WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Talk Is Jericho w/ Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy on Final Deletion, UFOs, Mitch The Potted Plant, the $10,000 jacket

Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho

Guest: Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy

Release Date: May 26, 2017

Recap by: Armando G. Ureña, PWPpodcasts.com Reporter


Top Newsworthy Items

-Jeff Hardy actually mowed the designs in the grass for Final Deletion.
-Jericho thinks the Wyatt Family vs. New Day match at the Wyatt compound wasn’t half as good as Final Deletion.
-Dean Ambrose once saw a UFO.
-The Hardys received a cease and desist order from TNA the day before their first ROH match.
-Dean was shocked that he was headed to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup.


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Show Highlights/Rundown

Podcast Introduction

Jericho breaks down the upcoming podcast. This episode is basically the first time the two have ever met in person. Jericho talks about Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy reminding him of each other. The podcast was recorded backstage at RAW in Kansas City. Jericho plugs Fozzy, and plays the single “Judas.”

Interview Part 1

Jericho jumps in bringing up the similarities between Dean and Jeff, them both being quiet, intelligent guys who can be very funny. Jericho brings up the story behind watching the Final Deletion. He had the match on his computer and had showings of it in the dressing room while they were in Japan. Jericho’s one rule was that you had to watch it from beginning to end. That is where Ambrose watched the Final Deletion. Jeff talks about the match and building the set. It took two days to make the giant enigma structure. He also mowed the designs on the lawn during the Final Deletion.

They talk about Jeff’s house burning down and losing his dog in 2008. At the time, it was hard on Jeff, but he has since rebuilt on the same property, and now it does not seem to haunt him. The pet cemetery in the Broken Universe is an actual pet cemetery at Jeff’s home, where all his deceased pets rest. Jericho then asks Dean about his thoughts on the Broken Hardys. Dean describes it as outside of a different box in a different room. Jeff talks about he did not think the Broken Hardys would get as big as they would. He loves hearing what Matt will say next during his promos.

Jeff continues to talk about creating the Final Deletion. Jeff and Matt built and booked everything themselves. Jericho mentions the New Day/Wyatt Family match that was filmed in the same style of the Final Deletion. Jeff felt honored that a match he and his brother created ended up being copied by WWE. Jericho says the New Day/Wyatt Family match was not half as good as the Final Deletion.

Interview Part 2

Jericho brings up Earth Day when photos of Dean Ambrose holding up a plant appeared on social media. It comes from Dean Ambrose bringing a potted plant from backstage to Jericho during the Highlight Reel as decoration. One of the WWE writers told Dean to call it Mitch the Potted Plant, that way it can become a character to use in the angle. Jericho did not like that because when the plant was broken over Dean’s head and sent him to the hospital the heat was lost due to people being concerned about the potted plant breaking. Dean says that they included Mitch in a toy play set. Jericho also mentions how the Final Deletion can be turned into a play set if WWE had the rights to the Broken gimmicks.

That leads Jericho to ask if the Broken gimmick was intended to be used upon the Hardy’s return to WWE. Jeff says they got the cease and desist letter from TNA the day of the Ring of Honor Pay per view, which was the day before their WWE return.  

The three start to talk about the paranormal and aliens. Jeff wouldn’t be surprised if something paranormal is in the house his dad was born in. Dean describes how he saw a UFO. He is not saying it was aliens, but he has no idea what it could have been. He says it wasn’t a plane. They start talking about the pyramids and how seemingly impossible it would have been at the time they were. They also talk about crop circles being left by aliens to help with navigation. They also go into evolution and the afterlife.

Jeff talks about taking high spots. Jeff doesn’t describe himself as a flip guy, but rather a jump guy. Jeff always felt his return to WWE was inevitable. They all go into the return which neither Jericho or Ambrose knew about the day it happened. Jeff and Matt knew most of March that they would be returning, they just had to keep it a secret. Jeff enjoyed working with The Young Bucks. Dean has worked with them in the past once or twice.

They talk about the draft. Dean was shocked that he was going to RAW. Jericho says it is like two different companies. Guys that are on SmackDown, Jericho had not seen for six months. Jericho brings up the angle were Ambrose tore up Jericho’s light up jacket. Jericho’s original jacket cost $10,000. Jericho noticed people wearing copies of the jacket in the crowd. He found out a company in India was selling them for $500. Jericho bought it so it could be destroyed in a future angle. Roman Reigns was supposed to rip it, but Jericho pitched that it would have been better for Dean to rip it. For the Ambrose Asylum match, Dean was the one who pitched the thumb tacks spot. Dean eventually got Vince to approve of it by not leaving his office. Dean was supposed to take it, but knowing that Dean was supposed to win, Jericho realized he had to take the thumb tacks.

Dean mentioned that the locker room crowded around the television for the first time in a long time when Jeff Hardy faced Cesaro on RAW. They talk about Cesaro being an amazing athlete, who may not be human. They talk about Jeff’s band, PeroxWhy?Gen!, which has its third album coming out.   

Podcast Conclusion

Jericho plugs PeroxWhy?Gen!’s album coming out July 17. It will be available on jeffhardybrand.com. Jericho premieres their new single “Revived.” Jericho plugs his sponsors.

Memorable Quotes:

“It’s not even outside the box. It’s outside of a different box in a different room.”- Dean Ambrose on the Broken Hardy’s

“It’s like something from Adult Swim. It’s so avant-garde.”- Jericho on the Final Deletion

Score and Review (6.8/10)

Ambrose and Jeff Hardy were brought together for the first time ever. Having interacted with both before, Jericho’s intent seemed to be to get a weird podcast going. It did get weird when the three started talking about crop circles, UFOs, and the afterlife for a good chunk of the podcast. That was good fun, although not great for people trying to get wrestling related content out of the podcast. Jeff talking about the Final Deletion was awesome. He and Matt put their all into it and did everything from the set design to the match booking. Ambrose is such a down to earth and chill guy that he makes for a bad interview (when he is out of character). He is very monotone and doesn’t always seem passionate about the things he talks about. On the wrestling side of things, Dean mostly talked about his work with Jericho, the rest of the wrestling related content was all Jeff. I recommend the podcast to fans of the of the two wrestlers, especially Broken Hardy fans, and people who like quirky, strange conversations.

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