WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Colt Cabana’s “The Art Of Wrestling” w/ D’lo Brown, Jeremy Borash, Konnan, Blue Meanie, and Jack Evans (#351)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Release Date: May 18th, 2017

Guests: Marty DeRosa, D’Lo Brown, Jeremy Borash, Konnan with LAX, Blue Meanie, and Jack Evans.

Recap by: Josh Coulson


Newsworthy items

  • This week’s show is a live one that Colt recorded at WrestleCon during this year’s WrestleMania week. Next week’s show will be in the same vein.
  • D’Lo Brown and The Godfather work together in a strip club in Las Vegas.
  • Anthem don’t want to just be known for Impact Wrestling and will have a hand in launching World of Sport in the U.K.
  • LAX couldn’t get any WrestleCon bookings because promoters were too afraid of them.
  • Blue Meanie gained his first win in ECW using a move called the Testicular Claw.
  • Raven once wanted Blue Meanie and four others to paint themselves black in ECW and go to the ring pretending to be the Jackson Five.
  • Jack Evans sprained his ankle wrestling in a poorly put together ring in Acapulco, Mexico.

Subjects covered (with timestamps)

0:00- Introduction
0:42- Live podcast begins
5:45- D’Lo Brown
17:18- Sponsor/ads
18:31- Jeremy Borash
29:37- Konnan with LAX
40:14- Sponsor/ads
41:24- Blue Meanie
53:30- Jack Evans
1:03:45- Close of show

Show highlights/rundown

Colt opens the show with a pre-recorded message informing us that this week’s Art of Wrestling is a recording of a live show he did at this year’s WrestleCon and next week’s will be also. He also warns us of the part of the show involving Konnan and that he toyed with the idea of cutting it out altogether.

Following the opening jingle, the live show begins and Cabana introduces himself and that this week he is not in his studio…apartment, but actually with a live studio audience at WrestleCon. He follows up by plugging all of his merch like he normally would.

Colt is then joined on stage by the man who will co-host the live show with him, Marty DeRosa. Marty begins listing all the foods that are backstage that Colt likes to eat.

Colt and Marty then discuss the craziest things they’ve seen at this year’s WrestleCon, and that they get desensitized to seeing big names at that time of year, giving the example of bumping into Jim Neidhart in the bathroom.

Marty then jokes about Joey Ryan opening a booth at WrestleCon named Bound For Gloryhole that involves nothing more than Ryan and a box with a hole in it.

D’Lo Brown

Colt then introduces the first of he and Marty’s many guests on the show, D’Lo Brown. D’Lo complains that he doesn’t have any entrance music so Colt begins singing it for him. Cabana and Marty admit not knowing it past the first line and D’Lo concurs despite it being his theme.

D’Lo begins the interview by disclosing that he works at a strip club in Las Vegas for The Godfather. He tells the crowd that every now and again when it’s quiet in the club the DJ will play his entrance music just to mess with him.

Colt then moves the conversation along by asking D’Lo where he got the head bobble from that he used to do when in WWE. Brown reveals that he got it from a movie named Friday and tells the full story of the first time he used it. He reveals that the first time he ever did it was on Raw after The Rock defeated Ken Shamrock. He went up to Ken, did the head bobble and shouted the line from the aforementioned movie ‘You just got knocked the f**k out!’

D’Lo continues the story revealing that he was then terrified as he realized he had just sworn on national television and Vince would probably be mad at him. Luckily, all Vince was interested in was the head bobble and he told him to keep doing it.

Colt asks D’Lo if he was ever fined while at WWE. The answer is yes, when D’Lo was first with the company he went on tour to South Africa. He got drunk one night and was late for the bus the next day so kept everybody waiting. He was fined 10,000 rand which turned out to only be $10, something he wasn’t informed of until it came to paying up.

Colt then tells D’Lo that at WrestleMania 13 the two of them were in the same match. Brown then lists the wrestlers in the match, sounding slightly confused. Cabana puts him out of his misery by revealing that he was in the seventh row.

D’Lo then tells a story of former NFL star Walter Peyton sitting next to him in catering at a WrestleMania and being amazed that his hero even knew who he was.

Colt asks what Peyton wanted to know about wrestling. D’Lo replied that he asked the same, mainstream questions you would get from any fan. D’Lo goes on to talk about celebrities who you wouldn’t expect to be wrestling fans, citing Nicholas Cage as the strangest.

D’Lo takes his leave and Colt and Marty continue to joke about what it must be like for him working in a strip club.

Jeremy Borash

Colt and Marty then bring on their second guest, Jeremy Borash. Jeremy continues the strip club talk and Marty tells him that he’d have a great voice for working in a strip club.

Cabana then quizzes Borash about his voice and how he got it to be that way, claiming that it couldn’t have possibly started out like that. Borash attributes it to a lot of whiskey and cigarettes, taking inspiration from old school radio guys who he claims were all heavy smokers and alcoholics.

Jeremy tells a story about how he saw radio presenters at his first ever job in the business drinking and smoking and that’s instantly what he aspired to be like. Colt equates it to when you would see Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels dipping.

Colt then asks Jeremy and Marty what a night of debauchery with him would be like in a perfect world, as he doesn’t drink, smoke or take drugs, and they both agree that it would start in Bangkok and end in bed with a deep dish pizza.

Borash tells a story about when TNA sent him to Bangkok on a business trip, comparing a night out there to the bar scene in Star Wars.

The three of them discuss wrestlers and which ones have fetishes. The conversation inevitably leads to the leather clad Demolition and what it must have been like for parents who liked the tag team.

Colt and Marty ask Jeremy some of the weirdest gimmicks that didn’t make it in TNA. He can’t remember any but cites a guy who wrestled a couple of matches under the name X.

Jeremy praises Colt for being a pioneer in podcasting but asks him if he’s sick of it and sick of his guests putting themselves over. Colt replies by saying he always intended it to be a simple chat rather than like a rigid back and forth interview.

Borash then lists everywhere the wrestling business has taken him in the last week. He talks about how Anthem, the company that owns Impact Wrestling, want to branch out into other wrestling companies and will be helping World of Sport in the United Kingdom.

Konnan and LAX

The show is then interrupted by Konnan and LAX joining the interview. Konnan introduces them all himself before threatening Impact about them treating him and LAX the same way they treated the Hardy Boyz.

Borash then explains that they brought LAX to WrestleCon but nobody wanted to book them as the promoters were too afraid. He says that they crashed two events the previous night, appeared, then demanded money for their appearance.

Colt then probes further for information about the night before and details on shady promoters Konnan has worked with during his career. Konnan casually talks about how he and others have had to pull guns on promoters in order to get what they’re owed in the past.

Cabana then brings Homicide into the conversation and he and Borash discuss him meeting Grado for the first time the night before. Apparently, the first thing Grado asked was whether Homicide had ever killed anybody before and Colt jokes that was going to be his next question.

Cabana then steers the conversation back to Konnan and his formation of the new LAX currently in Impact Wrestling. Konnan discusses how it doesn’t matter how creative you are, if you don’t have someone like Jeremy backing you up, you’ll struggle to make it anywhere in the business.

Colt talks about how he’s been on a lot of shows with the new guys in LAX and how it’s refreshing that someone else has noticed their talent and now they’re on a bigger stage for more people to see.

Konnan compares his thinking behind recruiting the guys for the new LAX to a movie called Moonlighting, saying that you don’t know any of the actors in the film so you don’t associate them with another role and that’s what he wanted for LAX.

Colt then asks Konnan to plug his podcast Keepin’ It 100 and the two joke about how easy it is to wind up like Juventud Guerrera because he takes himself so seriously.

After Konnan and LAX leave the stage Colt jokes that it was maybe the scariest moment of his life despite him wrestling Ryback the night before then feels bad because it doesn’t really get much of a laugh from the audience.

Marty asks Colt whether that’s the first time things have gotten that intense on Art of Wrestling. He recalls a live show he did in New Orleans with Chris Masters and MVP, and that the pair may have been under the same influence as Konnan and basically took over the show.

Blue Meanie

Colt and Marty then introduce their next guest, Blue Meanie. They once again talk about how weird it is that the guests don’t have entrance music. That conversation leads into Colt talking about Blue Meanie’s theme being one of his jams in high school, “Let Me Clear My Throat.” They all joke about Paul Heyman getting the rights to be able to use that song.

Meanie compares WrestleCon to a high school reunion because of all the people you run into and being thrilled at finally meeting Grado.

Meanie goes on to talk about wrestling Kikutaro in a match in England where the first wrestler to do a serious move would be disqualified. Colt asks Marty what he thinks was the first serious move they did and says muscle memory would have you do a lock up without even thinking about it.

Meanie says the match ended via a move called the Testicular Claw. Cabana wants to know more and Meanie reveals that the move actually led to his first win on ECW and they re-enact the moment the match was put together utilizing a Paul Heyman impression for authenticity.

Colt asks Meanie about some of the other finishers he used that never caught on. Meanie replies with a discussion about the one that stuck, the Meaniesault, and that he backed himself into a corner with that as it would hurt to perform it.

Marty asks about times in ECW where they were asked to do stupid stuff but the crowd ended up loving it. Meanie then recalls a time when Raven wanted him and a few others to paint themselves black and go out to the ring as the Jackson Five.

Marty responds to this by joking about the time Kurt Angle came to ECW and was disgusted by a crucifixion angle, and imagine if they convinced him to come back on the day they painted themselves black and went out as the Jackson Five.

As a last ditch effort to put a stop to it, Meanie approached New Jack in the locker room and asked him to pretend to be offended by it but to his dismay, Jack laughed and said he really wanted to see it.

The angle happened and Colt jokes about whether it’s on the WWE Network or not.

The conversation then turns to Blue Meanie’s career and his appearance at WrestleMania in Philadelphia. He’s from Philly and equates it to being able to play for your home team.

Colt compares it to when he got to wrestle at the Rosemount Horizon in Chicago after going to shows there the whole time he was growing up.

Meanie then tells the story of when Goldust went to give him his signature, Shattered Dreams, and one of his testicles popped out and that he could see it up on the titantron. He says it looked like he was giving birth to a baby calf. They again joke about it being available on the Network.

Jack Evans

Colt and Marty then introduce their final guest, Jack Evans, who’s on crutches. They begin the interview by asking how he did it.

Jack sprained his ankle wrestling in Acapulco doing his break dancing gimmick in a bumpy ring. Despite that, he went on to finish the match and even managed to perform a moonsault.

Following the injury, he wasn’t able to wrestle for seven weeks and was actually due to return to the ring that night.

The three of them then discuss Ted Hart and a number of times he’s been arrested. Jack says that he actually should have been arrested a lot more times but always manages to talk his way out of situations.

Colt returns the discussion back to Evans’ wrestling career and is impressed that he gets to wrestle somewhere as nice as Acapulco. Cabana recalls a conversation he had with Pentagon Jr. and how it’s actually better to be an independent wrestler nowadays because of the sheer amount of shows there are, especially if you’re high on the card as Evans adds. He does counteract that by saying if you’re off TV for too long then your value on the independent circuit may dwindle.

Marty asks Jack whether Trump’s treatment of Mexican people has affected the fans’ reaction to him in Mexico but he says no because his fans are mostly kids.

Colt asks whether Jack has had any weird interactions with fans, and he replies with a story about a time a woman put a phone number in his hand in front of his wife and it didn’t go down well.

Cabana then talks about bootleg merch in Mexico and asks what’s the worst Jack has seen. He claims that he and a couple of others think that WWE buy the fake belts in Mexico and sell them on WWE Shop as he compared them and they’re identical. He also talks about his own merch being bootlegged and the fake stuff having slight anomalies.

Jack then leaves the stage and Colt closes the show by thanking his guest, co-host and the audience.

Colt then throws back to his studio…apartment for some plugs and upcoming events.

Review (7.5/10)

It’s not the kind of show that you would have come to expect from Colt Cabana, but it was definitely a lot of fun. There were a lot of guests but they were all different and rotated well so the entirety of the podcast was kept fresh. Even the segment with Konnan wasn’t as odd as I thought it was going to be following the warning from Colt at the beginning of the show. I’m certainly glad he didn’t decide to cut it out. Personally, I think the highlight was hearing the stories Blue Meanie had to tell but that’s not taking away from any of the other guests. I’m very much looking forward to a similar show on next week’s Art of Wrestling when we get to here day two.

About the writer

Josh Coulson is a journalism graduate from Bristol, England. He has been a pro wrestling fan since the age of 10 and truly fell in love with the business during the build to WrestleMania X-Seven, citing the rivalry between Austin and The Rock as what really got him hooked. Other than wrestling he is a keen soccer fan and a long suffering supporter of his local team Bristol City. You can find him @BristolBeadz on Twitter.

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