Steve Austin Show with Broken Skull Challenge champion (Jan. 26, 2016)

The “Steve Austin Show”
Guest: Ian Murphy, reigning champion of Broken Skull Challenge
Release Date: January 26, 2016


Recap by Corey Freedman

Top Newsworthy Items

– The two talk about Ian’s athletic background and how he approached each portion of the Broken Skull Challenge

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor Ad
0:30 – Introduction
4:05 – DDP Yoga ad
5:57 – Start of interview with Ian Murphy
18:15 – Experience on Broken Skull Challenge
41:55 – Sponsor Ad
43:51 – Skullbuster
1:14:30 – End of interview/Conclusion
1:19:55 – Show ends

Show Highlights

Introduction: Austin gives a little bit of a background on his interview with Ian Murphy. He also talks about Redneck Island also airing on CMT.

Start of interview with Ian Murphy: Austin starts by bringing up Murphy’s athletic background. Murphy was a National Champion D-1 wrestler. Murphy talks about previously playing football and also growing up as someone not afraid of fighting. He talks about not necessarily having the best diet, but that is something he is starting to work on from a more scientific point of view. Ian says he grew up a pro wrestling fan. He talks about being invited for an MMA fight in Japan while he was still in school. They talk about getting into MMA fighting and how his career played out. Murphy says he got out of MMA after the birth of his son. The money wasn’t as good in MMA as it is now, and he didn’t want to be spending months at a time in training camps while his son was at home. Murphy talks about being recognized for the first time by a fan. Austin talks about Murphy being a good looking guy and wondering if he has ever considered doing acting/modeling work. Murphy talks about doing construction work and that always being in his family.

Broken Skull Challenge: Murphy talks about everyone else on the show being big, strong athletes. He talks about watching the show before his appearance and developing a gameplan for how to succeed. Murphy says this show is much more a sport than a reality TV show. The two talk about how long the days are filming the Broken Skull Challenge. Austin wants to get Murphy’s thoughts on each portion of the challenge. He talks about being nervous before the events because you don’t know what the event is going to be. He says it’s hard to have a gameplan when you don’t know what’s coming next. Murphy talks about some strategies for various events. Murphy talks a lot about knowing/feeling he would be able to outlast some of the bigger competitors because he knew his cardio would be better than theirs. He talks about the wrestling portion in the pit and what his strategy was for that contest. He and Austin talk about how staying low and in the middle is the best strategy.

Skullbuster: Austin wants to talk about how Murphy approached the Skullbuster. Murphy talks about training for this event specifically and how he was training to beat the previous champion’s time. Murphy talks about staying in the hotel during filming and how the contestants are kept under strict watch as to not spoil the results of the show. The two talk about the returning champion getting to do the Skullbuster without having gone through the earlier rounds which put Murphy at a disadvantage. Murphy talks about his thought process for each portion of the Skullbuster. Murphy talks about needing to have an attitude of attacking the Skullbuster and not being afraid or nervous about any of the obstacles. He talks specifically about his breathing throughout and how important that was. He also talks about the Skullbuster tearing away at every single part of your body. He says he felt like death when it was finally over. Murphy says there isn’t really a way to make the Skullbuster tougher aside from having to do it multiple times. Murphy is currently training for the Crossfit Games.

Conclusion: Austin talks briefly about Making A Murderer on Netflix. He talks about his shirts and his Broken Skull IPA. He also plugs Broken Skull Challenge and Redneck Island on CMT. He also thanks his sponsors.

Score and Review

Score (7.0): This was a good interview and a well-structured episode. That being said, as someone that has never seen the Broken Skull Challenge, this episode wasn’t that entertaining for me personally. If you are interested in the Broken Skull Challenge, this was a great interview. They touched on the experience of being on the show and the athletic challenges it presents. If you are looking for wrestling discussion, this is not the episode for you. I tried to breakdown the interview as best I could, but not knowing anything about the show made specific details a bit hard for me to nail down.

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