WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Talk Is Jericho w/ Sheamus and Cesaro on their best-of-seven series, the travel life of a wrestler, why Cesaro is “daddy”

Talk Is Jericho with Chris Jericho

Guests: Sheamus and Cesaro

Release Date: July 12, 2017

Recap by: Armando G. Ureña, PWPpodcasts.com Reporter


Top Newsworthy Items

– Jericho complains about traveling for WWE events.

-Sheamus and Cesaro share positive feedback about their best-of-seven series.

-Sheamus grew tired of his face character.

-The brand split was a shoot and wrestlers didn’t know which show they’d land on.


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22:12: Sheamus and Cesaro Interview Part 2
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43:31: Sheamus and Cesaro Interview Part 3
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Show Highlights/Rundown

Podcast Introduction

Jericho plugs his sponsors, his book, and Fozzy. An Irishman, a Swede, and a Canadian walk into a hotel room in Japan. This is not the setup for a joke, rather it is the setup for the Talk is Jericho podcast with guests Sheamus and Cesaro during the WWE tour in Japan. Jericho runs down what to expect, including their best-of-seven series, missing home, strange food, traveling as a wrestler, and yodeling.

Sheamus and Cesaro Interview Part 1

The podcast opens with some banter about their day. Cesaro had lunch with Masahiro Chono. A friend Sheamus was supposed to meet up with didn’t show up. All three men have been to Japan multiple times over the years.

Jericho brings up the best-of-seven matches that would lead to Sheamus and Cesaro forming a tag team. Both men talk about floundering in the lead up to the WWE draft last year. Cesaro was picked second to last, and Sheamus was last to be picked on TV. The three confirm that the draft was a shoot, they were not told where they were going or when they would be picked ahead of time. Sheamus and Cesaro talk about trying to improve in each match and do something different in each match. Jericho thought that every match got better and better. Cesaro has not done a dive since that series, due to a particularly dangerous one.

Sheamus complains about WWE merchandise coming out six months after a gimmick gets over. Jericho brings up that a line of WWE scarves that were sold last year. Not one of them was was a Chris Jericho scarf, a missed opportunity since a scarf was a big part of Jericho’s run last year.

Sheamus and Cesaro Interview Part 2

Sheamus and Cesaro had mostly positive reaction to their best-of-seven series. They felt the transition from opponents to tag team was organic. Sheamus was a big fan of the “boo,” “yay” chants for himself and Cesaro respectively. Cesaro talks about the two always trying to push the envelope. If they have a four-minute match, they will try to make it the best four-minute match ever.

In the ring, their chemistry as a team had a rough start. They had some backlash from management for how their first match with local talent went. Jericho tried to get an exact explanation but Sheamus talked past it.

Jericho asked about both of their changes during their post-injury comebacks. Cesaro says the tear away suit came from his love for James Bond and inspiration from the “Swiss Superman” nickname. Cesaro tears away his nice James Bond-like suit in a Clark Kent fashion revealing Super Cesaro. Cesaro made the first couple tear away suits. He was not foreign to making his own ring gear, having done it during his time in the indies. Sheamus cites having a big change in his look, growing a big beard, mohawk, and putting beads in his beard. They joke about the initial look making talking with women difficult. Sheamus dealt with it for a while to get away from the face Sheamus gimmick, which he was tired of, feeling that the face Sheamus was more of a bully than the heel Sheamus.

Sheamus talks about when he and Cesaro were in the ring with Elias Samson. He said he spotted a sign that said “Cesaro is my Daddy.” Cesaro found out later from friends how some people use “daddy” today.

Jericho asks them to share stories as foreigners living in America. Cesaro cites being able to travel anywhere on his bike where he lived in Switzerland. He thought he would only need a bike when he moved to the U.S., finding out very quickly that he needed a car to get anywhere in the States. Sheamus also talks needing a car, finding that out during his time in FCW.

They talk about the travel. It’s pretty crazy. Often they will wake up for a flight, arrive, work that night, and get on a plane for a show the next day. They can rack up 15 hours of travel easily. For Jericho it seems to be too much sometimes.

Sheamus and Cesaro Interview Part 3

Jericho asks what Sheamus misses the most about Ireland. Sheamus had recently visited Ireland twice. Initially coming to the U.S., he did not miss Ireland that much, due to him working and trying to move up. But in the last year or so, he has missed it more. When you leave your country, there is a lot that you don’t get to see, friends, family, etc. Sheamus describes a change in Ireland because of camera phones. Celebrities who visited the country would not get that much attention when Sheamus was younger. But now, more people ask for a photo.  

Jericho asks what Cesaro misses about Switzerland. Cesaro found it difficult to exactly point out what he misses about it. He misses the way of life. He references an interview he did for an article where the author describes Cesaro as somebody stuck in-between Switzerland. He has been gone from Switzerland for so long that at this point he misses the clichés but he has not settled into feeling at home in the U.S. They start to talk about things like leaving your home country and patriotism. Sheamus feels you don’t appreciate what makes your country great until you’re not living in it.

During the podcast, they start to talk about weird foods they’ve had, from avocado coffee with ice cream, to fried pig brain in Japan.

They talk about different crowds across the world. Some countries like having more comedy in the matches. Wrestling in Tokyo is like wrestling in Madison Square Garden.

One of Cesaro’s favorite tag matches was the cage match with Hardys that happened at Extreme Rules. Also, beating the New Day and ending their record breaking reign and winning their first tag titles. There are also several house show matches that they are proud of.  

Memorable Quotes:

“Cesaro is daddy”- Jericho referencing a joke during the podcast

“We’re more away of airports these days then we are arenas, we travel so much these days”- Sheamus

“No one ever understands what we do. Except for us”- Chris Jericho

Score and Review (7.5/10):

The current WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, Sheamus and Cesaro joined Jericho for a podcast during the WWE tour of Tokyo. Focusing mostly on their tag team and things that the three can talk about, we got to hear Sheamus and Cesaro’s thoughts on their best of seven series, their development of their team, and a lot of discussion about their home lands. The podcast was mostly a friendly conversation, with some banter spread here and there. It is obvious that these two are a team, which I suppose is also good for their characters on TV. They are both returning guests, so there is not a lot of biography worthy information on this particular episode. No breaking news either, in fact, a couple times they cut themselves off to avoid getting in trouble. Still, it is Talk is Jericho, which is always reliable for an entertaining listen, and this podcast is no different. Also, Cesaro being called “daddy” needs to become a thing at shows and on the internet.

For more, check out last week’s recap of Talk is Jericho with Ross Hart. 

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