Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” #309 w/Ethan Page (July 14, 2016)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
Episode 309 – Ethan Page
Released: July 14, 2016


Report by Chris Davidson


0:00 – Introduction
7:39 – Song of the week
11:31 – Ethan Page interview
19:04 – Ethan Page talks complimenting other wrestlers
22:52 – Ethan Page talks growing up
34:25 – Ethan Page talks getting into wrestling
40:55 – Ethan Page talks running a promotion
46:33 – Ethan Page talks the future
1:00:12 – Colt wraps up the show


0:00 – Introduction – Colt opened the show mentioning the recent amount of Canadians he’s had on the show, and calling Ethan Page a friend who has wanted to be on the show for years. Colt said Page will be on top of the wrestling game in a few years. Colt plugged the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he will be during the month of August, and mentioned attending a porn convention in Illinois. Colt mentioned that there is a lot of porn talk at the beginning of the interview, and clarified he misremembered the name of a porn star he knew. Colt brought up a recent show in Baltimore, and his stint hosting the podcast awards. Colt talked in depth about being an introvert at the awards who wasn’t there to network like many of the attendees.

7:39 – Song of the week – The song of the week this week is “Royal Rumble” by The Crash Mats.

11:31 – Ethan Page interview – Colt opened the interview asking if he should listen to Page’s podcast. Page said no because they never talk about wrestling. Colt quoted a friend who said podcasts should be about something you know a lot about, but Page didn’t want to do a wrestling podcast because of the high quality ones already being published. Page discussed the struggles publishing his podcast with his co-hosts living far away from him. Page talked about one of his segments called “Dinner for Schmucks,” where they discuss four people who meet certain criteria, who they would invite to dinner. Colt asked who Page’s favorite porn star was, and claimed to know Page’s favorite (Colt clarified in the opening that he did not know her). Colt asked if Page’s wife is all right with him talking about porn. Page said she knows he is just trying to entertain, but then said he gave up porn, helping his relationship with his wife. Page talked about his relationships in high school, and both men discussed relationships while wrestling on the road.

19:04 – Ethan Page talks complimenting other wrestlers – Colt brought up when he punched Road Warrior Hawk at WrestleMania XIII, and asked Page about embarrassing things at the beginning of his career. Page recently told Billy Gunn he was one of his favorite wrestlers, and said that he doesn’t think it’s wrong to compliment wrestlers he enjoys. Page mentioned another wrestler telling Page that it was an honor to be on a show with him.

22:52 – Ethan Page talks growing up – Colt joked with Page about the shrine he has to The Rock in his parent’s house. Page talked about growing up as a fan of wrestling who got out of it when he found girls. Page got into backyard wrestling, and tried to make shows better by incorporating better storylines. Page was in theater in high school, while also playing football and doing taekwondo and karate, which he said makes a great wrestler. Page said he loved being able to mix all of his skills into wrestling, but didn’t start traveling until he had been in for a few years. Page talked briefly about his backyard wrestling character, and told a story about using an instant message service to chat Colt Cabana. Page credited Colt for inspiring him to always reply to fans, since it can mean a lot for them. Page praised his dad for helping him follow his dreams, including qualifying for team Canada in Olympic taekwondo, until he wanted to be a wrestler, which his dad did not support. Page quit taekwondo without going to the Olympics, and said he didn’t regret it since he is happy with his life. Page told Colt that taekwondo involves a lot of kicks, but he doesn’t do a lot in the ring.

34:25 – Ethan Page talks getting into wrestling – Page joined a wrestling school, but quit after a month and a half because he felt he was too good for his training. Page’s goal was to wrestle for UWA Hardcore, but once he did he went with Michael Elgin to IWA Mid-South and started traveling. Colt asked how Page got booked. Page said he started out as a fan doing jokes on camera, and eventually got into interviews and commentating before he was asked to wrestle. Page thought he was doing great his first seven years in wresting, but he never really started wrestling full time until the last few years.

40:55 – Ethan Page talks running a promotion – Page started a promotion (Alpha-1 Wrestling) after only being in wrestling for a few years. Page said that he felt it may have hindered him at the time because he had to handle a lot of work while trying to break out as a wrestler. Once Page got settled as a wrestler in America, it was much easier to wrestle and run a promotion. Page wanted to start a promotion to show fans in Canada a different type of wrestling than they were seeing. Page said he is anal about all the details for a promotion, so wrestlers always get paid and the show always starts on time. Page called running a promotion “creatively exhilarating.” Page talked about doing video editing, and also doing all of the graphic design for Alpha-1. Page talked in depth about putting together his website, and other technological information.

46:33 – Ethan Page talks the future – Colt said that Page’s mind is “always churning” and asked if he would ever be satisfied. Page said he will never be satisfied because he attains goals, but still wants more. Page said his goal is to make the world a better place, which he compared to what the Rock does. Colt asked if Page had talked to Curt Hawkins about training with the Rock. Page said that he knows one day he will be eating dinner with the Rock. Page talked about making fans, which he said he does one at a time, and Colt talked about working hard to make something of yourself, and comparing their careers to others who are more successful. Page said that even when he sees his successes, he still wants to find what’s next.

Page plugged his work with EVOLVE and said that they need him. Colt joked that he could say that a little less weird, and Page clarified that they don’t need him, but they see the benefit in having him. Page pushes himself to not change what he’s doing simply because he’s working for a certain promotion. Colt said can help to make him memorable. Page talked about making changes to be more successful, including having someone make his meals each week to get in better shape. Page touched on working in ROH, and not getting any success, but having the EVOLVE partnership with WWE fall into his lap. Page and Colt talked about the success of the indy scene because WWE is willing to partner with EVOLVE, and have brought in the best indy talent to NXT. Page plugged his social media and his podcast, particularly the recent episode with Michael Elgin, and signed off.

1:00:12 – Colt wraps up the show – Colt briefly talked about Page’s podcast, and jokingly gave listeners permission to listen to it and other wrestling podcasts, as long as they still listen to him every Thursday. Colt plugged his upcoming events, thanked his fans, Ethan Page, his tech help and sponsor. Colt talked briefly again about going to the porn convention and signed off.


Score: 7.5 – Ethan Page has wanted to be on the Art of Wrestling for years, and he certainly delivered a solid episode with a lot of interesting stories. Page’s story was interesting, and he has a lot of charisma that translated very well to this episode. Page and Colt also got more in depth on success in indy wrestling, and the different opportunities afforded to indy wrestlers, which was great to hear. I will certainly be seeking out more of Ethan Page’s work in the future.

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