QUICK QUOTES: Dixie Carter on her bond with Kurt Angle, if she’s going to be on Monday’s Raw

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Dixie Carter was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated and talked about Kurt Angle, if she’ll be on Raw, and more. Here are the highlights:

Her bond with Kurt Angle:

“Kurt and I both took a chance on each other. The results were some of the best matches in the history of the business. From the beginning, I felt a big responsibility to help Kurt on a personal level and on a professional level. Professionally, there has never been a more complete wrestler, ever. Kurt is also a great talker and so charismatic, and maybe he’s the best in-ring talent, ever. He also made sure that everyone he wrestled had their best match. He can look back on his work with Sting, EC3, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and so many others, and the common denominator in those matches is Kurt. He only has one gear, and it’s all out, but that’s also been his biggest challenge.”

Her thoughts on some of WWE’s top stars coming from TNA:

“The fact that these incredible talents are having the kind of success they are having is a great compliment to the hard work of the men and women who built TNA. I’m proud to have been a part of it.”

With Raw in her hometown on Monday, if she’ll be on TV:

“I did hear Raw will be in Nashville, which is very interesting. But I wouldn’t tell you either way.”

For the full interview with Dixie Carter, check out Sports Illustrated

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