QUICK QUOTES: Sting talks whether he regrets missing out on a match with The Undertaker, when he fell in love with pro wrestling, Rick Rude

Sting was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated and talked about missing out a match with The Undertaker, his thoughts on Rick Rude, and more. Here are some of the highlights:

His desire to have a match against The Undertaker:

“I regret not being able to get in the ring with him one time. It would have been great, but I’m OK with the way it turned out.”

Which wrestlers he currently watches:

“I’m always interested in what ‘Taker’s doing, and Seth, of course. I have some bragging rights because my career ended with him – so Seth, ‘Taker, I’m always paying attention to those two.”

When he really started to love professional wrestling:

“Ric had a choice to make or break my career. Thank god he decided to help me out. That’s when I really started to love pro wrestling, after being in the ring with Ric.”

His thoughts on Rick Rude:

“Rick Rude was, through and through, a heel. When things started to change [in wrestling] is when heels started looking for that babyface reaction, but Rick had the ability to really piss you off. He was very, very good at it. He made life for a babyface like me so much easier. Rick was very underrated, he was one of the best.”

Who he would wrestle if he had one more match:

“Oh, Taker, no question. I always wanted it to happen. It would have been really good.”

For more, check out the full interview at Sports Illustrated.


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