QUICK QUOTES: Bobby Roode on his theme song, the travel schedule of a wrestler, NXT continuing to grow

Bobby Roode (photo credit Kyle N. © PWTorch)

Bobby Roode was recently interviewed by Team Rock to talk about NXT, his theme song, and more. Here are the highlights:

The similarities between being a rock star and a pro wrestler: 

“It’s a lifestyle. We’re on the road a lot, 200/300 days a year depending how busy you are, traveling in buses or in cars, flying everywhere – the correlation between the two in that aspect is quite similar. You’re obviously a different person outside of the ring, but when you’re in the ring you’ve got to get into that moment and that character just like a band like Kiss does. I don’t think Gene Simmons walks around his house with face-paint on sticking his tongue out – or maybe he does, I don’t know haha!”

The popularity of his theme song:

“I started out with a different type of music before I made my debut, then a couple of weeks before my debut they gave me the song to listen to. Triple H (NXT creator), Michael Hayes (WWE agent/producer), a lot of important people in WWE liked the song and I had the chance to listen to it. It was completely different to the original song that I had picked out, but it kind of fit with the character I was trying to portray. I thought it could have gone two ways – either it sucked or it was great – and luckily for me it’s been really great.”

His thoughts on NXT: 

“NXT was always looked at as a developmental territory until the last year or so, but now we’re doing our own events and traveling all over the world, coming to Download two years in a row. We’re touring all the time, we get home on Monday then we’re home for a day and a half then we’re back on the road again. It’s a crazy business, I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years, and you learn a lot along the way and a lot of guys don’t make it this long because mentally they can’t handle the stress or travel. I love the business, I have a huge passion for it, I see myself doing this for the rest of my life.”

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