy (Nov. 25, 2015 episode)

We Watch Wrestling Episode #117
Host: Matt McCarthy
Co-Hosts: Vince Averill & Tom Sibley
Release Date: November 25, 2015


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


Tom: That’s Ultimate Surrender Style!

Matt: I don’t think they f— ’em with dildos afterwards.

Matt: They’re ALL really good wrestlers! Well, I mean, Titus isn’t…

Matt: They call him ZZ ’cause he puts you to sleep, I’m sure.

Matt: Yeah, WWE is weird! It’s a weird place. Does it always make sense? No! Is it still the biggest game in town? Yes! Am I gonna watch Raw every week? Of course! It’s f—–‘ Monday Night Raw!

Vince: BIG Gable mark, right Tom?

Tom: Which one’s Gable?

Matt: Is he getting you hyped?

Tom: NO! It’s quite the opposite.

You BOTH need to give me a break.

-Vince not loving the NXT fart conversation

She MAYBE stole a phone case…

-Vince on Emma


This week, the boys talk WWE, NXT, PWG, and movies, movies, movies!



*Listener Gifts* – 06:30-12:45

*Raw Talk* – 12:45-16:00

*Men On Film* – 16:00-21:55

*Survivor Series* – 21:55-25:45

*Breaking Ground/ZZ* – 25:45-28:10

*Rapid Fire Topics* – 28:10-36:00

*Solomon Crowe* – 36:00-40:40

*PWG All-Star Weekend* – 40:40-48:10

*WWE Discussion Topics* – 48:10-53:00

*New NWA On The Network* – 53:00-1:00:00

*NXT* – 1:00:00-1:09:55

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:09:55-1:24:32


Kicking off the show this week, Vince has another gift. A listener sent in multiple wrestling DVDs ( including some XPW, FMW, CZW, and ECW) and a drawing from his son of the three hosts as The New Day. They briefly discuss those lesser known organizations and some of the DVD content.

Up next, the boys got down on some Raw talk. Matt starts us off by recalling when JBL actually told the viewing audience to “try this at home” and speculated that McMahon must’ve been freaking out on the headsets. Meanwhile, Tom is a new fan of Sheamus after his promo on Monday while the other two just hope they do something good with this angle. They joked about the “WrestleMania level” confetti from Roman Reigns’s title win at Survivor Series before switching topics.

Vince talks about how much he hates it when wrestlers have to look at the ref to know when to kick out of a pin attempt. Matt recalls that The Rock was especially guilty of this, which leads to a detailed review of the trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s latest film. That segues to the comedy film The Other Guys, in which McCarthy had a cameo.

Back to wrestling, the boys look back at the heavyweight championship final four. They talk how pleasantly surprised they were with Del Rio vs. Reigns before veering off into Heath Slater’s appearance on Raw.

Tom wants to talk about Tough Enough runner-up and Breaking Ground star(?) ZZ. Tom’s not a fan and wonders what he’s doing on the show to begin with. Vince posits that they’re keeping him around “just in case” he can do something after all the TV time and exposure he received from Tough Enough.

Then we get a flurry of briefly discussed topics ranging from speculation on how long Sheamus will be champ to the color consistency of Brett Hart’s spit to Matt’s high school chemistry teacher breaking up fights and teachers being allowed to use physical force back in the day. Also, a fun story involving The Kliq and a brick of hash that’s not at all surprising but still worth hearing. They went on to talk about more non-wrestling related subjects like watching 2001: A Space Odyssey and banging your high school crush on Thanksgiving Eve.

Next, Vince wants to talk about Solomon Crowe asking for and receiving his release from NXT. They wonder if Crowe left the indies for NXT a little too soon and compare his situation to that of Chris Hero and they speculate about Crowe being at the next PWG event in December.

Transition to the ticket buying process for PWG’s All Star Weekend event in December. Vince starts it off looking for ticket help for a friend before Matt takes over with the story of how he managed to successfully secure tickets to both nights while mixing in snippets of Vince’s failure to do so. They review some of the card for the event to close the segment.

Matt proceeds to go on about a minute rant over his exasperation at wrestling fans being surprised that WWE does what WWE does because, well, it’s WWE. The boys then discuss the pros and cons of the JBL Legends Undertaker Roundtable. Matt relates it to the Network’s Stone Cold podcast interviews of McMahon and Triple H devolving into Jericho’s softball interview of Steph.

Speaking of Network programming, Vince says he saw somewhere online that there’s new NWA TV on the network, which leads to talk of NWA’s history and evolution. Tom brings up the Network to see which episodes of NWA World Championship Wrestling are now available. When they find only four random episodes, the boys riff on the networks usability and programming availability.

Back to NXT. Tom’s convinced that Mojo Rawley will go nuts because he’s already crazy and they marvel at the fact that Mojo is making Zack Ryder look like the wise, lovable veteran. Matt loves Nia Jax and compares her to Mountain Fiji from G.L.O.W. before Tom sets the show off on a Performance Center farting discussion. The NXT segment closes with talk of Emma, her gloves, and her alleged penchant for shoplifting.

Who’s your favorite wrestler? This week, Tom likes Alberto Del Rio because…he didn’t pick one ahead of time and he liked the Reigns-Del Rio match. Vince says he actually thought his out and his selection is also Del Rio because he’s happy he’s back and he looks great. Tom and Vince go on to debate whether Del Rio got himself looking great the easy way or the hard way.

They go on to discuss the difference in Zeb Colter’s current incarnation and which movie character closely resembles Jack Swagger. Finally, Matt’s favorite wrestler is Adam Rose because he loves watching Main Event, on which Rose is currently featured. Matt puts Main Event over hard, saying all the guys you want to see have actual matches are having matches on Main Event. He recaps Rose’s latest work including being paired with the now-released Brad Maddox. The boys close the show talking about Drake Younger, a wrestler currently reffing in NXT.


7.5/10: Yeah, I went fraction. So what? Seven seemed too low and eight felt too high. An entertaining listen as always, and I don’t say that lightly. I listen to a lot of podcasts and there have been plenty that have just gotten old after a while. I’m never bored or annoyed with this show, but the amount of non-wrestling wandering (not overpowering but a little more than I’m into) was a detractor. Is that the correct way to use “detractor”? I don’t know. Shut up.

One thing that really stands out in my mind is how Matt’s Adam Rose impression made me want to take my ear buds out, grab the nearest sharp instrument, and use it to slowly penetrate my eardrum. And that’s not a shot at Matt. He’s aping a heel. It’s supposed to be insufferable, and it is. So great job and screw you, I guess?

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