WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Talk Is Jericho with Baron Corbin on the advice Undertaker gave him, having to watch out for yourself in wrestling, winning Money in the Bank

Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho

Guest: Baron Corbin

Release Date: June 28, 2017

Recap by: Armando G. Ureña, PWPpodcasts.com Reporter


Top Newsworthy Items

-Corbin is looking to change up his entrance music.

-Corbin bought a house from The Big Show, who bought it from The Undertaker.

-Undertaker told him to make his opponents “earn” their offense from him.

-Vince McMahon once body checked Corbin from behind.

-Both Jericho and Corbin have been told by Vince that they’re not as good as they think they are.


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Podcast Introduction

Jericho gives a summary of the interview highlights. Some of the subjects Baron Corbin talks about include winning Money in the Bank, transitioning from NFL lineman to WWE wrestler, getting advice from the Undertaker, and interacting with Vince McMahon

Baron Corbin Interview Part 1

The podcast opens with the two talking about Baron Corbin’s new house. Corbin bought it from Big Show, who had bought it from Undertaker. Corbin describes it as a big man’s house, with all the doorways and hallways being far bigger than normal. His wife can’t even reach some of the top cabinets.

Jericho talks about Corbin’s Money in the Bank victory. Corbin talks about having to carry the briefcase with him. Since he needs to hold on to it, Corbin has begun to use it as his carry on bag, because he doesn’t want to risk losing it in his checked bag. It also won’t fit in his regular carry on. He describes reaching for the briefcase in the ladder match as terrifying. The wrestling ring has some give to it, so the ladder is a little wobbly when someone is on it. Jericho describes the ladder match as something you don’t train for.

They both talk about the Money in the Bank match going by very quickly. Corbin recalls how quickly they reached the thirty-minute mark in the match. Jericho says the most important part of a ladder match is the climb, which Corbin agrees. Corbin discussed wanting to generate a story, being happy with upsetting people when he attacked Shinsuke Nakamura during his entrance for the Money in the Bank match.

Jericho and Corbin briefly talk about Nakamura. They describe him as a unique performer with a unique connection with the fans. Corbin does not know what it is that Shinsuke does, but part of his performance creates an aura that fans naturally gravitate towards.

Baron Corbin Interview Part 2

Corbin talks about essentially being in the on-deck circle even, and how that is a stamp of approval from management. Jericho notes Corbin’s slow push, albeit always moving upward. Corbin comments that it has allowed him to adjust, grow, and evolve during his time on the main roster.

Corbin then talks about his time in NXT and coming from the NFL. He says he was shocked at how much running the ropes hurt the first time. He says that even after training for a while, taking a two-week break forced him to re-adjust to the ropes.

Jericho asks about how/when Corbin got into wrestling. Corbin’s dad, a fan of Kamala, was a big wrestling fan. While growing up, Corbin was used to watching it with his dad. He went more in-depth on the transition from the NFL to WWE, then talked about having to lose weight, and interact with all the wrestling personalities. He trained his body to handle the physicality of being a wrestler.

When Corbin joined NXT, it was still FCW at the time. He recalls having to post flyers around town to get more than 15 people to come to the shows. He described the whole process as an ego check. In the NFL he was catered to. In WWE, he had to work his way up and earn the respect of his peers.

Baron Corbin Interview Part 3

Corbin was primarily trained by Billy Gunn and Norman Smiley. Undertaker was also hands-on with him. Corbin said he’s been yelled at by the Undertaker for whatever mistake he might have made. Undertaker took to Corbin because he is a big guy. Corbin shares some of the advice Undertaker shared with him, including making people earn their offense on him. Corbin also talks about Terry Taylor and how he helps people in carrying themselves better and becoming more of a superstar.

Jericho asks about Corbin’s first match. It was with Alberto Del Rio’s younger brother for a FCW tryout. Corbin mentioned being very nervous about it, and not being sure of what he was doing. He also worked with Xavier Woods early on. He comments on realizing how much chops hurt. Jericho and Corbin both acknowledge that once in the performance center, people are given every chance. If they can’t make it, the business is not for them.

Corbin talks about his ego, especially early on that he had carried over from football. His ego was checked by some of the trainers on occasion. Corbin says that it was good for him, and he seems to appreciate coaches being on him like that. During football, he would fight with his teammates. He knocked a teammate out once, which was applauded by the one of the coaches. Coming in to WWE, Corbin made sure to learn the locker-room etiquette. The best advice he got was to introduce himself to everybody on his first day. Corbin finishes part three by talking about having to watch out for yourself if you’re looking to get to the top of the roster. He was sure to watch his spot, and feels winning Money in the Bank is indicative of that.

Baron Corbin Interview Part 4

Jericho starts part four asking Corbin about Dusty Rhodes and his influence on him. Corbin praises Dusty’s ability to tell stories and convince people they are real regardless of how ridiculous they might be. Corbin does a pretty funny Dusty Rhodes impersonation as is tradition on the TIJ podcast. Corbin comments on feeling wooden in his promos during his early WWE TV work, trying to recite the script. He says being able to go on Talking Smack with freedom allowed him to cut a better promo. Since then, he has earned more freedom by getting more bullet points rather than scripts. Corbin wants to earn more freedom on the mic.

Jericho asks about his relationship with Vince. Corbin says they have gotten closer, being able to discuss ideas with him in the office. Corbin says he is a good person to check his ego. Corbin tells a story of when he was at Gorilla and Vince body checked him from behind. Both Jericho and Corbin have been told by Vince that they are not as great as they think they are.

Corbin talks about finding out about his move up to the main roster. After his match with Austin Aries at NXT TakeOver: Dallas Triple H pulled him into a separate room, and while still texting on his phone told Corbin that he was winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale and that he was moving up to the main roster.

Corbin describes the difference between NXT’s audience and WWE’s audience. Corbin says NXT is like a punk rock crowd; there are more adults and they are more passionate. Corbin lists some of his favorite matches: Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Kalisto at WWE: TLC, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank. They finish off the interview talking about some of Corbin’s favorite bands.

Memorable Quotes:

“I have no idea! Like, I’ve been training for six weeks, man. I have no idea what I’m doing,”- Baron Corbin citing his response to “what are you doing?” during his first ever match.

“He’s just a big, college, dormitory student,”- Jericho on Vince McMahon

“Every night you have to go out like nobody knows who you are,”- Baron Corbin

Score and Review (7.5/10):

Another solid interview from TIJ. The interview was what you’d expect from someone like Corbin, who is a WWE developmental talent who worked his way up through NXT. The best part of the podcast was Corbin’s honesty with some of his biggest flaws. Mainly some of his attitude problems that he had during his time in NXT. Some jokes, and interesting stories involving older talent, and it ultimately makes for a fun listen for WWE fans.

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