We Watch Wrestling #120 – Live PWG ASWeekend Review! (Dec. 16, 2015)

RELEASE DATE: December 16, 2015


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


“I’m not saying JBL’s a pill head. I’m just assuming…he was a professional wrestler in the ’90s, so Godspeed to him.” – Matt

– “That guy likes French Toast.” – Matt, on Matt Hardy

– “All I could see was Michael Elgin’s thighs.” – Tom, not necessarily complaining

– “Rescue Dogs, Suicidal Teens…Let’s watch some WRESTLING!” –  Matt, trying to stay on topic

“Why did I say that? I mean that really brought nothing to the table.” – Tom getting real with himself

“The whole experience, it’s too f*ckin’ much, man. Just to get into the god damn building.” – Tom, on getting into a PWG show

– “He’s a worker, first and foremost. He never played a game of tennis in his life.” – Matt, on Jim Cornette

“Where’s the Soy Nog, babe?” – Vince, as Randy Orton enjoying his time off


This week, the boys discuss PWG All-Star weekend, dive into PWG All-Star Weekend, and look back fondly on PWG All-Star Weekend!


*Intro* Normally I don’t dig too deep into the intro as it’s usually your typical “rate, review, and subscribe” kind of business, but Tom’s “W” this week elicited a funny and interesting JBL anecdote I’d never heard before. Worth hearing.

*TLC/Raw* – 07:20-12:20

*PWG All Star Weekend* – 12:20-23:45

*WWE House Show This Weekend* – 23:45-26:50

*PWG ASW Night 1* – 26:50-56:20

*PWG ASW Night 2* – 56:20-1:29:15

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:29:15-1:34:36


After an entertaining intro, the boys kick off the meat of the show with WWE chatter. Did they use wooden ladders at TLC? Was Mr. McMahon’s s—— on the Bo vs. Truth match an insult to the wrestlers or good story? Tom thinks that Truth is getting a little doughy around the middle. The segment ends, of course, with talk of Tom’s new dog.

From there we jump right into PWG All-Star Weekend, kicking off with the awkwardness of interacting with wrestlers at the show when they want you to buy their merch. Tom isn’t comfortable with “Big Mike” Elgin and suggests some better gimmick names for him while Matt and Vince suggest that Tom shouldn’t be one to talk about self-appointed nicknames.

After a brief detour into suicide prevention and sweatpants, Vince brings it back to PWG and begins detailing his/their All-Star Weekend experience. The infamous process of waiting in line to get in has been altered and the boys aren’t fans.

From PWG back to WWE, Vince is attending a WWE house show in L.A. this weekend featuring a rare Brock Lesnar appearance. The boys talk WWE booking and Tom wonders how often John Cena has been without any type of championship.

Back to PWG as Vince continues to outline the process of just getting into the show, including armed guards and an over-zealous body search. From there, the boys begin to break down their Night 1 experience. Highlights of the first half include Marty Scurll heeling on Christmas, Davey Richards’s misguided shoot babyface attempt, Kenny Omega and Mike Bailey stealing the show, and the return of Sami Callihan.

After describing how they unceremoniously lost their pitcher of beer during the intermission, the boys recap the second half of the show. Kenny Omega had a chainsaw, but it wouldn’t start but a fan (a plant?) had a plastic toy chainsaw WITH safety goggles that found it’s way to Omega. The Young Bucks battled Ciampa and Gargano, and Roderick Strong vs. Matt Sydal for the PWG Heavyweight Championship. Among others, Joey Ryan did a run-in on the championship match, which led to a brief detour to Ryan’s recent penis-centric gimmick and old Jim Cornette’s criticism thereof. Back to the show, Adam Cole, clandestine in full Super Dragon garb, made a surprise return to PWG to end Night 1.

On to the Night 2 experience, which began with Vince digging through the garbage to find his receipt at a local Mexican eatery. More talk about the line-up and entrance process to the venue. Tom heels on the lack if organization, Matt basically tells him to shut the f— up, and Vince tried to play peacekeeper by identifying with both sides of the argument. Getting back to the wrestling, Chuck Taylor and Kikotaru had not one but two matches to set the pace.

Other Night 2 highlights included Mark Andrews vs. Ricochet, and Matt Sydal vs. Trevor Lee. After a brief look back at Sydal’s WWE run, we get back to the card. Kenny Omega fought William Ospreay with the chainsaw in play, and the main event was an eight-person tag team Guerrilla Warfare match, which saw Mt. Rushmore 2.0 take on Joey Ryan, Candice LeRae, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, and Chris Hero. Brawling in every corner in and out of the ring, tables, ladders, and chairs everywhere, wrestlers busted wide open, and Kyle O’Reilly’s surprise return were some of the main event highlights. The good guys won to close the show and the weekend.

Who’s your favorite wrestler? This week, Matt loves Candice LeRae. Vince likes Kenny Omega because of the great matches he had, and Tom goes with Kenny because “He’s so f*ckin’ COOL!” With only minutes left, Matt closes the show fawning over Candice LaRae.


7/10: As I’ve said, it would take an unforeseen and nuclear heel turn by this show to get a rating below 7, and this issue wasn’t bad. I do enjoy the exposure they give to their hometown hidden gem promotion and it makes me want to do a pilgrimage to a VFW Post in Reseda, but the show is at it’s best when there’s freedom to jump from topic to topic at will. There’s an energy between the three hosts that’s amplified when there’s not so much focus on one subject. Having said that, if I’d had the opportunity to attend those same shows, I’d probably love this issue and throw a 10/10 at it. As it is, it was just okay for me.

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