WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: The Steve Austin Show w/ Diamond Dallas Page on WWE HOF, who else he considered to induct him, motivating a major star for WrestleMania 33 (Family Friendly)

The Steve Austin Show

Release Date: April 25th, 2017

Guest: Diamond Dallas Page

Recap by: Michael L Shanahan


Newsworthy Items

  • Steve Austin says nothing in wrestling is new anymore.
  • DDP is currently training former wrestler “Ice Train” at the DDP Yoga performance center.
  • DDP received a call from Triple H to go into the Hall of Fame while being filmed for an upcoming WWE DVD.
  • DDP motivated Goldberg before WrestleMania 33 match with Lesnar.
  • WWE likes Hall of Fame speeches to be 10-15 minutes long.
  • Steve Austin on the original short list to induct DDP into the Hall of Fame.

Subjects Covered (with timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor ads
0:38 – Show introduction
15:17 – Sponsor ads
17:45 – DDP interview begins
20:09 – Triple H’s HOF call
27:30 – Goldberg motivation
45:59 – Sponsor ads
50:34 – DDP interview continued
1:03:15 – Ric Flair
1:38:42 – Goodbye Dallas and show outro

Show Highlights/Rundown

Steve opens the show in sunny Marina Del Rey, California. He announces that on today’s show he will be talking to a former roommate, former tag team partner, and former wrestling peer… Diamond Dallas Page.

Steve talks about how he met Dallas in the mid-to-late ’90s and for anyone who knows his story, they’ll know that he got into the business of professional wrestling late in life. Dallas started as a manager and was a bigger guy than a lot of the talent he was managing.

Austin reminisces about when himself, Mick Foley and Dallas would travel on the road together.

Steve really emphasizes how Dallas was hardworking and would record his matches. Foley and Austin would then watch the matches over and over again and offer DDP advice.

Dallas would get called “Kodak Guy” for using other guy’s moves. Steve says that was the case for all wrestlers but Dallas was known for it.

Steve talks about the fact that nothing in wrestling is new anymore, using the “Super Kick” as an example. Everybody uses other people’s moves.

Steve talks about how himself, Dallas and Goldberg were on parallel paths. He talks about how the powers that be at WCW couldn’t deny pushing Dallas as he was getting over in a strong way. He had help from the nWo and had a great match with Goldberg

Steve segues into talking about how he lived with Dallas when he was in the early stages of creating “DDP Yoga” and how he doubted Page could make anything come of it.

He then lists the wrestlers that have had their careers saved by DDP Yoga.

Austin then begins talking about his beloved dogs (he loves his dogs). Then he tells a story about his pickup truck (he loves his truck). He then admits he is “flapping his gums” (very self-aware) and goes into some ads.

DDP Interview

Hall of Fame/road stories

Steve begins by asking Dallas how things are going at the DDP Yoga performance center. DDP says that his good buddy “Ice Train” who wrestled in the ’90s is down there training. DDP says that “Ice Train” also has brothers who are security guards for Jack Nicholson and “50 Cent.”

Steve segues into talking about DDP’s induction into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame. Dallas talks about how he was at his sister’s house and the WWE was interviewing his family for his DVD. He was at a bar when he got a call from Triple H who begins talking about DDP’s career. Whilst on the phone he realizes he is being filmed by the WWE DVD crew as he was asked by Triple H if he would be in the Hall of Fame.

Dallas talks about how he “popped” Steve when he told him about his induction (Steve doesn’t seem to recall it and moves on).

They then talk about the match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. Dallas was watching it at a party back at the hotel.

Dallas says how he motivated Goldberg before the match because Goldberg was nervous.

“I could see Billy was pulling himself down a little bit, you know. And I just shook him up, like dude. You’re Bill Goldberg. I don’t want to see that. You’re going to go out there and you’re going to kill it. You deliver dude, and I pumped him up.

Steve asks Dallas about his Hall of Fame speech. DDP says he was just trying to remember stories for his speech. Dallas says his stories are normally very long (isn’t that the truth) so it was difficult to make them short.

Dallas talks about how he was with a writer called “Fozz” talking about the length of his speech. He was given a ten or fifteen-minute time limit for his speech and has to cut it down. Once he has cut it down he then gets it bumped up to twenty minutes. He starts talking about his speech, but then they get distracted and talk about the pink Cadillac that DDP was in at WrestleMania 6 and completely move away from Hall of Fame talk.

DDP tells a story about meeting Jake “The Snake” Roberts back in 1986 when Jake came to his nightclub. They became drinking buddies. He lists all the old wrestlers that used to come to his nightclub.

Steve and Dallas share a joke about Dallas being the worst driver in the history of the business. Dallas talks about driving Rick Rude’s car and the car breaking down and being in the vehicle with Kevin Nash and Jake Roberts.

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Jody Hamilton/Ric Flair

Back from the break, Steve asks DDP how he earned Jody Hamilton’s respect. Dallas talks about how failure was not an option for him. He knew no one believed in him but he believed in himself.

He says he was the first to arrive and the last to leave when he was training. He says he was doing house shows very early. Jody told him that he had great work ethic. DDP says he became the example Jody used to other wrestlers.

Dallas talks about how he only worked one day a month for the AWA and all of a sudden he was on the road with Michael Hayes with Jerry Lawler driving. DDP says the best thing Michael Hayes said to him was that he was aware of how much Diamond cared and that he loved the business.

Steve asks Dallas how much work did he used to put into his promos as they were heavy duty. Dallas says Muhammad Ali, Dusty Rhodes and “Superstar” Billy Graham influenced him.

He would also watch Gary Allen movies. He was influenced by Ric Flair and, of course, Jake Roberts.

Dallas tells a story about Ric Flair. He talks about how he had “heat” with Flair but he no longer wanted that to be the case. So he went to see Flair and spoke to him and said, he knows they’ve had differences and he wants to fix it, he realizes they have both said stuff and he is happy for him and wants to start all over again. Dallas and Flair hugged and buried the hatchet.

After Dusty Rhodes passed he had dinner with Flair and had a great time. He said he was in the ring with Flair one night and thanked him for changing his life.

Too many gimmicks/Cody

Steve segues into DDP’s early wrestling career and how he had a lot of gimmicks. He says that it was Eric Bischoff who told him to lose the gimmicks and Dallas said “yes” but Eric took away one at a time.

DDP compares his Diamond Cutter hand signal to Daniel Bryans “YES” chant. He talks about how the Diamond Cutter was so over.

Steve references DDP’s Hall of Fame speech and how Diamond said that you don’t learn from winning, you learn from losing. DDP tells a story of Cody Rhodes as a young man, saying he was going to quit football and focus on wrestling. He says he told Cody to keep his feet on the ground when he was being a successful amateur wrestler and was undefeated for a long time. He told Cody he was glad when he first lost. It will teach him more. DDP says how he was at Cody’s second state championship match against the same kid who ended Cody’s undefeated streak. Cody won the rematch.

He says Cody will be more valuable when he comes back to the WWE and he is very proud of him.

Diamond talks about how Eric Bischoff became the one to induct him into the Hall of Fame. He was part of a list of people to do it including, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and Jake Roberts.

Dallas talks about being on the Hall of Fame stage with his daughters and says he has an amazing relationship with all of them.

Steve begins talking about when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, how the video packages made him realize what the business meant to him and what he meant to the world. He realized he was a big deal (understatement of the year).

Steve asks Dallas if it was the same for him. Dallas says that moment for him was when he won the world title. Steve congratulates Dallas on his induction and says he went in with an awesome class.

DDP gets into some DDP Yoga stuff. (I have never done DDP Yoga but I feel like I know everything about it before he even got into this plug.)

After the long plug, Steve says goodbye to Dallas and thanks him for his time.

Now talking to us, Steve says he wanted to see Dallas in person but they had to Skype. More thanks and praise to Page and gets into some T-Shirt and Broken Skull IPA plugs.

Review (7/10)

DDP reminds me of a Grandpa. You love the guy and he is pretty cool, but you haven’t got the heart to tell him to shut up when he goes on too long with one of his stories. Some good road stories here but I feel like I’ve heard a lot of them before. DDP makes Steve’s job easy as he gives long answers and unintentionally covers so many different subjects as the conversation goes off in so many different directions. I like the chemistry these two have, as it is obvious they are actually friends and not just former pro wrestlers doing a podcast. All in all, a good show.

About the Writer

Michael Shanahan is from London, England. He’s been a fan since the early ’90s when his brother showed him WrestleMania V on VHS. He cheered for The Macho King! He’s been a listener of the PWTorch Livecast since 2013.


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