QUICK QUOTES: Sasha Banks reveals which NXT wrestlers she wants on the main roster, favorite match with Charlotte

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Sasha Banks was recently interviewed by Rappler to promote the company’s upcoming show in Singapore. Here are some of the highlights:

Who should be called up from NXT next:

“I think the next woman that should be called up should be Peyton Royce – I think she’s an incredible wrestler, she has a heart of gold, and she trains really, really hard. I also love Billie Kay, and I think they’re doing a great job right now in NXT, being the iconic duo.

They kinda remind me of the BFFs: Charlotte, myself, and Summer Rae. They’re very entertaining, and I think if they just keep doing what they’re doing, and keep showing that they want to be the best. The possibilities for them on the main roster are endless.

Who else do I wanna see? Does it have to be a woman? I guess I can choose anyone, right?

Bobby Roode. I just watch that guy, and that guy looks like a star. He’s incredible. I’ve been to NXT TakeOver and saw his entrance live, and I’m just like, wow, this guy’s amazing. He’ll do glorious things on the main roster. I hope he gets called up very soon.”

Favorite match with Charlotte:

“Well, I have two of them. Of course, I think the first time I won it [in October 2016 after the title became exclusive to RAW], because it was so unexpected for me. I remember Triple H telling me, and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ So that was in Los Angeles, and that was the first time I got to main event RAW. So that was very incredible.

And I really like the, what’s it called? No DQ… whatever they called it, Last Woman Standing? [It was a Falls Count Anywhere Match.] That was insane, just beating Charlotte with the kendo stick was probably one of my favorite moments in wrestling, because she deserved it. (Laughs.)”

For the full interview with Sasha Banks, check out Rappler

Also, find out Sasha’s all-time favorite match, and what her No. 1 goal is in the business. 


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