QUICK QUOTES: Bram on why The Ascension didn’t get over on the main roster, Noah suspension, if the DCC should have lasted longer

Bram was recently interviewed by Art of Wrestling and talked about his time in the DCC, The Ascension, NXT, and more. Here are the highlights:

If he thought the DCC should have lasted longer:

“We all had fun in the DCC. Storm and Kingston are close amigos of mine so us teaming together was awesome, super easy and fun. I´d like to have kept going with it, but that´s outta my hands.”

His thoughts on NXT:

“I sometimes catch up on it when I´m not busy. A lot of my friends are there now so I like to see what they’re up to. It’s obviously huge compared to when I was there. It´s a hell of a product and the talent is top notch! It´s always a good thing making the developmental system more of a platform to get exposure and make money.”

Why The Ascension didn’t work on the main roster:

“The Ascension was cool and I am glad I was a part of the early stages I am still close with both guys, Konnor and Viktor. I wish them nothing but the best and success. What we did and what is on TV now is a completely different product to what we were doing when I was part of it,  so I can´t really comment. However, they are on TV and making money so to me that is still a successful endeavor.”

His recent Noah suspension:

“Me and Robbie E were asked to come over to Japan to take part in the Global Tag League. Me and Robbie were killing it as a team over there and had great matches. I love Japan and the style and I was excited to have the opportunity to go over there and wrestle for Noah. Their office is great and the boys were great to us. I loved it! However one evening as a joke I lay on an ice cream fridge and took a picture, which I put on my Instagram account. I was trying to be funny and meant no harm, I had no idea it would upset people, no idea!

I publicly apologized for the incident to the media but it was too late, NOAH suspeneded me due to the picture. I hope one day I can return to Noah and finish what I started. I like it there. The relationship between NOAH and Impact is completely fine and there´s no hard feelings. I just had no idea it would be such a bad thing and honestly meant it only to be funny. I´m hoping once the dust settles I can go back because I know they liked me.”

His favorite woman wrestler:

“I can’t say I watch a lot of women´s wrestling but I will watch if Ashley is on. Without sounding bias, Charlotte Flair, (Ashley) is my ultimate favorite. She´s the best in the world when it comes to women’s wrestling. Hell, she´s stepping on the dude’s toes too! She has so much natural charisma, it´s effortless to her. It´s like she´s been doing it forever and she´s only been doing it for a handful of years. I love watching her work.”

For the full interview with Bram, check out Art of Wrestling

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