QUICK QUOTES: Linda McMahon on her favorite match ever, favorite wrestler, the first time she met Donald Trump

Linda McMahon was a recent guest on GV Wire and talked about a few WWE subjects, the potential movie about her husband’s life, and the first time she met Donald Trump. Here are the highlights:

How did her work as a CEO in WWE prepare her to head the Small Business Administration: 

“I’m using every skill that I learned as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, at SBA. Management. Personnel issues. Promotion. Marketing. Business plan development. Strategic vision. All of those things that became part of de rigueur at WWE, if you will. I’m now able to overlay that into the SBA. I know that’s what President Trump wanted. He wanted someone in the business world who understood business to come in and lead this organization.”

If WrestleMania 4 was the first time she met Trump:

“I think that’s about right because we came to his casino facilities in Atlantic City and actually held WrestleMania in one of those venues. That was our first meeting. No. That’s not true. I met him the first time, we were his guests at Giants Stadium. We were his guests for a Rolling Stones concert. He became friends with Vince first. He said he wanted to have a chance to be with the greatest promoter in the world.”

Did she ever think Donald Trump would be President when they first met:

“Of course (jokingly), I had that vision. We had that whole thing planned out. That’s exactly what we did.”

The upcoming movie about Vince:

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve heard rumors of that movie too. And I’m not sure that movie will ever see the light of day.”

Does she enjoy watching wrestling matches:

“Absolutely. I was not a fan of wrestling before I married into the McMahon family. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I just wasn’t exposed to it very much. What I really began to enjoy, even in my executive role, was watching the fans. Because they are so enthusiastic. The audience really becomes part of the show.”

Her favorite wrestler ever:

“Vince McMahon. I have a favorite now. He’s Triple H. He also happens to be my son-in-law.”

Here favorite match ever:

“WrestleMania 3. The Pontiac Silverdome when Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre the Giant, was pretty momentous.”

For the full interview, check out GV Wire.

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