QUICK QUOTES: Al Snow on the GFW wrestler fans should watch for, being a part of the original ECW invasion, Head Cheese

Al Snow interview
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Al Snow was recently interviewed by Real Sport and talked about his new apparel line COLLARxELBOW, his time in Impact, WWE, and more. Here are some of the highlights:


“Collar and Elbow is a wrestling apparel company, a brand, that I started. It’s by a wrestler for the wrestling fan in all of us. Whether you’re a wrestler, or just a fan, in all its forms from amateur wrestling to jiu jitsu to judo to MMA to UFC to professional wrestling, I decided to come up with a brand that I think represents all of those, and the love that we all have and the passion for wrestling.”

His favorite match during his time in Impact:

“I’d have to say, there was a match one time – it was brilliant. I really wish I could’ve just kept these guys in that same mode. It was Frankie Kazarian vs. A.J. Styles, and they were both competing for the attention of Ric Flair at the time. So, Ric Flair was on the outside of the ring. And just, not just the athleticism, because they’re both incredible athletes, there’s no question about that, but the combination of the athleticism with the crystal clear characters of each guy and their motivations as to what they were doing and why they were doing it in the match. It was so much fun to watch, and that was the one that I always put out there anytime anybody asks me about a match from that time.”

The wrestler that people should pay attention to in GFW over the next year:

“Trevor Lee”

Being a part of the original ECW invasion of the WWF:

“Oh, back in ‘97. Yeah. At that time, I was pretty frustrated and had a pretty bad attitude and was pointing fingers at everybody else instead of pointing them at myself as far as my not taking advantage of opportunities that were presented to me. That invasion, I think probably saved my career because that partnership and cooperation between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman allowed me to recreate myself. I tried to quit WWF at the time.

I had a contract and asked for my release, and kind of to teach me a lesson, I wasn’t allowed to have the release. But I was able to talk to Chris Candido, god rest his soul, and he talked to Paul Heyman, and Paul Heyman talked to Vince and got me put on loan to ECW. So I could take advantage of an opportunity to go somewhere else, recreate myself, and to get myself back over, make myself a brand or product that they would ask me to come back. And it worked, and I’m so grateful for that chance.”

The Head Cheese tag team with Steve Blackman: 

“It was awesome. I wasn’t doing anything at the time and Steve Blackman wasn’t doing anything at the time, and I said “hey why don’t you put Steve with me and I’ll make him not having a personality a personality.” And he was the ultimate straight man. We had such a great chemistry out of the ring. In the ring we were kind of on two different pages, but out of the ring those vignettes that we did started becoming the highest rated segment on SmackDown.

We almost had a show of our own within the show just doing those vignettes all the time. So it was awesome, and Steve’s such a wonderful guy. I mean he really is, he’s such a fantastic guy, it was so much fun to work with him because we’d come up with the weirdest wackiest ideas, and Steve would be like ‘well why wouldn’t I just knock him out.’ And I’d be like, ‘well, because that’s not funny. You’d have to react, then we’ll make it look like you knocked him out, but you can’t really just knock him out.'”

For the full interview with Al Snow, check out Real Sport


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