QUICK QUOTES: Rip Rogers says he’d love to train Will Ospreay and Ricochet, why he thinks the indies are getting “worse and worse”

Rip Rodgers was recently interviewed by Under the Mat Radio and talked about the “dive” controversy, Will Ospreay, indy psychology, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

Rip on Will Ospreay’s DIVE shirt in response to their Twitter Beef:

“He’s a smart mother f***er and if there’s any dollar he can make off that son of a b***h, make that mother f***ing money cause if you get hurt, the cash cow is gone and you’ll be back to working at McDonalds. Make every dollar you can and save it all.”

Rip on if he’d use Will Ospreay or Ricochet in a show:

“I would’ve used ‘em. I can’t use ‘em. Unless I say ‘Ladies and Gentlemen this is an exhibition match. We’re doing synchronized wrestling swimming. We’ll do a highspot where a highspot is supposed to be a reaction to your opponent’s reaction but instead it’s all pre-planned bulls**t just like at the movies, we’re doing a dance and at the end we will pose and look at each other.’ I can’t put that out there as wrestling. Then again, they’re people out here that like that, well go to the Opera, watch synchronized swimming or dancing. Just like WWE gets worse and worse the indies get worse and worse, unbelievable. They’re (Ricochet and Will Ospreay) good boys, they just have no structure.”

Rip on willing to train Will Ospreay and Ricochet:

“S**t, I’d f***ing love to! Cause they’re guys they never heard this other side (old school psychology). I used to go down to WCW and see guys getting in the ring and I’d say ‘what are they doing?’ They said, ‘oh they are practicing their matches’, I said ‘what? They script their matches?’ I then say ‘what, these guys don’t know how to work?’ Jesus Christ I could not believe it. If anybody wants to reach out or be helped and don’t be sarcastic about it…just think if I had these two mother f***ers working and they could do that f***ing flippy do s**t where you think this is coming and then all of a sudden they work getting into an argument because somebody f***ked up a highspot you’d turn these people like ‘boom’ and you’ll have these marks, because one going into an argument, because the other made him look bad. The whole thing about wrestling is that the work is the con, it’s the fool the God damn f***ing marks. Once they get that reputation of doing the choreographed, so smooth it looks phony dance, and all of sudden they gotta throw a couple of stuff that don’t look that way, then it’s holy s**t and all of sudden it’s what the f**k is going on here? They’re really mad at each other! Now you have an emotional response from the audience. All this does (if he could teach them) is give them a different dimension because they are already great…”

Rip on why 205 LIVE is drawing low ratings:

“If you don’t know who anybody is (on the show) why do you give a s**t? There’s got to be an issue with Ali and Frazier, there’s got to be an issue with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, there’s got to be an issue, and there’s got to be a reason and intensity for someone to see this fight (or matches). All they’re (WWE) doing is filling time, they got all this time, all this TV, everybody is overexposed. So we’re going to take two steps back and put on a tournament for the Crusierweights and then put on a tournament for the girls and if we can find 16 midgets we’ll put on a damn tournament for the midgets too. You can’t blame the guys because they going out into a cold audience, nobody knows who they are, and they’ve all been prized with having the best match in the world. They know 99 things and they’ve got to get all 99 in no matter what the time limit is, because there is no f***ing structure. It’s all on the office because they don’t know to book. No reaction (from the crowd) because it’s too much going on, he’ll fall off the Empire State Building and then get up, then they’ll have a car crash and then they’ll get up, and then they’ll do everybody’s finishers and of course they going to kick out At two! F**k you mother f***ers (says this with laughter).”

Rip on Indy Wrestlers taking all these bumps and false finishes:

“Well here’s the thing, we were all young ones when you played basketball in the park depending on your generation and you know you weren’t worth a s**t,  you were acting like you were Michael Jordan or Oscar Robinson or whatever. We all play wrestle, play football, baseball, basketball imitating our superstars and there’s nothing wrong with that. The only thing that’s happened is when you’re in your 20s you’re going to do s**t because you’re f***ing young and full of cum and you don’t feel s**t. All of a sudden you hit 40, you’re going to be broke down because you only got so many bumps on your bump card. When you’re young you’re going to take these dangerous ass bumps, you don’t know they’re dangerous and you don’t feel ‘em. Next day you might feel a little bit and then it’s gone. And if you’re hoping to get a chance in WWE they put you through these rigorous physicals to see how your body is and if it’s f***ed up or not, if your body is messed up from all these concussions, bad knees, bad hips, bad shoulders or whatever they’re (WWE) not going to hire you.”

For more, check out the full interview with Rip Rogers with Under the Mat.

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