QUICK QUOTES: Jim Cornette talks about Vince Russo’s protective order against him

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Jim Cornette was recently interviewed by The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and talked about the recent protective order Vince Russo

How WWE Network’s Table For 3 may have been the catalyst for the recent developments between Cornette and Russo:

“When you just say it like that it just sounds so crass. We had a great time doing Table for 3 and it got such great feedback on Twitter, people raved and everybody wanted to see more and petitioned the WWE to see more. The only person that actually didn’t like it was Vince Russo. He kind of got offended (I guess) that as part of the discussion that we had and that Eric Bischoff and I who have never been friendly and it was the first time we had talked face to face in over twenty years bonded over a mutual dislike of Mr. Russo. As that came up and we mentioned that, the WWE was quick to flash that picture up there because I guess they wanted to make that point and he got offended. We exchanged some harsh words in both directions on our podcasts.”

“I had said some harsh things that I have expressed remorse about and in fact on my YouTube channel, the statement is up there now and finally when I had said such harsh things about Vince Russo that I was served with a protective order and that he accused me of stalking him for eighteen years, I didn’t realize that I had taken it that far and I had no idea of that. It ordered me to stay away from him, his family, his residence (that I’ve never been to) and his wife (that I haven’t seen in over twenty years) and to never call his phone (that I never called and didn’t have the number to until last week) but I shouldn’t do that and I am not going to do that because after all it is court ordered. I really feel bad and express remorse that I scared the little fella so bad that he would have to go through something like this and it has gone too far. So we will be lighting up on the poor thing and I don’t want to be accused of putting somebody in fear of their life.”

Was there any way to patch things up prior to the protective order:

“He went on his show again and demanded that I come on his show or let him come on my show or go on somebody’s show and say these things to his face on Skype. I took it too far (of course) and said I’d be happy to say these things to your face and whatever happens will happen and lets settle this and that didn’t work out well because I got a protective order. So we aren’t going to be talking face to face or contacting each other at all because that is strictly forbidden so that debate will never happen. But I thought we were starting to work through our issues until that Table for 3.”

Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff’s feud with Vince Russo heating up:

“Poor Bruce Prichard. I didn’t hear the whole show but I guess Vince got upset because they read significant portions of a book that he wrote on the air and it made him look bad because I guess it was completely different things than what he is saying now but I don’t know. I never read it so I can’t comment. I hope that Bruce certainly doesn’t certainly doesn’t take anything too far like I did. Of course Eric Bischoff. He had mentioned that he doesn’t hate Vince Russo, he just takes him for what he is and I believe that is a “pathological liar” was the quote. But I can’t remember because I saw that second hand.”

Prichard addressing Russo’s claims that he was a “pill head and alcoholic”:

“That basically is saying that Vince was lying about it. When you say that I am afraid now that Vince is going to have to go to court again and get some kind of order against Bruce. You can’t go around calling Vince Russo a liar because he does not take that well. I don’t think we should be smearing his reputation anymore because after all he is a fine, upstanding human being.”

“Apparently, every major wrestling personality in probably the history of the world that he has ever worked with and he’s like the scientists on global warming. 97% of them are so jealous of Vince and so upset about what he’s accomplished that they lie and talk about how crooked and how much of a cheat and a con man and a scoundrel he is. He is going to have to spend a lot of time in court serving all these papers. I wish we would just stop impugning his integrity.”

For the full interview with Jim Cornette, check out The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. 

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