Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” #318 – Cedric Alexander guest interview (Sept. 15, 2016)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
Episode 318 – Cedric Alexander
Release Date: September 15, 2016


Report by Chris Davidson

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– Cedric Alexander talks about Highspots, cutting promos, and almost being a second-generation wrestler.

– Colt Cabana recovers from a packed weekend of wrestling.


0:00 – Introduction
8:09 – Song of the week
10:58 – Cedric Alexander talks cutting promos
20:32 – Cedric Alexander talks wrestling school
26:42 – Cedric Alexander talks growing up
36:51 – Cedric Alexander talks getting into wrestling and Highspots
50:06 – Cedric Alexander talks about Ricky Morton
53:18 – Cedric Alexander talks the future
1:01:42 – Colt wraps up the show


0:00 – Introduction – Colt opened the show plugging a new chair he was sent, as well as his unboxing videos with Marty DeRosa. Colt briefly segued into Five Dollar Wrestling and his work with DeRosa and Jake Manning, before Manning got into comedy. Colt said that his interview with Cedric Alexander was from before when he signed with WWE, so they didn’t talk about it. Colt talked about a recent AIW event in Cleveland at the same time CM Punk had his UFC debut. Colt met up with Grado and recorded a commentary for his upcoming Wrestling Road Diaries 3 release. After leaving Cleveland, Colt went to New Jersey for WrestlePro and saw a fan who said he was looking “mushy”. Colt joked about Cody Rhodes being on the card and trying to be the guy wearing a suit. Colt wrestled Buff Bagwell the following day in San Antonio, Texas, and Kurt Angle called their match the best on the card, despite Bagwell’s shoulder injury. Colt joked at the show about Bagwell being a gigolo, and he praised Bagwell for being game for anything.

8:09 – Song of the week – The song of the week this week is “Heartthrob” by Darryl Rhoades.

10:58 – Cedric Alexander talks cutting promos – Colt opened the interview asking if Cedric Alexander was soft-spoken, because he had to bring his audio levels up very high. Alexander said that he doesn’t like to do a ton of promos, but he agreed to be on the show for Colt. Alexander recollected the first time he did a promo, at a small show in North Carolina where the promoter wanted him to get some heat. Alexander joked that his parents were there, so it was hard to get heat with his mother cheering for him the whole time. Colt asked if the promoter knew his family was in the audience, and if he would have made him a face if he knew. Alexander joked that he was a heel because he was black and in North Carolina. Alexander said the promo didn’t end well, and he has trouble sounding tough because he talks fast and has a naturally high-pitched voice. Alexander said he was bad, and he’s still about a four out of ten with promos, but he’s definitely improved with post-match promos. Alexander praised Caprice Coleman for being a great, natural talker, and Colt compared it to comedian Kevin Smith at a recent podcast award show in which he appeared. Alexander hoped he could be as good as Coleman on the mic in ten years. Colt talked a bit more about cutting promos, and how Alexander would improve.

20:32 – Cedric Alexander talks wrestling school – Colt recalled seeing Alexander early in his career and thinking he was good. Alexander was tough on himself and thought he was very bad when he was starting out. Alexander went in depth about his training with George South and Highspots, where he was really the only person who consistently was at training. Alexander talked about the only other trainee there consistently, Vicky Lyons, who he got close too, but has since passed away. Alexander was the only guy who didn’t quit, and he talked about the variety of people who came through his training school.

26:42 – Cedric Alexander talks growing up – Alexander grew up in Charlotte, and Colt asked if being a black nerd meant he hung out with a lot of white kids. Alexander said he did not hang out with white kids, but he was always into Dragonball Z, comics, and wrestling, rather than basketball and football. Alexander credited his “weird” friends for getting him into “nerdy” pursuits. Alexander got into wrestling because his stepdad was watching Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio wrestle in WCW. Alexander eventually started liking Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit because he could appreciate the whole story they were telling in the ring, rather than just the flashy moves and costumes. Alexander grew up with his brother, mother, and a stepfather, then his father came into his life when he was a teenager. Alexander’s mother had his DNA tested to prove who his father was, but he’s only seen him a few times since then, and he hasn’t spoken to him since he gave him $50 for books in college. Alexander said his dad had been married when he hooked up with his mother, and he assumes his dad is hiding him from his family. Alexander wrestled in high school and got into pro wrestling after two years of college wrestling because he got into some trouble with a girl.

36:51 – Cedric Alexander talks getting into wrestling and Highspots – Alexander went to wrestling school after trying college, and he had initially wanted to go to Lance Storm’s wrestling school before ending up at Highspots. Alexander found Ivan Koloff’s wrestling school a few blocks from his house, but Koloff’s school had closed shortly before that time. Alexander talked briefly about wrestling for George South at church events. Alexander’s went to a random show that featured Freight Train, and Freight Train helped Alexander see that he could be a wrestler. Alexander started working for Highspots as soon as he started training because he was asked to help at certain events, and would either get paid or get free training. Alexander was still living with his parents, who were supportive of him. Alexander’s mother had considered training to be a wrestler when she was younger, and Alexander joked that he could have been a second generation wrestler. Alexander’s mother’s father was a big Wahoo McDaniel fan and would threaten to Wahoo chop his children if they acted up. Alexander talked about the road trips he would take for Highspots, and called Highspots the best situation you could have – unless you are born into WWE. Alexander went into the various aspects of working with Highspots, even though he didn’t learn much about the business because he was concerned with learning to wrestle. Alexander was “going through the motions” of wrestling, but once his daughter was born he knew he needed to push harder into wrestling.

50:06 – Cedric Alexander talks about Ricky Morton – Colt asked who some of the odder people Alexander had been on shows with, mentioning Buck Zumhofe as someone he was on a show with early on. Alexander called Ricky Morton his favorite because he always has a dirty joke about Robert Gibson’s penis. Colt said he’d have to go watch some old tapes to see what Gibson’s penis was like, and they both talked about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and appearing on shows with him. Alexander talked about Morton and Morton’s son a bit more.

53:18 – Cedric Alexander talks the future – Alexander said things were going good, and Colt applauded him for not just mimicking the current style of wrestling, but becoming one of the best at it. Alexander said he modeled himself after AJ Styles, but he tries to make what he does his own. Alexander was told that the difference between him and Styles is that Alexander is more believable because of his passion. Alexander said he would sometimes end a match with bruised knuckles, and he’s surprised he hasn’t ended up in a fight in the ring. Colt pointed out they have never wrestled one-on-one, and said he was proud of Alexander’s work. Alexander plugged his Twitter, and discussed potentially changing it because of a CNN pundit also named Cedric Alexander who he gets notifications for. Alexander plugged his other social media, and Colt joked about Facebook having a lot of great videos and talked a bit more about Highspots. Alexander said he wants to wrestle Dolph Ziggler, and Colt joked it would happen in Cleveland once Ziggler was released from WWE.

1:01:42 – Colt wraps up the show – Colt praised Alexander’s wrestling, and said he will do great things in WWE. Colt said that great matches, like what Alexander had in the Cruiserweight Classic, are happening at indy shows around the world, and encouraged listeners to seek them out. Colt plugged his upcoming events, thanked his fans, Cedric Alexander, his tech help, and sponsors. Colt said he was throwing himself headfirst into an ROH bender before signing off.


Score: 8.0 – This week’s episode of the Art of Wrestling may not have been the most up-to-date because of Alexander signing with WWE, but Alexander was very enjoyable to listen to. Alexander had a unique story, and hearing about his time working for Highspots was very entertaining. This episode was recorded in Colt’s apartment, and occasionally an L-train would go by, making the audio hard to hear at parts. Overall, though, this was yet another entertaining episode, and a good introduction to Cedric Alexander.

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