QUICK QUOTES: Eric Bischoff gives an interesting take on Randy Orton’s recent tweets

On a recent episode of Bischoff on Wrestling, Eric Bischoff offered his opinion on Randy Orton’s tweets that knocked aspects of independent wrestling. Here’s what he had to say:

“Randy has the luxury of having a career with a monopoly, and as result, Randy hasn’t had to change his style because he has the privilege of working for a company that can pay him a lot of money. Randy doesn’t have to go on the Indy circuit. He doesn’t have to create new fans. He just has to stay on the treadmill.

If I was 22-years-old trying to make my name on the indy circuit I would take offense to that. You have the luxury and privilege of getting your seven figures and having a check show up for things you don’t even remember doing. You have a machine behind you that prints that money that most don’t. I don’t think the 2 percent of the people that are making 98 percent of the money shouldn’t look down on people trying to find new ways to make money.”

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