QUICK QUOTES: Marty “The Moth” Martinez on trying to get Melissa Santos to crack, Randy Orton, what being on Netflix means to Lucha Underground

Marty “The Moth” Martinez was recently interviewed on the Lucha Lowdown podcast and talked about the return of Lucha Underground, Melissa Santos, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

On trying to make Melissa Santos crack during his intros:

“That’s literally my only objective. I don’t tell her at all what I’m going to say or what I’m going to do. I just say I am going to be creepy on you, and every single time she announces me she has no idea what to expect. So, I am whispering the like weirdest s*** into her ears that she doesn’t even hear because she is so in the zone…I try to get her to crack every single time, but she is too damn professional. It is so hard to break that girl, but I’ll get her.”

On his interactions with Melissa Santos becoming a storyline:

“Once people caught on and booed me before I even got to her I knew I had to keep going, and by keeping going I knew it had to go somewhere eventually…We get to see and explore things a little bit here in Season 3 before the season is over. So, we are going to get to explore that a lot.”

His thoughts on Randy Orton’s critique of indy wrestling:

“There are definitely different styles between indy and what you see at the WWE. However, that is changing now with 205 Live. It’s that style. That’s the same style people are seeing happen on the indies, and its going into WWE. So that style is coming more and more right at him. Granted I love the fact that there is variety because I wrestle more like Randy Orton honestly than the rest of the Lucha Underground roster. I can do these flips, but I don’t flip around hardly ever, and Randy Orton doesn’t do any flips at all. So, I am actually more of Randy’s style than the flippy guys, but there is room, for both. That’s why there is variety, and that’s why there’s multiple people that like the show, or just wrestling is you got something for everybody.”

On taking pride in his WMD Match with Killshot:

“That might be my favorite match, and I think it’s mostly because the pressure they put on us. We got pulled aside by Vampiro, and they said hey “this is your first time both of you guys main eventing a Lucha this will mean a lot. We are giving you the ball now you guys got to run with it. If you don’t run with I am not going to say you won’t come back to the main, but that makes it questionable…So prove that you can be in this spot.”

The impact of Lucha Underground being on Netflix:

“There is nothing but good that can from this…Netflix has 84 million subscribers I believe, and the WWE Network has 3 (million). Awesome. More exposure, more people. There is nothing bad that can come from this.”

What we can expect from him in Season 3:

“If you are looking at the Moth stuff, be prepared for us to explain a little bit of the story with me and my sister, and me and Melissa Santos. Let’s kinda go a little bit deeper with that because fans have been wanting to know why hasn’t she slapped me yet. So be excited to see what she does.”

For the full interview, check out the Lucha Lowdown Podcast

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