QUICK QUOTES: Jerry Lawler on The Uso’s off-script reference during the rap battle, retweeting Donald Trump

On the most recent episode of Dinner With The King, Jerry Lawler talked about the battle rap segment on Smackdown, as well as retweeting Donald Trump. Here are the highlights they sent along:

On Wale’s off-script reference:

“You say Vince [McMahon] would have not been pleased, but I’m sure that’s not what would have been something that they told him to say or been scripted. Once again, that was one of the things that Vince used to always say: It’s live TV; nothing can go wrong.

Because of that, anything can happen on live TV.“

Defending his retweet of Donald Trump:

“Not as much negative reaction as I thought I was going to get. To me, it was pretty cool, no matter who the President is. It’s the President of the United States and they put out a tweet and you’re in it. I mean, c’mon! There’s not many people that can say that happened to them, so I just thought it was cool.

Everyone just needs to lighten up. That was a funny tweet. You gotta admit, whether you like Donald Trump or whatever, it was the President of the United States putting out a funny tweet. Lighten up. What is wrong with that?”

For more, check out the full episode of Dinner With The King

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