WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: MLW Radio #276 on who Cody Rhodes signed with, the John Cena era, resolution of JBL/Mauro

MLW Radio (flagship) #276: Vince McMahon – The Movie, Cody Rhodes signs with ??, Leo Gao & more

Top Stories:

  • Go home show for Payback was underwhelming
  • Vince McMahon movie
  • Cody Rhodes signs with ROH, as per MLW source
  • Chinese talent in WWE
  • John Cena turns 40, why fans left during this era
  • Shaq’s side of the story


6:20 – Ho hum Raw
10:45 – Raw broadcast desk
13:20 – Bray and Braun both on Raw
15:00 – Vince McMahon movie
20:30 – MLW Exclusive! Cody signs with ROH?
23:25 – Transaction report
29:30 – Chinese talent in WWE
32:55 – John Cena turns 40
40:45 – Shaq’s side of the story
43:30 – The free agent market in 2017


The go home to Payback proved to be “Raw is bored,” as per Court. MSL doesn’t like that Braun Strowman lost to Kalisto by falling into the dumpster (without closing the lid). Top rising guy should never lose to an enhancement guy clean. Nothing was gained from the loss. Court thinks Braun should have taken control and beat him. When Brock was introduced in 2002 he was a dominating force, which is what we should be getting with Braun (and did just last week). The guys concur that it’s important to adhere to the rules with a gimmick match like this, where the lid should be closed to win the match.

6:20 – Ho hum Raw. Court felt it was tasteless that WWE covered Matt Anoa’i’s death through their interview with Roman Reigns to promote Payback this Sunday. WWE showed a lack of respect for Roman’s family, who has been fiercely loyal to Vince McMahon and WWE.

10:45 – Broadcast desk makes the announcers look “naked”, Court thinks they should turn the table around, making a much more natural look for the camera shots.

13:20 – MSL thinks that Bray Wyatt and Braun should have been kept apart due to their similar look despite the fact that they are different attractions. Court feels like Bray would have been better off kept on Smackdown.

14:25 – WaleMania IV is coming to New Orleans on April 5th!

15:00 – There’s going to be a Vince McMahon biopic called Pandemonium. A deal has been struck for Vince to cooperate on a major motion picture about his life. Court doesn’t know how they could fit everything into one film, and that it might be better for a multi-part HBO series. Artistically it might be a more interesting film without Vince’s involvement according to MSL, but both agree that they are excited about it. Court confidently predicts that this will be the biggest hit film that WWE Studios has ever been attached to.

20:30 – MLW’s source has confirmed that Cody Rhodes has signed with Ring of Honor. Court says it might give away the finish to their PPV, but that it’s a good deal for Cody because he’ll still be free to appear for some other promotions like the Young Bucks, and it benefits New Japan. Impact and WWE would be blocked out, but even though Court has liked a lot of the changes on Impact he could have been lost in the shuffle.

23:25Transaction Report:

  • Mick Foley recovering from hip surgery, contractually is a free agent (would be a great get for Impact or ROH as per Court).
  • Scott Steiner is back on Impact and will be wrestling at Slammiversary in July (caught MSL off guard, Court thinks it’s an interesting one-off or short term piece of business, but is skeptical about what Steiner can do in the ring).
  • Low Ki is back on Impact as well with the Hitman gimmick (very talented guy and a great get who’s still young according to Court).
  • Tajiri decided to go back to Japan rather than be a coach with WWE (Court says he was a phenomenal talent to work with in WWE).

29:30 – WWE signed some Chinese talent at the Performance Center. Court mentions Leo Gao as a guy who has taken the internet by storm, says he’s “something out of a Pixar movie” (quote from Sarah Shockey of Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling, another MLW podcast). Gao has charisma, connects with the audience, has the build of a Dusty Rhodes, and could be a cult favorite.

32:55 – John Cena turned 40. Vince referred to him as the Babe Ruth of WWE, which Court feels is a tremendous compliment. MSL can’t understand how it’s glossed over how many wrestling fans stopped watching the product during the John Cena Era. Court says a number of things created a perfect storm for that to happen (i.e. UFC, lack of competition, creative direction, presentation of the product). The bridge from generation to generation was blown up in 2003, per Court. Court says Cena is largely responsible for the audience not eroding further than it could have without his popularity.

40:45 – Shaq explained his side of the story about why his match with Big Show never came to fruition at WrestleMania. Court talks about how important social media is in terms of allowing athletes and other talent to tell their side of issues. Neither of the guys think it was an issue of who was going to win and lose the match. Court thinks Shaq and WWE could of and should have been big, despite the fact that it would have been on the undercard and haphazardly done. In other words, we didn’t miss much!

43:30 – The free agent market in 2017. Over the past month or two a lot of talent have been locked up. The guys talk about some talent signing deals that are not in their best interests for very low guaranteed money.

47:00 – Peaceful resolution to the Mauro Ranallo/WWE situation? Court’s taking everyone at their word. Doesn’t want to speculate because he’s not there. It’s too bad we couldn’t have had more of Mauro in WWE. JBL is probably not an angel, nor a devil, but somewhere in between.  Court considers both friends, and hopefully, this will bring closure to it. The popular speculation is that Mauro accepted a buyout to keep quiet.

Rating – 9 out of 10. This show is the perfect example of why I love the flagship from MLW. Court brings an incredible knowledge of the wrestling business and the guys hit a ton of different topics and offer some great insight as to what they liked and didn’t like from WWE this week, while also hitting a bunch of news topics.

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